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Ageless Brightening Eye Cream

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Natio Ageless Brightening Eye Cream is a light cream designed to gently hydrate and help plump fine lines around the delicate eye area. It contains hazelnut and organic rosehip oil to minimise the effects of environmental damage and encourage skin elasticity. For all skin types, it does not irritate the skin. Apply morning and night.


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Puffiness be gone !

I purchased this eye cream to go with my other Natio beauty products and use it every night . After a week of use my puffiness on my eyes are gone , I am left with silky soft feeling which is very nice.



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Affordable product

Being in my early twenties, under eye circles is not a biggie yet. I was just looking for an eye cream to moisurise around my eye area. This product absorbs well and does not leave a greasy feeling after patted in. It has very very tiny shiny particles and this seem to brighten my eye area. This is especially helpful after a late night. A tube lasts a long time. I will continue using it.


Gently pat around eye area so as to not tug on the delicate skin.



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Love this cream!

I've used Natio Ageless Brightening Eye Cream a number of times! I cant believe I never reviewed it before!
I love how the small tube has a thin pointed tip, so you can put the cream exactly where you want to along with the perfect amount. So, once i've made a small line or dots of cream under my eye, I then used my ring finger working outwards in then up over my eyebrow in soft dabbing motions!.
I use it day and night to achieve best results. My eyes do appear more brighter and hydrated. As for wrinkles I will continue to use eye creams to prevent them as much as possible! but I believe so far so good!
The cream is easily absorbed so it doesnt feel heavy under your eyes and does not effect my make up during the day ;)
Great value for money! and I will keep on re-using Natio Ageless Brightening Eye Cream!



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An eye cream for day time use

I have been using eye creams for a number of years now and started using this after I received it in a gift pack. Its a nice tiny plastic tube that allows you to squeeze out how much you need.

I use this during the day time and I like the fact that I have something working towards getting rid of the fine lines around my eyes during the day. I think its better than just using a night time eye cream, because hopefully this will combat the fine lines and pigments even more.


The name of the product is great, Brightening Eye cream, but I didn't really notice any brightening around my eyes. It was just an eye cream that I used during the day time.

Ideal for

I really like Natio as a brand and I enjoy using their products. With regard to this cream, it was great to use during the day and gave me a bit of confidence that I am doing something to take care of my eyes during the day time too.



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Leaves my skin soft, but doesnt brighten

I like how this cream leaves my skin feeling soft. The ingredients are soft and the scent it soft and nice. But I am not so sure that it actually brightens, it remove or lessen the dark circles around my eyes.



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Moistureiser but I still have dark circles.

Is a white smooth consistency that contain vitamin C to brighten the ye are and has all these other claims. It defiantly has highlighter in it, so obvious when you squeeze some out of the bottle. Does nothing for crows feet whatsoever.


Use day and night.

Ideal for

Dry eyes



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Large 20g Tube

Containing some lovely natural oils like rose oil, lemon oil, hazel, lavender and almond oils as well as containing a substantial proportion of aloe vera this eye cream is pleasant to use and works well to combat dryness around the eye area. It's made in Australia.

Not my fave eyecream but it's good to use when I misplace my normal eye cream that I'm using. I can't really smell much of a scent to this and as it's used around the delicate eye area that's probably a good thing.

Being a large 20g tube this product is longlasting for an eyecream as only a bit each time is dabbed around the eyes. I love the way it's delicate enough for me to use around the entire eye area at night - under the eyes and on the upper eye area. I also like dabbing it on my upper cheeks which tend to wrinkle when I smile if I haven't put an eyecream on.



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Great and affordable

I don't like spending too much on products, but have found this one is a perfect balance!
Brightens and tightens and you only need a little bit.
Great addition for a younger person trying to start good aging habits!



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Moisturises, bu I still have dark circles

I use the Natio Ageless range so use this as well. It moisturises well, has very light frangrance and doesn't irritate my skin. I find I still have dark shadows under my eyes - perhaps I just need more sleep! This product does make the skin around my eyes feel very supple and is light enough to use on the delicate skin there. Overall, I like it and will continue using it, but could be swayed to use a product that lightens the dark shadows a little better.



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Gentle and hydrating

This eye cream does hydrate beautifully and is light enough not to disagree with my oily skin. The scent is pleasant and slightly lemony and I don't need a lot. However it's not the hg product for my dark circles that I had hoped for. Still it's great value for money and good for an everyday eye cream.

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