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Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

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Light non-greasy and easily absorbed cream providing instant and continuous moisture. Contains co-enzyme Q10 plus creatine. Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Eye Care works on two levels. Firstly it supports the skin's ability to repair itself, thereby visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Secondly, it enhances the skin's own defence system to fight new wrinkles. Leaves skin visibly smoother and firmer, with a youthful, fresh radiance.


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How-to: effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles

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Smooth, youthful and awake looking under eyes.

This is the first eye cream I began to use after noticing some lines and dark circles developing under my eyes. It wasn't very effective at first, however, after a week or two of use I began to notice that the lines under my eyes had reduced significantly. My eyes seemed smoother, lifted and more awake. It hasn't completely reduced the discoloration and darkness under my eyes, but the dark circles have lightened a little bit and I'm now actually able to cover them up with makeup so they are barely noticeable. I'm pretty impressed with this product and as far a price goes it's an terrific bargain eye cream.

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Princess Les...


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Does not sting or irritate my eye area

Nivea is a firm favourite in my bathroom. I love the Nivea Q10 eye cream which I use day and night after cleansing and before moisturising my face. It helps to reduce the puffiness around my eyes and tones down the dark circles as well. I have not noticed a huge improvement to the wrinkles and lines around my eyes but it does not sting or irritate my eye area which is what I most worry about when using any eye cream products. There isn't really any scent but it is lovely to apply and easy to use with the fine tip applicator. It is a cream/white colour and leaves the skin around my eye area moist and supple which is important when choosing any eye creams.

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best in beauty

I absolutely love this Nivea anti-wrinkle roll on. First of all it is so easy to apply, the product comes out of the tube via a cooling roller ball. I can use it morning and night because it’s fast absorbing and it’s great to use under makeup too.
This product has noticeably reduced the puffiness and fatigue around my eyes. Overall, this is a great eye roll-on, it’s refreshing and firming, with great anti-ageing properties too. It is highly recommended.

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great for the price

It doesn't do anything for already existing wrinkles, but I wasn't really expecting to either as no cream really does, and for the reasonable price, I was just looking for an everyday eye cream to prevent any more wrinkles. I have been using this consistently for a few months now, I gotta say this tiny tube lasts for a good amount of time. I can't tell if its preventing wrinkles, but it does make the skin around my eyes quite soft and smooth and does a so so job with dark circles. Its a great buy for the price

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Don't Get The Hype

Tried this due to the hype about it being an all round good product.
I have slight dehydration, dark circles and a couple of times. But after 3/4 of the tube, I still don't see the effect...

Might be worth it for deep wrinkles (I don't have any of those so I can't say how well it works in this department). But don't pick it up if it's you're in it just for dehydration or dark circles.

Check out my blog review:


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Light and Effective

22 yr old here. I have found that this product is very light and affordable. It moisturises well and cools the skin. Have not seen a noticeable reduction in the light lines around my eyes though and the dark circles are not gotten rid of as much as I would like. Will continue to use until it runs out but I am not sure I would buy again.

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Steph Speth


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Great buy

This is the first eyecream that has felt effective enough to convince me to keep going. Now that all my friends are hitting their mid twenties I'm being evangelical about this eye cream. Prevention is better than a cure!!

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Great for dark circles

Started using this after noticing some super fine lines under the inner corners of my eyes. Used too much on the first application and my eyes were SO puffy like I'd been crying all night... But was perfect after I figured out that you only need a miniscule amount for each eye. Very, very slight difference to the wrinkles but I don't have a huge amount of wrinkles to change.

Interestingly, the dark circles under my eyes got noticeably lighter and better. I have used products aimed to lighten dark undereye circles and these did nothing... But this Q10 plus cream was amazing for that!

Have seen a couple of negative reviews from people who claim it stings the eyes. Only time it stung was when I accidentally got it on my waterline. Keep it out of the eyes!

Will def keep using.

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This eye cream is great! its hydrating for my eyes, non greasy and absorbs into the skin. I'm using it more as a preventative measure and eye moisturiser so no extreme changes in my skin. It does however make my eyes water when i use it at night, so i make sure to avoid getting very close to my eyes when i apply it.

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nivea Q10 plus eye creme

Nivea Q10 Anti wrinkle eye crème comes in a 15 ml squeeze tube, that is easy to get the product out of, is perfectly sized to fit in between my fingers making it easy to use with one hand.
It is a perfume free formula, but I could still detect a light scent to it, the formula is slightly thicker than that of the day crème, but still applies easily and absorbs in well, leaving no oilyness or residues on my skin. I only needed to use the smallest amount as it spreads well. The instructions say to use it after cleansing and toning, however I used it morning and night and had no problems with my makeup applying over it. It’s a bit hard to tell but by the feel of it, I guess it would be still half full after 4-6 weeks of use twice a day.
The crème claims to create smoother , younger looking skin and minimize dark eye circles, while my skin did feel smoother, my before and after pictures don’t show any improvement of wrinkles or dark circles, so perhaps the effect would be more obvious after more extended use

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