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Definitely not instant!

I have been using this product for nearly a month. I can't say it works instantly because it doesn't but over time I have seen a slight improvement in the under eye area.

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An Instant Effect!

Guys just buy it! If you want to give it to your wife or girlfriend; go for it! But I suggest you try it for yourself first honestly; no-one has to know.
I was sick of partying all weekend and having my boss constantly jibe me about looking as though, 'I had just woken up'. As with most of us, I am no oil painting first thing in the morning, and unlike most women I cant lather on the make-up to hide forty eight hours of sin. To my surprise I found myself searching through Body and Soul one sunny weekend and an advert for InstantFX caught my eye, so I thought why not, lets see if my boss will make his usual comment about my appearance when arrive to work Monday morning.

Well, a few days later the postman delivers my purchase and off I sneak to the bathroom to test this little baby out. Was I surprised, I was actually going to hand it over to my girlfriend but this was just too good to give up. Dark circles and wrinkles were beginning to dissappear and whilst it was an instant effect, over the course of the past two weeks I have noticed a significant change in my eyes without reverting to my now morning ritual of using my instantFX.
My girlfriend seems to want to cuddle up a little more and I dont look in the mirror each morning and comment to myself that I look like 'death warmed up'! This would have the best money I have ever spent on a beauty product, ( truth be told its the only money I have spent) but hey I am glad I did it. I actually didnt get the vibration at first, but when I look in the mirror I now know why it is a feature of this product. I am just about to finish my first unit, and I will be purchasing this product again, and my girlfriend may even get a little surprise for herself, it is honestly as good as it says!!!

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Best-ever skin product I reckon!

I'm addicted to the micro-massage aspect & I saw improvements in first 5 mins. Brilliant design means it's in my handbag forever. This isn't a temporary make-up effect, it feels like a make-up process but is rejuvenating the skin under the eyes.

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ticks all the boxes

use under your makeup for a flawless finish

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I regularly have dry, puffy and dark eyes, especially in the morning and have I tried so many products that have "claimed to work". Consequently I was rather sceptical when I finally took the plunge and purchased Instantfx.
I have been using Instantfx for about 3-4 weeks now and I can honestly say that my eyes have dramatically improved. To my surprise I have actually received a few compliments this week and according to the grapevine I am looking “vibrant and not as tired”. I can’t believe that people are actually noticing!!! These compliments instigated me to write a review and tell everyone how brilliant and amazing it is.
Honestly, sincerely, JUST GET IT. Don’t hesitate like I did.

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Finally something that works!

You name it, I have tried everything out there to make my dark circles disappear and I am honestly amazed with Instant FX!
Not only does it do what it claims but the cooling, vibrating sensation is extremely relaxing.
Recommend it!

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I look 10 years younger!!!!!

OMG!!!!!! I have finally found a product that works for me, i cant thank you enough Skin Physics. I have used every cream, potion and conclearer imagineable to try and cover up my dark circles and my wrinkles. A friend saw your add in the body and soul magazine and recommened i give it a go, i was reluctant at first but Instant FX is AMAZING!! My lines and wrinkles have dissapered and my eyes are glowing, i feel fantastic. Thank you soooo much for this amazing product,

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excellent product , results straight away

I use mine first thing in the morning to give my eyes a refreshed feeling, Its a great start to the day !

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Absolutely amazing

I was lucky enough to have been sent one of the very first deliveries of this product after seeing it being offered as a trial in Body and Soul and cannot speak highly enough of it.
Instant Fx offers a complete makeover for the eye area and boy does it ever. The cute little applicator has a vibrating massage that is cool and soothing on your skin. Within 5 mins of applying the product the lines and puffiness around my eyes had completely disappeared.

It is so relax and what amazed me even more was that the effect lasted all day. It wasn't like Freezeframe or Wrinklefreeze which leave a horrible goo on your face.
I have been using for a week now and it has definately improved the bags under my eyes. What a great product!!!

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