Trial team: Nutrimetics Hydrafinity Cleansing Gel, Revitalising Toning Mist and Skin Hydrator

22 Sep 2007 00:00 AM | Posted by Editor
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The products: Nutrimetics Hydrafinity Cleansing Gel, Revitalising Toning Mist and Skin Hydrator
The price: $33.50 / $33.50 / $45

The tester: Chris, 34. Read Chris's beauty bio
The verdict...

The Nutrimetics Hydrafinity range is beautifully packaged in sweet pink (ultimately girly-looking). The cleansing gel with Aquatic Iris extract and Glacial Water smelt soft, floral and inviting. True to its word, the gel also formed a foam to cleanse and a little product goes a long way (note to self - always follow directions, don't get over enthusiastic with the quantity used and always keep eyes closed as this one has the ouch factor if it gets in your eyes). I found it easier to use this cleanser in the shower and the squeezable tube made it practical in my much-loved aquatic environment.

However, I found this transparent gel cleanser way too dehydrating for my skin type. If you are a fan of the squeaky clean, you will love the results of it.

After cleansing, there is nothing like a spritz of something aromatic and cooling to the face. The Revitalising Toning Mist with orange flower extract was the perfect next step. However, don't let the dreamy floral scent lead you astray - I must reinforce, follow directions. A little product goes a long way, three to four sprays really is all that you need (not a room full of the divine moisture particles). Again, keep your eyes closed with the application of this mist.

Finally, to complete the regime, I applied the Skin Hydrator with vitamin C. This moisturiser is presented as a gel, with a slight chemical smell to it. The gel produced a light hydrating effect, however, I found this product did not meet my moisturising needs and I went back for a top up minutes later.

Overall, the Hydrafinity range from Nutrimetics did not meet the needs of my skin type, as I tend to be on the dryer side. This product did not deliver the moisture I needed (it is labelled for normal to combination skin types). There is also no SPF in the moisturiser, which I feel is a must if exposed to the elements. I was impressed with the toning mist. This is the only product from the Hydrafinity range that I would purchase in the future. I found the mist uplifted my spirits as it delivered the fine sweet smelling moisture beads. I was curious about this orange flower extract and wanted more, finding it difficult to limit my spritzing as directed.

(overall) 2/5
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