Alpha-H - Triple Action Cleanser with Thyme


Triple Action Cleanser with Thyme

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Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser with Thyme is best suited to combination skin. The light liquid cleanser is uniquely different from other cleansers as it's non-foaming action softens, cleanses, and balances the skin. The active ingredients assist in stopping the spread of bacteria and infection on the surface of the skin. Key ingredients of Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser are thyme and aloe vera.


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A gentle non-foaming gel cleanser

I had been on the lookout for a non-foaming gel cleanser (I find foaming cleanser tend to dehydrate my skin) and, as a huge fan of Alpha H Liquid Gold, this seemed a good one to try. It is lovely and gentle, has a mild almost indistinguishable scent, and spreads easily across my skin. It isn't the most effective makeup remover - I remove makeup first and use this as a second skin cleanse. I enjoy using it but probably won't repurchase. It is a good basic cleanser.



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Refreshing and non-drying

I use this cleanser in the morning. The scent is refreshing to kick start my morning routine. I love the texture of this non foaming gel cleanser- it's gentle on my dehydrated skin. The gel has enough slip to enable me to gently massage it into my skin. Love this.



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Effective and enjoyable cleanser to use

This is one of the Alpha-H products that has impressed me. Some have been hit and miss for me, but this cleanser does what it says. It is a lovely gentle balm that feels soft on the skin and is a pleasure to use. It removed all my makeup at the end of the day, except my eye makeup needs a bit more work to remove it completely.

I like the fact that it is a cleanser and toner in one so I don't need to use a toner afterwards. Definitely a beautiful cleanser with great ingredients to keep one's skin healthy.



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Effectively removes makeup

The product very effectively removes all makeup however you may still need to use an eye makeup remover as it may leave you with black panda eyes. I have combination skin and loved the product overall. Even after washing, my skin felt hydrated yet clean and fresh. The only reason I wouldn't purchase this again is the packaging. I had heaps left down the bottom but had a hard time getting the rest out with the pump. I tipped it upside down and had to open the bottle every time and it got messy very quickly.

Ideal for

Someone who forgets to use a makeup remover



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Refreshing and very cleansed

I'm one of those people who likes foaming cleansers because of the squeaky clean feeling you get after using them. I had been using Clarins Gently Foaming Cleanser for 16 years (yes 16 years!) and decided that I wanted to try something different for a change.

I was a little sceptical about using a gel because I didn't think that I would get the same squeaky clean feeling as my foaming cleanser but I was completely wrong. My skin still gets that same feeling but feels a little more hydrated as well after use. It is also very refreshing on your skin.

I've been using this product for 1 week now and really like it - its very nice on your skin in the morning. I don't wear make up except for special occasions so I don't experience any problems with it removing make up. The price point is excellent especially for 200ml's. Glad I've made the change and will continue to use now.



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So far, so good

This is my first day using Alpha H. I have purchased 4 products, but have only used 3 so far. I find the Triple cleanser to be gentle, yet leave my skin feeling clean. I am impressed so far, but will need to continue use to see the best results



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Cool and Refreshing

This is one of the few cleansers in my beauty arsenal that I've taken a shine to. The texture is rather peculiar, and took me quite some time to adjust to. Although I generally lean toward foaming cleansers, as I feel these provide a deeper, more thorough cleanse; this unique patented gel, delivers multiple benefits to the skin; ridding it of the daily accumulation of dirt and pollution, effectively removing all traces of makeup, and returning the skin to it's natural pH through the use of plant based extracts. My skin is left feeling perfectly purified, refreshed and hydrated. Thyme is this cleansers secret weapon; controlling and reducing oil production, and also acting as an antibacterial agent to combat acne. Other natural but powerful ingredients include; Aloe Vera to heal and calm redness and breakouts; cooling cucumber to soothe and diffuse inflamed skin, and glycerin to lightly hydrate. Overall, a very invigorating and refreshing product.


Massage onto dry skin, then rinse.

Ideal for

Combination skin



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My HG cleanser

I've been using this for perhaps nearly a year, and it has replaced my Neutrogena cleanser that I had been using many years prior as my HG cleanser.

While the packaging is a little cumbersome (it would have worked much better with a pump), it makes up for it with everything else that it does. It is non-drying, yet cleans well enough to avoid blemishes. It has been very good for my combination skin, and I've managed to control breakouts very well without getting the dreaded flaky skin.

It claims to be able to remove eye makeup, but it doesn't. It creates a major mess if you try, so just use it as a facial cleanser.



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My mother has been using this product for 5 months and she loves it. You can see the difference in her skin. She is very hard to please with skin care products and this works for her



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Not as good as the Balancing Cleanser

This is a very good cleanser, however, I personally prefer Alpha H's Balancing Cleanser. I switched to Triple Action as a way to help control my hormonal breakouts. However, I find that this cleanser is less effective at removing eye make-up than the balancing cleanser - infact it stung my eyes! Even if you have oily/acne prone skin, I'd stick with the Balancing Cleanser over this one as I found it to be more effective at removing oil and make-up.

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