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L’OCCITANE Divine Eyes is a fresh and silky gel-cream specially formulated for the fragile eye area. Made with a complex of seven naturally derived active ingredients the cream dramatically boosts the properties of the Corsican immortelle plant extracts. Divine Eyes works at the heart of the cells* to help correct all the signs of ageing and give new substance to the skin. It smoothes, firms and brightens the delicate eye area. To use, gently pat around the eye area, then smooth from the inner corner of the eye outwards. *Of the epidermis

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Luscious eyecream

This is a very luxurious eye cream that really does help your delicate and fragile skin around the eye area. I used this twice a day, and within a week my skin felt much more hydrated, which resulted in much fewer fine lines around the eyes. It is a very light and delicate cream, it smells sweet and lovely, hydrates aswell as treats lines and wrinkles.



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Gave me a massive allergic reaction!

I have recently been diagnosed with an allergy to Methyl Isothiazolinone and Methyl Chloro Isothiazolinone , known as MI and MCI, which are nasty preservatives that cosmetic companies are putting in their products to increase the shelf life, in greater and greater amounts. Whilst shopping in the local L'Occitane store I was given a sample of this eye cream and assured it did not contain any harmful preservatives or skin irritating ingredients. To my horror I tried this last night and within the hour had red and itchy eyes. I washed off the cream immediately but today the itching has continued and now my eyes have puffed up so much I can hardly see out of them.


So not sure if this cream does in fact contain MI or MCI but it certainly has something very irritating in it.



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Lovely Eye Cream

Received two 1ml sample sachets of this eye cream so can't comment on the lovely packaging!

Simply pleased to be able to try this product and made sure my total of 2mls lasted with every bit squeezed out.

It has a lovely creamy texture with a faint lemon aroma and absorbed into the eye area, leaving no greasy residue. Would be fine to use in the morning, although I only applied it at night in conjunction with a small tub sample of the Immortelle Divine Cream.

I had no sensitivity to this product and enjoyed using it for the week or so it lasted. Unfortunately I was unable to notice any difference in the appearance of the skin around my eyes, but I did enjoy using this eye cream.



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Best In Beauty 2013

I was extremely lucky to be invited to trial this gorgeous eye cream...which is truly divine by name and nature.
It is packaged in a stunning yellow, sturdy glass jar with a pump dispenser, which dispenses the perfect amount of eye cream, so there's no wastage.
The cream smells lovely. And the texture is quite thick. I always rub the product together in my fingertips to warm it slightly, this allows for easier application, I then pat very gently around my entire eye area. The cream is luscious and although the majority absorbs, there's always some leftover that keeps my eyes hydrated all night. And then in the morning, this little extra product kept my eyes hydrated when I applied my concealer and powder, keeping my eye area looking healthy and plumped.
The bottle lasts forever because you only need the tiniest amount for both eyes, so although the eye cream is really expensive, if you can afford the original outlay...it is worth it.
My eyes improved noticeably to me...my dark circles diminished and my fine lines looked a lot better...my deeper lines didn't change much but overall I was happy with the improvements I could see...



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Eye-m in Heaven!!!

L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Eyes is packaged in a very attractive, shiny gold box that is adorned by the L’Occitane logo. Inside the box there is a information booklet that contains hints/tips on how to get the most out of all the ‘Divine’ products; Divine Extract/Serum, Face Moisturiser and Eye Cream. It also has interesting facts on the Immortelle flower that is a main ingredient in the L’Occitane Immortelle products. Also inside the box is the L’Occitane Divine Eyes, which is housed in an opaque yellow glass bottle, very sturdy and will definitely withstand travelling without breaking. The bottle is topped off with a deluxe gold cap, that when removed shows off a matching gold pump dispenser. A great addition to the pump dispenser is that it has the ability to be off/locked, an extra precaution against spillage. So when you use it the pump dispenser just needs to be turned to the on/unlock position. The pump dispenser is also created to avoid any product wastage, I find the amount of pressure that is placed on the pump dictates the amount of cream that will be dispensed, I love this, and it is practically fool-proof for me. I panicked quite a bit when I received this eye serum/cream and realised that it was supposed to last me at least 2 months to cover the trial period, as the bottle is a tiny 15ml (retails for $89). But I needn’t have worried, there is ample for that amount of time plus longer. The eye cream is a consistency that lies between a serum and a cream, thin and light like a serum but some of the denseness of a cream. This exact texture made applying the eye cream so easy. It’s a pearly white colour and has the familiar Immortelle flower and Myrtle Essential Oil scent, although I do find the eye cream is more subtle in its aroma compared to the face serum and face cream. The instructions say to place 1-2 pumps onto your fingertips (middle 3 fingers) and warm the product between the fingers to allow easier application, and then pat the cream around the entire eye area until absorbed. I also pat the leftover cream into my 11’s and the area just above my eyebrows. I find that 1 pump is ample to do all these areas generously. That’s why I say that the 15ml bottle really is more than you think, I’ve been using it twice a day, every day for 2 months and I have approximately just under ½ bottle left. That is so good! The eye cream gives my eyes an immediate revitalising burst, cooling and refreshing them on contact. I find my eye area feels so hydrated after application. Even when I apply it as part of my night routine, my eye area is still moist and smooth to the touch when I wake up the following morning. I love how this cream absorbs but not completely, it still leaves a slight layer of moisture, which I know I need. I find this characteristic actually aids my eye makeup application; it keeps my eyes looking and feeling hydrated and fresh even after I’ve applied my concealer and my eye primer, this is an area I sometimes have trouble with. I’m 42 and have really dry skin and a few deeper wrinkles around my eyes and I find if my eye area isn’t hydrated enough my eye makeup will actually sit in my lines and make me look older. I have had no negative reactions to the eye cream, no watering or stinging eyes, which is a huge plus. I have noticed improvements in my deeper wrinkles and more so the sagginess that I am starting to get on my upper eye lids has changed for the better quite markedly. My finer lines have decreased quite a bit too but one surprise for me is the difference in my dark circles. I have dark circles and have had them for as long as I can remember, I’ve used so many different creams/serums/brands that offer help and results, but that haven’t delivered. This eye cream has made a positive difference, my dark circles are noticeably lighter and for that I’m so grateful. And thankfully, I still have almost ½ a bottle to keep using, so hopefully the results will continue to increase.
Thankyou so much Beautyheaven for the chance to trial the entire L’Occitane Immortelle Divine range, I’ve never felt so pampered and special.



