Neutrogena - Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes


Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes

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Neutrogena's Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes are ultra soft cloths that gently and effectively dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and make-up - even waterproof mascara. Dissolves all traces of make-up, leaving skin thoroughly cleansed. Gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area. Safe for contact lens wearers and there's no need to rinse afterwards.
Ophthalmologist tested. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Alcohol free.


Pack size:
25 towelettes


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Great product

I've tried lots of different brands of make up removing wipes over the years and this is the one I keep coming back to. It's one of the few that don't irritate my eyes. The only improvement I'd love to see would be a textured side (similar to the Biore wipes) but they still do a great job even without this feature.


Places online like Mumgo quite often have them on special so that's when I stock up on a heap (and to minimise the postage charges)



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These are the only makeup wipes I buy because I find them to be the best. They are nice and wet, remove makeup really well, don't drag on my sin and don't leave my skin feeling dry and tight. They smell nice and don't leave any residue.



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a good makeup wipe

I have repurchased this product on many occasions and find that it removes my makeup wonderfully. The towelette is quite thick and drier than other wipes I have tried. I use this on my face maekup and eye makeup however I do follow up with the liquid neutrogena makeup remover for my eyes. One fault is that I am always scared that the opening doesnt stick. I prefer makeup wipes with the plastic opening. I will continue to purchase this product as it has become a staple in my makeup drawer.



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Great product.

These are the only makeup removing wipes I buy, they leave very little behind and are soft and gentle on sensitive skin.

Ms Billi


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My favorite

These makeup remover towelettes are amazing!! Unlike other makeup remover wipes (Nivea I am referring to you!) these are not dry when they come out of the packaging.

I find that these wipes are fresh from the first to the last one out of the packet. They do an amazing job in removing every trace of makeup - even waterproof mascara!

This product has everything I need all in one, it removes all my makeup whilst cleansing at the same time. Although, I do use a face wash afterwards as well.

These wipes do not cause my sensitive (and eczema prone) skin any allergies or breakouts - unlike some others on the market.

I have been purchasing them for years and highly recommend them.

The only down side to them is the price in my opinion as I think that $8.00 is a bit pricey so that's why I give them a 4 star rating. If they were priced at around $5-$6 then they would get 5 stars from me as I absolutely love them! Highly recommend

Steph Speth


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Nice but not great

These do an okay job. With a bit of scrubbing they will take of waterproof eyeliner which is a big plus for me and they leave my skin feeling clean.

I have two problems with these though.. the first being that if I have to use them more than once in a day they leave my skin a bit stressed... but I guess that's my skin not the product.

The main problem I have is that they leave a fairly decent film on my face making it difficult to apply makeup over the top. Given that my main use for makeup wipes is when I want to redo my face throughout the day this is a big issue! I repurchase and keep them in my overnight bag as a backup but they're not my favourite in the world.



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Best in Beauty 2012 – Gentle, effective, and affordable

The Neutrogena make up remover cleansing towelettes are something I always have on hand in my home. I purchase them in an easy to use re-sealable package that keeps the towelettes from drying out. There are 25 cleansing towelettes in each package. The first thing I always notice and like about these make up remover wipes in comparison to others on the market is that they have a nice smell. They have a very ‘clean’ and fresh smell to them which is not overpowering. I really appreciate the fact that they are alcohol free because otherwise they wouldn't smell as good as they do, and the wipes would not be as hydrating as they are.

The Neutrogena wipes are quite thick in texture which is perfect because it makes sure that they do not tear or rip when removing makeup from the face. They are also very decent in size so they can cover the surface area of the face easily. I use the wipes to first begin removing all traces of my eye makeup, and the wipes manage to do so effortlessly. I do not have to tug or pull on the delicate eye area at all, the product on the towelette works to remove any eye make up gently. On special occasions when I have chosen to wear waterproof eyeliner or mascara, the wipes still manage to remove all traces of it. I stick with the Neutrogena wipes over others because they have never irritated my eyes.

