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Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes

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Neutrogena's Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes are ultra soft cloths that gently and effectively dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and make-up - even waterproof mascara. Dissolves all traces of make-up, leaving skin thoroughly cleansed. Gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area. Safe for contact lens wearers and there's no need to rinse afterwards.
Ophthalmologist tested. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Alcohol free.


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25 towelettes


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Clean and Fresh!

Having trailed these for the past week I am really happy with the results! I have used quite a few other make- up removers before and most of them although they do the job are not as gentle as these wipes were on my skin. I wear mainly eye make-up and most other make- up removers I have used in the past sting if I get any in my eye whilst trying to remove my eyeliner. But these wipes were so gentle I didn't have to be so careful and take a long time to get the job done. The packaging was simple which made it easy to store in my make-up bag. I also love the re-sealable pack so that the wipes stay very moist and fresh. I'm not really fussed on how a product smells unless I really dislike it. But these were pretty much fragrance free so no complaints there. The wipes are so easy to use. I just need one to do my whole face. When using these before I shower each night after a long day at work they helped me to start to unwind and relax. After using them my face felt so refreshed and clean!

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So much better than I expected!

I have never been a big fan of any of the wide variety of makeup remover towelettes I have tried, so when I received these makeup remover towelettes to trial from Beauty Heaven, I have to admit I was bit dubious.

Nevertheless, I decided to give them a try and looking back, I am so glad I did!

I was concerned that these might irritate my skin, as I have found other brands of makeup wipes too harsh, but after using these daily I have not experienced any redness, stinging or breakouts. I love the fact that these were gentle on my skin, yet removed all of my makeup so effectively; even the usually tricky long-last lipstick and waterproof mascara.

The towelettes themselves are soft, and thin enough to be flexible when using them to remove makeup. They seem to be saturated with the perfect amount of product in order to effectively remove all traces of my makeup, without leaving too much of an uncomfortable residue (though I still used my regular cleanser aftwerwards to remove any extra traces before moisturising). I did need to hold the towel over my lashes for quite a while to break-down the water-proof formula, but the ease of a single product to remove all of my makeup definitely compensates for any time lost.

There is a slight fragrance, however it is not overpowering and quite pleasant.

These would be so perfect for travel as they’re quick and convenient to use, the packaging doesn’t add extra bulk or weight and they won’t cut into the strict on-board liquid restrictions. My only concern is that the plastic sticker may not be very effective at creating a complete seal to prevent leakage or stop the wipes from drying out before they’re all used, though keeping the packet in a zip-lock bag would probably help combat this.

Overall, I am really pleased to have discovered the Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes, and though I probably wouldn’t use these every day, I definitely intend to keep them on hand for when I am in a rush, or those nights where I just can’t be bothered! Thank you BH!!

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Easy solution for lazy nights

Keep a packet of these beauties in your travel bag ready for any trips that you may go on. These can be a real time saver and face saver when you are too tired to complete a full traditional cleanse.

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Lightning speed makeup removal

I actually dislike using cleansing towelettes because I think they're so wasteful and I prefer using muslin cloths which are reuseable.

These Neutrogena towelettes are pretty good - it doesn't take long to remove all the makeup from your face and it leaves a nice after-feel.

These towelettes are lightly scented - a soft powdery floral type of scent - and feel ultra soft.

My skin be sensitive towards certain ingredients and fragrances but I had no adverse reaction from this product at all.

Even though I said I don't like cleansing towelettes, I think these do have its place. I will use them if I come home extremely late ... they'd be great for those lazy times and of course, when travelling.

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For the "on-the-go" girl

These wipes are fantastic for easy fuss free makeup removal. They come in a packet of 25 and work just the same as travel baby wipes do. With a reasealable sticker type opening on top you just open up and remove the towelettes as you would a tissue fom a tissue box making it clean, quick and easy. No spilling products or losing lids and completely waste free. It has a very light, clean smell. Similar to hand soap but light enough to avoid irritaion for the sensitive types like myself. I very much like that it does not smell like a perfurme bottle as I find it extremely unnecessary to have makeup remover smelling like GUCCI anyway. I like to keep my skin clean, crisp, natural and moisturised which is exactly what these towelletes offer. They easily remove everything on the skin including makeup,glitter/shimmer, dirt..everything. One towlette does all for me including my face, neck and upper chest. As I normally use babywipes I am the type of person that would be interested in trying towellettes and I can say that I can definately tell the differnce between my baby wipes and neautrogena's makeup remover cleansing towellettes. They are fantastic. They are also very moisturising. My only issue with them is that they could be a little too moisturising as they tend to leave quite a greasy oil type residue which is a little unpleasant for me. Unfortunately, I did feel the need to recleanse using another product after using one of these. And considering I have quite dry skin, I can imagine that oily or combo skin type would not like the residue these leave. If the formula could be adjusted slightly (maybe if the towlettes were just not so wet) I would definately consider replacing my babywipes with these. Over all, they do exactly as they say and I am very happy to have been part of the trial team for these products.