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Trial Team - divine eyes

Of the three exquisite products I received for the trial, this was the el supremo, the one I loved the most, and the one that continues to work major miracles on my 56 year old eyes. I’ve lost count of the eye creams and serums I’ve tried (and the dollars I’ve spent) in the last 10 years – sure there’s been some hydration and smoothing benefits especially from the more expensive brands, but nothing that really blew my skirt up enough to keep me faithful to one product.

Thanks to beautyheaven and L’Occitane though, Divine Eyes and me are a match made on earth. The classy gold box says “Ultimate youth eye treatment”, and in my experience, this is a true statement. After 8 weeks I don’t quite have the eyes of a 40 year old, but I’m certainly seeing major improvements in the texture of the skin around my eyes, especially on the lids and the puffy hooded section. I should add that there was no mention in the instructions to use it on this delicate area, but after a few days of soothing applications around my eye with no irritation, I went for it. What a bonus – the crinkly crepey texture is visibly smoothing out, and the creases aren’t nearly as obvious either, I think because the skin is more plump and refined. My eyes are definitely more youthful looking, and I have a far more silky surface to work with when applying my eye makeup.

A miniature version of the face serum, the gorgeous, antiquity-inspired amber urn is the same colour as the main anti-ageing ingredient, the immortelle flower (I googled it), especially grown in Corsica, and combined with myrtle from the same region. L’Occitane are definitely onto something special with this recipe, and despite the recommended dose being “one or two pumps”, I’ve been seeing exceptional results with less than one. The pearly gel-cream is light and very easy to spread, and lends itself to a gentle massaging technique, but I stop before it has been completely absorbed. Unlike the face serum there’s barely any fragrance, but what is discernible is soft and pretty.

I saw changes in my skin texture after the first week, and the improvements have been ongoing ever since. I am thrilled with this heavenly product – it’s worthy of far more than 5 stars, and I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to discover and experience it’s soothing, calming and regenerative powers. Would I buy it again? Definitely, in fact I already have – I don’t plan on *ever* running out of this little gem…


Two pumps of this would be way too much and an unnecessary waste of such a brilliant product - just use the gentlest pressure when you push on the pump. Less than one dose is plenty :-)

Ideal for

Anyone concerned with ageing skin around their eyes - this is a miracle product :-)



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Genie in a Bottle!

First of all, I would just like to give the BH crew a bear worthy hug for letting me trial the very lush L'Occitane Immortelle range. It was such a privilege!

The mango coloured bottle is beautifully packaged with a crisp chrome pump. It screams classiness and freshens up any dull cabinet! The pump is also efficient as I'm able to contr how much product is being distributed. A wonderful surprise that I had discovered was that the pump could be twisted to lock itself! Curious toddlers will not be able to spill the $$$ content which is defiantly a plus! The packaging also comes in with a handy leaflet trust has clear instructions on HOW to apply the cream effectively to achieve the finest results.

The cliche 'a little goes a long way' defiantly applies to this rich cream as a pea size amount has the magnificent power to give my eyes a jaw dropping makeover. I experienced no irritations, especially the stinging/burning sensation that I've encountered many times in other skincare products but with this beauty, I incurred 0% pain. Personally, the scent was not powerful or pungent at all and it didn't linger on my skin. It has a very lightweight texture that is easy on the eye yet carries out on my expectation on what an anti aging cream should do. Literally my skin gulped the product down within seconds leaving a nice cooling effect. 

During the first two weeks of religiously using the cream, I could already start to identify harsh lines softening and the eye area plumper and rejuvenated!

