Neutrogena - Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes


Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes

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Neutrogena's Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes are ultra soft cloths that gently and effectively dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and make-up - even waterproof mascara. Dissolves all traces of make-up, leaving skin thoroughly cleansed. Gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area. Safe for contact lens wearers and there's no need to rinse afterwards.
Ophthalmologist tested. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Alcohol free.


Pack size:
25 towelettes


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cherry pie


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ineffective & irritating

I didn't like these wipes at all. They struggled to get off my eye make up and stung my face. I'd heard really good things about them and wanted to try but I will stick to Simple wipes. RESPONSE FROM NEUTROGENA: Hi Liz672, You may be assured that NEUTROGENA* values the comments you have made regarding the products in their skincare range, especially as such feedback provides the company with an opportunity to better understand what consumers think about their products. NEUTROGENA* would appreciate your telephoning their Consumer Care Centre during Sydney business hours on 1800 678 380 quoting reference number 001371761A so they can personally respond to you.

nic x


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My favourite!

These are the most moist towelettes i have tried.
they smell nice. theyre affordable. they dont irritate my skin at all. they remove all traces of makeup.
they stay moist in the original packaging after theyve been opened.
the only think remotely close to a con is that sometimes there is quite a bit of residue left on my face and i feel the need to blot with some tissue and then wash my hands.
but id prefer that over being too dry! :)



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love love love

these are my favourite wipes. I love that they are really moist, I've used some brands before that are really quite dry and it feels like you're scraping them across your face, but this feels lovely and soft and removes makeup really well. I go through a packet about once a fortnight.



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This would have to be my staple product, i could never live without these. before wearing make up, and after taking it off the most important thing is always having clean skin. the more dirt and oil build up leads to more pimples and other ugly things. i would recommend this product to everyone if its just for make up removal or just to have clean fresh skin. they are so soft and they have a really pleasant smell as well. very suitable for all types of skin including those who are over sensitive. if you haven't already tried these or are thinking about it, do it!



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I am quite disappointed with this product, it does remove makeup pretty well yes, but leaves a kind of horrible oily residue afterwards, I just ran out of my usual make up remover wipes and randomly grabbed these until i got my usuals, but i will not be repurchasing.



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Favourite face wipes

These wipes really have the perfect balance - they remove makeup really easily and gently and you don't get that weird tingly feeling nor the slightly oily feeling afterwards. I had used the MAC cleansing wipes for years and recently decided they were a bit too pricey for makeup remover wipes so tried these on a friends recommendation, and I'm definitely sticking with these! Smells really nice too!



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I never thought I'd get excited about facial wipes, but these are hands down the BEST makeup remover wipes I've ever tried. My mum purchased some while on holiday in Hong Kong, and still had a few left when she came back. I pinched a couple and was floored at how easily they removed my makeup. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that I barely have to touch these to my eyes to remove my eye makeup. I assumed all wipes were crappy and took a lot of tugging to remove makeup, but these are faaaaaabulous.

One downside is that I find they can be a little too saturated, so sometimes I have to pat my face dry with a tissue or facecloth afterward, otherwise there's residue and makeup remover floating around my face. I do find that the liquid is quite moisturising though, and I can use these to take off my makeup, go away and do something while my face dries off and I don't find my skin tightens and shrivels up and screams for me to put on moisturiser right away. Might not be a benefit that applies to many people, but I'm weird :P


People who hate tugging at their lids to remove their eye makeup



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Great for travel

A great cleanser for the lazy person or the traveller. It takes off my makeup with ease and smells great. The only problem I found was that I felt the need to rinse my face afterwards because of residue.


Anyone needing a quick cleanse without the fuss



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my fave !

These are my fave by far, I have tried many brands and this one has shown me the best results in removing make up as well as waterproof mascara. Very happy !!!

Dishy Mishy


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The best wipes ever!!!!

I have extremely sensitive skin and have never used a wipe that didn't effect my skin before a friend introduced me to these.
They are so gently, leaving my skin feeling smooth and moisturised and THEY WORK!!! Every trace of makeup is removed including waterproof mascara & gel eyeliner.
After spending a fortune on supposedly the best around for my skin type I've found that these relatively inexpensive wipes are the best cleansing solution I've ever used and will never go back.


If you have sensitive skin or feel the need for a simple cleansing solution

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