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b.right It's Potent Eye Cream

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To treat dark circles and fine lines, Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream brightens the eye area. It contains burnet an ancient Chinese remedy to help soothe the skin and apple extract for hydration. Loquat extract helps protect from free radical damage and premature aging, while a peptide complex helps restore elasticity and firmness to the skin. Sodium hyaluronate is included as a powerful hydrating agent and moisture magnet.

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This rich eye cream is lovely to use and makes a noticeable difference to the delicate skin of your under eye area. With a light, pleasant scent you only need to use this sparingly to achieve a hydrated, brighter and younger look to your under eye area. I often suffer from dark circles and a baggy under eye area however when I used this cream the affects were instantly noticeable. The longer you use it, the better your skin becomes.



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Amazing decadent eye cream

I love this product, first off come in an uber cute jay with a cork lid that feels super luxurious and inside you will get the most rich creamy eye cream you will ever find! Leaves skin super hydrated and refreshed! Love this product

Ashlee 849


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this burns your eyes

I got a small sample pot of this and was so excited to try it. I used it the first night and wondered why my eyes burnt and were really itchy. Same thing happened the next night
I skipped putting it on for 1 night and i was fine. Then the following night it burnt so bad my eyes were watering. I ended up throwing this out BRAND RESPONSE: Please note it's normal to experience some tingling sensation but if it burns and it's really uncomfortable then please stop using it. We would like to invite this customer to Benefit counter for our Beauty Advisor to give her a Benefit skincare consultation to find suitable skincare products and provide detailed instruction on application.



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Good eye cream

I got this eye cream in my benefit advent calendar and have been trying it out ever since to help with my dark circles and emerging fine lines (EEEP!). I'm really impressed with its preformance. My under eye area is super sensitive, so far no reaction (I do get a little tingle when I first put it on but no redness or puffiness), my dark circles look to have lessened and my emerging fine lines look less noticeable. It's also easily absorbed and can layer makeup over it with no issues. Overall I like it.


a little goes a long way.

Ideal for

dark cirlces, fine lines, dehydrated skin



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just ok

This eye cream is very rich, smooth and creamy in texture but really has not had any impact on my under eye darkness. It's quite pricey too. Wouldn't recommend it unless you have the money and want to give it a try.



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Simply put... good results and it's not sticky at all! My results were more visible with the fine lines... I've had good results with the black circles themselves but not as visible as the fine line's results were. Apply it twice daily and you'll get results. Plus... irresistibly cute package! I use this eye cream only during day time. It absorbes so quickly, that i can start with my eye-make up right after aplying. My under eye area looks so hydrated and smooth. The texture is more on the creamy side and the fragrance ofthis product is barely noticable. Love it!



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Pricey, but quality formula

I have been using this for months now, and I love how thick and hydrating the formula is. It is also somewhat quick drying and only a little dab is needed for each eye. After this period of time, I don't see a difference in my under eyes brightening, however I will still continue to use this in my skin routine as it works really well right before I put on concealer (especially if its a rather hard to blend one).


Great to put on straight before applying concealer.

Ideal for

When under eyes are feeling heavy and dry.



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I've never been a big lover of eye creams - they usually leave an oily slick and I hate that - especially on my face!

I decided to give this a try as my eyes were a bit swollen, a bit dark and needed a bit of hydration... can I just say I was so pleasantly surprised!

This cream was lightweight, immediately brightened and hydrated the skin under my eyes and didn't leave any slick behind. People COMPLIMENTED ME on looking so nice... It's amazing what a big difference hydrating the skin in this area makes!


put in the fridge during summer ;)

Ideal for

those with dark circles, dehydrated skin



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Bye bye dark circles

So, I actually got this by chance. It was part of a gift set and I just wanted the moisturizer. After using it, I am so happy that I got it. When you first put it on, you feel energized. After a couple of minutes, I noticed that the dark circles under my eyes were gone! It was in a small bottle and I have used it almost every day since Christmas and I still have plenty left!


Use small amounts. Also let it dry before putting on make up over it.

Ideal for

dark circles, tired eyes, late nights



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Eye hydration in a jar!

I love Benefit's products so I had hopes for this product!
I received a deluxe size sample of this cream and wow the packaging is too cute for words (another reason why I love Benefit's products). Opening up, the product (in the glass jar), is of a cream colour and the consistency is not too thick and not too watery. I apply this cream on with my fingers and my, it's quite cool and marvellous to touch. There is a faint chemical/medicinal scent but it's hardly noticeable after applying this on. I dab this around my eye area, underneath, outer corners and extend it upwards towards my brows. Initially the cream is sticky but the stickiness fades after a while and settles nicely into my skin. After using this for a week, my undereye area is much more hydrated and the puffiness has reduced. However, there have only been minor reductions to the appearance of my dark circles. Overall, these effects have led to my under eye area to be "brightened" as advertised., only to an extent. I think this a great eye cream for those who want to invest in their first eye cream. I don't think this cream will be effective for those who want more drastic improvements in their eye area.


Apply a thin layer around the eye area with clean fingers. Store in a dry area out of sunlight.

Ideal for

Those starting to use eye creams but don't want anything too rich. Anyone with dark circles and those in their teens to twenties would benefit from this cream.

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