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To treat dark circles and fine lines, Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream brightens the eye area. It contains burnet an ancient Chinese remedy to help soothe the skin and apple extract for hydration. Loquat extract helps protect from free radical damage and premature aging, while a peptide complex helps restore elasticity and firmness to the skin. Sodium hyaluronate is included as a powerful hydrating agent and moisture magnet.


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Eye hydration in a jar!

I love Benefit's products so I had hopes for this product!
I received a deluxe size sample of this cream and wow the packaging is too cute for words (another reason why I love Benefit's products). Opening up, the product (in the glass jar), is of a cream colour and the consistency is not too thick and not too watery. I apply this cream on with my fingers and my, it's quite cool and marvellous to touch. There is a faint chemical/medicinal scent but it's hardly noticeable after applying this on. I dab this around my eye area, underneath, outer corners and extend it upwards towards my brows. Initially the cream is sticky but the stickiness fades after a while and settles nicely into my skin. After using this for a week, my undereye area is much more hydrated and the puffiness has reduced. However, there have only been minor reductions to the appearance of my dark circles. Overall, these effects have led to my under eye area to be "brightened" as advertised., only to an extent. I think this a great eye cream for those who want to invest in their first eye cream. I don't think this cream will be effective for those who want more drastic improvements in their eye area.

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Adorable & Effective

I am a huge Benefit fan! This cream comes in cute packaging ( as all the other Benefit products ) which makes it easy just to dip in a finger & get the required amount of product. It is very very lightly scented.
The cream itself is silky & spreads easily onto the under-eye area so there is no tugging in its application. If you tap it on with your middle & ring fingers gently, it will absorb quickly. It feels soothing & refreshing, & really does feel like it moisturises the delicate under-eye area.
I don't have trouble with dark-circles, but I do get puffy eyes if I cry before going to bed - this helps reduce them considerably overnight.

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Silky formula but only really looks good

The formula is quite silky, although for the price, I find that it is not quite worth it. For me, it hasn't reduced the appearance of dark circles or brightened the under-eye area. I have been using it before my moisturiser in the morning since I've purchased it and have not really seen a difference in my dark circles. However, I find that it is quite good at being a under-eye primer for concealers that tend to crease through out the day. I've almost used up the jar and probably will not re-purchase it.

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Fell in love instantly

I got a mini version in a Benefit primer pack from Myer and I think this is a product I will have to buy the full size of! Firstly the packaging is adorable and makes it easy to access the product. Secondly it has a beautiful smooth texture that feels great on the skin. And thirdly, I can literally see results instantly! I find that it brightens up my whole under-eye area and gets rid of dark circles, which makes my make-up application more flawless. Would definitely recommend

Read the full review of b.right It's Potent Eye Cream by Ally_xo.



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works well

I have really dark under eye circles and bought this product as it targets them. I havent noticed that the eye cream has brightened my eye area but it really hydrates and nourishes my under eyes. It works well as a eye cream but I wouldnt recommend it to people who are specifically looking for an under eye circle treatment. I would repurchase this product as a standard eye cream

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Pricey but it works!

This eye cream is lovely. It is not heavy but it really helps with the puffiness and fine lines around my under eye area. Only a little bit of this goes a really long way and my under eye circles have diminished quite a lot since I have started using this, maybe 6 weeks ago. I'm in love!

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I received a sample of this in a goodie bag. I have fairly bad dark circles so I was excited to try it out. Definitely noticed a difference in my under eye area. It was a lot softer and more hydrated. I did notice a little reduction of my dark circles but nothing drastic. Definitely didn't get rid of them. I do really like this eye cream though. Probably will purchase a full size.

Read the full review of b.right It's Potent Eye Cream by Sassxo.



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Thick Silky Eye Cream

This eye cream is very hydrating, I found it blended in easily despite the slightly thick consistency. I loved the cute little pot this eye cream came in, it was pleasing to the eye.
I found the cream to be hydrating but I have not noticed any difference in brightening the dark circles under my eyes. I still however enjoy treating my eyes to this cream

Read the full review of b.right It's Potent Eye Cream by Beautybabe140194.



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So So Benefit yet So So Hydrating

I love the packaging of the eye cream of the cute little glass pot. I have been using it hoping to see changes to correct my concerns that was pretty much noted on the product but I did not find my dark circles any lighter, but on the bright side, it is hydrating.

The product does not smell very fragrant.
The cream itself is gel-like fluid that get absorbed quickly.
It does give a smoother hydrated appearance and helps make up application to be applied smoother.

I didn't notice my lines under my eyes less wrinkly, so I took much of the points away due to this fact as well.

But if anyone is looking for a hydrating eye product, this is worth a try. But as I am not a budget, I would not be thinking of purchasing it right away.

Read the full review of b.right It's Potent Eye Cream by Ellie0509.



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Light yet effective eye hydrator

This is a nice and emolient yet light eye cream that immediately soothes rehydrates the tired skin area under eyes. I like that it doesn't leave a tacky feeling or residue after being quickly absorbed and helps with the application of concealer and makeup in the under eye area.

In the 3 weeks I've used that product, I can't say it's really done anything for my dark circles (I have very severe dark circles due to lack of sleep), but it has improved my fine lines and help kept my skin supple and hydrated. I'll continue to use the product with the hope that improvement may come after this time for my dark circles (and that I find adequate sleep) as I really enjoy its texture and moisturisation benefits.

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