After I have finished removing my eye make up, I then use the wipe to remove my face make up. I find that one cleansing towelette has a sufficient amount of product on it to remove make up from both the face and eye area which is great. The wipe easily breaks down my face make up and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. The wipes are very gentle and have never left my skin feeling sensitive or dry. Another thing that stands out about the Neutrogena wipes are the fact that they do not leave a film on the face or any residue which means I do not have to worry about rinsing afterwards.

Although I do not recommend using make up removing wipes every day to take off your make up, they are perfect for those lazy or late nights when you need something effective and easy. They are also great to freshen up with during the hot summer months. For a pack of 25 and a price tag of $7.99, these wipes are convenient, affordable and leave my skin feeling nice and cleansed.



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Convenient Make-up Removal


Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes come in a pack of 25, the plastic pack resealable.
The naturally scented towelettes are a generous size, made from a white soft material.
The wipe is gentle on skin removing mascara and liner easily and without any stinging.
The wipes are refreshing for skin, leaving face and neck clean of make-up, the evidence on the towelette.
Skin feels smooth and soft after using the wipe, do not need to rinse skin.
They are alcohol free and do not dry out skin.
Excellent towelettes, they are compact for travel, convenient for make-up removal, have good cleansing properties and they are gentle on skin, and allergy tested.
The towelettes are a little on the dear side, so I wait until Pricline has a % off sale and then stock up on items needed.

Made in UK



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Fuss Free!

Celebrating the last week of high school is a very exciting and emotional time and this has been travelling in my bag for the past week. Throughout muck up week, I have been drawing on other peoples faces, and been drawn on too so this wipes are an absolute saviour. These wipes are super soft and remove every last trace of makeup, without my skin feeling tight, irritated nor dry.

Unlike other wipes on the market, these wipes are incredibly soft and moist. I've tried wipes from so many brands, and most of them feel thin, like KFC towelettes whilst others are quite dry and rough on my skin. However, these wipes are super soft and thick so it feels similar to an actual towel on the skin. Even though it has the stick on 'lid' that most other brands have, these wipes stay moist. Just yesterday, I accidently left it open and when I checked them this afternoon, the wipes are as moist as they are on any other day. Likewise, the scent of these wipes are quite refreshing and not overpowering.

Indeed, the most important aspect is how clean my face feels after using these wipes. Even with a full face of makeup or random doodles on my face, these wipes remove every last trace of waterproof eyeliner and foundation. Since these wipes are so thick and moist, I don't have to tug, rather just gentle wipe, and my makeup slides off. My skin feels and looks clean, fresh and soft. Even if i use these during Winter, my skin doesn't seem to dry out thus these are suitable for even ladies who have dry skin.

Just like everyone else, I sometimes come home from a night out, too tired to even brush my teeth and go through the rigorous process of removing my makeup. These wipes come in handy, and I can just skip the cleansing step my quickly wiping my face clean. Again my face feels lighter and refreshed. It's amazing to see all the black 'goop' that collects on my face after a long day, even if I'm not wearing any makeup.

All in all, these wipes are just so handy and fantastic for those who are always on the go. These wipes are soft, thick and drenched in cleansing lotion. It removes the toughest makeup, without drying out my sin, instead leaving feeling refreshed, clean and soft.


Use it when you are too lazy to do you regular cleansing routine.

Ideal for




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BIB - No mess, no fuss, the best!

These are the only towelettes I buy because they remove waterproof makeup completely, and they do it without any harsh rubbing. Honestly there isn’t another brand that can hold a candle to their effectiveness – they are soft and gentle, never irritate my skin (and the area around my eyes is somewhat sensitive), and I’d be lost without them on lazy late nights, or when travelling. The cloth is stretchy and smooth, and impregnated with a powerful yet kind cleanser that shifts any kind of face paint in my makeup kit.

Great for a quick daily clean of my brushes, I also use them to remove dried mascara and makeup spills from my dressing table – even strong household cleaning products can’t shift what these cloths effortlessly wipe away! Exceptionally versatile, I’ve lost count of the number of packs I’ve bought, and they even smell nice too. 10 out of 10 Neutrogena – you’re my #1 cleaner-upper :-)


Don't limit usage to just your face - these wipes are fabulous for cleaning anything to do with makeup :-)

Ideal for

Every day use, and essential for late night emergencies :-)

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