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My Saviour!

When I received this product in the post, I was very happy. I'm very lazy about taking my makeup off and i often find that towelettes are too scratchy on my skin. This product however, changed my opinion!

The packaging is great, it doesn't leak and the top stays stuck down after use.

the smell is very subtle and is a nice clean scent rather than a girly perfume. this is great since you use it before bed.

The towelettes are easily removed from the package and are soft on the skin while easily removing all traces of makeup.

I found that, true to claim,it made short work of mascara as well.

I'll certainly be buying a new pack once this one runs out and for someone who has never stuck with a brand of makeup removal before, that's a big call!

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Must have for quick/effective makeup removal

Its been a long time since I've used makeup remover wipes, so when I received these as part of the "trial team" I was really excited to see if they did infact remove makeup properly (rather than have the same half hearted effect as a baby wipe, as they did a few years ago when I used them as a teenager).

I was extremely impressed with the result. Not only were the towelettes moistened to a comfortable level, they didnt have much of a fragrance (if any) either. They also completely cleaned my face of all traces of makeup, will little effort. These are perfect to keep next to your bed after a night out (if you're too tired and lazy to wash your face properly), or to keep in the bathroom as a pre cleanse when you've been wearing makeup.

Definitely recommend these as a cheap solution to keeping your skin clean and fresh.

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Jurlique Lover


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Trial Team Review: Easy Peasy

Hello beauties,

I was lucky enough to have been chosen to review this wonderful product as well (thanks BH :) ) so here goes!


The packaging of this product is light blue with some silver lining through the resealable plastic made lid (if that makes sense) which is good because it helps with indicating whether you have sealed it properly so that the product doesn't dry out by the next time you use it.


There is a slight smell to this product but again it's of nothing in particular. My skin has often reacted to products that are heavily fragranced. This product though fragranced (if that is even a word and the fragrance is light) has not made my skin react or sting in agony!


The cleansing towelettes are thin in texture but the towelettes itself are quite big (possible the biggest ones i've come across compared to other products). Despite the thin texture of the towelettes, they seem to hold quite a bit of product without leaving the feeling of oiliness.


I love this product. Again I believe this product works depending on how you use the product for me one of the biggest pet peeve to remove is mascara (i apply several coats of it daily). With cleansing towelettes I usually like to press the towel onto my eye area focusing on the lashes and leaving it there for a couple of seconds to allow the product to soak the mascara away. I repeat this several times doing the top of my lashes then the bottom rocking it every so gently to assist with loosening the make up away and whoa la! comes right off and I am able to really get into my eye without it stinging as the product is amazingly gentle. However if you were just to rub it off like you would rubbing cream into skin it made it harder to remove the make up I found .. if that makes sense?Definitely requires sometime for the product to get into the make up before it can gently to loosen and lift away.

One thing I will admit is that the texture of the towels are not completely smooth due to the tiny holes it has it can at times feel like you're exfoliating your skin a bit after its usage that is my only complaint. Last note to mention it is quite moisturizing it leaves your skin feeling quite supple.


I would probably use this product again due to the fact that it doesn't sting my skin which is something i look out for in all products I use on skin. It is affordable and you get 25 wipes in one packet. However, as time progresses and I find that the texture of the towels are a bit too rough for my liking i may consider another brand. Pity as the formula of the product is extremely gentle yet effective.

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Quick and Easy! (TT)

These wipes are a great timesaver, but not necessarily the best thing for your skin.
The packaging is good - resealable flap keeps the towelettes moist, and because it’s not a hard box you can squish them into your bag easily.
There was not a noticeable smell, and the wipes are strong yet soft. After removing my eye makeup with the Neutrogena oil free eye make-up remover, a couple of good swipes removed every trace of other make up without any effort.
Although the product says it leaves no residue behind, I definitely felt a film on my skin. A quick rinse and tone seemed to sort that out, but I think if I was using these wipes on a regular basis I would be inclined to do another cleanse afterward.
These wipes are definitely a very handy thing to have when removing your make up is the last thing you feel like. Perfect for 3 in the morning (and you can do it in front of the TV) but I wouldn’t recommend them as a regular step in your skincare routine.

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Platinum Ms


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Yes or No!

This came in a handy little pack and there was no overpowering smell. It was very easy to use, it removed all my makeup but I felt it didn't leave that refreshing feeling but I had to think this is a makeup remover not a cleanser.

Overall I think this did a good job and I would love to purchase this product again.

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