Previously, the inner corners of my eyes were so dry and cracked but when the little beauty came along. if immediately converted from flaky to supple! Also, I initially thought this was just to make my lines fade but it also reduced a fair bit of darkness under my eyes! Truly a heaven sent! 

I was getting concern that when the content nearly finishes, how was the pump supposes to release the cream anymore? I did some googling and found out the answer was to get a Q tip and bend it inside the bottle to scrape off any remaining cream so no wastage occurs at all!

Over the course of more than a month, I instantly noticed drastic changes! When I grin or laugh my hyena laugh, my crow's feet are much less prominent and even my colleagues and friends has asked me if I've had some procedure done! Of course, I let them on the secret that L'Occitane is the genie in the bottle!



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Lovely 'Divine Eyes'

I have been using this 'Ultimate youth eye treatment' in conjunction with the youth serum and Divine cream for the last 2 months.

The serum comes in a lovely 15ml glass bottle (which looks like a perfume bottle) and has a lockable pump top which is extremely useful when travelling. The product is a gel consistency and the fragrance is negligible (unlike the Divine cream).

I assumed that the pump would administer a measured dose, however I found that far too much product was dispensed when I first used it. I have since found that by pressing the pump down lightly I can administer about 1/4 of a pump which is ample for my eye area.

The serum is immediately absorbed into the delicate eye area and there was no evidence of greasiness etc when applying concealer etc during the day. In fact, I found that I needed to apply my eyecream aswell as I found that my concealer didn't blend well without it. The area around the eye is so delicate that I felt that the serum absorbed so quickly that I couldn't risk not adding the extra layer of eyecream.

L'Occitane state that the serum makes the area more radiant, the improves the texture, reduces dark circles and puffiness is diminished. Unfortunately I have not noticed a huge difference in my dark circles (oh the curse of genes!) but I have noticed that my eye area appears a little more radiant. Luckily I don't suffer too badly with fine lines around the eyes so I have not noticed too much of a difference there.

I liked this product, but I am unconvinced as to whether I will repurchase it due to the fact that I needed to use my normal eyecream for day. I will continue to use it at night in conjunction with the other 2 products as I believe that it works well on my skin better at that time.

Thanks BH and O'Occitane for the opportunity to trial these gorgeous products.


Use your normal eyecream on top of the serum if you find that it absorbs too quickly for you and you are experiencing difficulties blending your concealer.

Only use a small amount - don't press the applicator down fully otherwise you will end up with too much product.

Ideal for

All skin types.



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Definitely divine!

This eye treatment is part of L'Occitane's Immortelle Divine anti-aging range. The range also includes a serum and a face cream, but this is the only product that is used in the eye area. It is used in the evening and the morning.

I have never encountered a more beautifully packaged eye cream - the rounded yellow glass bottle is just gorgeous. The easy-to-use pump dispenser enables measured application with no mess or wastage.

The enclosed leaflet includes specific instructions for application to optimise results. The steps encompass the application of all 3 products of the range. Even if you only have the eye cream, the application directions for this is very effective for this delicate area, so make sure you read them!

It is suggested to use 1-2 pumps of the product, however I have found that half a pump is plenty. I estimate the bottle will last me 4-5 months in total at this rate of usage.

The cream is light and instantly absorbed - perfect for the eye area. I have found my eye area looks more hydrated, with fine lines definitely softened. The texture looks smoother and younger. My deeper wrinkles are still there, but the overall look of the area has improved. It is definitely the best eye cream I have used and I will be purchasing it in the future.



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A lovely eye treatment

I was thrilled to receive this product together with the matching serum and moisturiser as I had not tried L'Occitane's skincare before. Having enjoyed the hand creams and soaps, I was keen to see how this skincare stacks up against other high end brands, given the high price range.

The eye treatment comes in a beautifully packaged gold box with the L'Occitane navy logo and print. The bottle is a smaller version of the serum as it is 15 ml but has the same shape, colour and top. It looks very cute and, again, very much like a perfume bottle. There is a pump to dispense the product which is a fresh gel-cream that penetrates quickly into the skin.

L'Occitane claims that the anti-wrinkle effect is powerful given the results of 53 women over 4 weeks (more radiance, eye area texture is visibly improved with smoother skin and puffiness and dark circles diminished). The company also claims that the ingredients which include organic Immortelle and Myrtle essential oils as well as high levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids will help fight th e signs of ageing and enhance the eye contour area.

Having used the treatment twice a day for nearly 2 months I can attest to some of the benefits, but not all. I adore the texture of the treatment and found the delicate eye contour area to be softer and clearer. However, I did not find it as hydrating as I like in an eye treatment but this could be due to trialling it during the cold winter months. Accordingly I gave it only 4 stars. I think it would be ideal for the warmer months as it is very refreshing and light weight. I do not tend to have puffiness or dark circles so I cannot comment how effective this product is with regard to these issues. I did not notice and reduction in the appearance of the fine lines around my eyes.

Overall my opinion is that this is one of the loveliest eye treatments I have used at the high end price range and do recommend it if you can afford it. After 2 months I still have half a bottle left, so it does provide excellent value.

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