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Broke me out

Soon after I started using these I got these bumps underneath my skin on my forehead. At first I didn't realise what was causing them but once I narrowed it down, these were the problem. Yes they removed my face make up pretty well, but they didn't remove my eye make up at all and broke me out so these are not for me. I also felt like the towlettes were too wet for me and left my skin greasy.

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Fav wipes!

I agree with the other comments. These wipes are fantastic!! I always have problems with my eye lashes falling out from wiping too hard, but tees wipes make it so much easier. Love them!

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Absolutely amazing!

I haven't used these for a while, but am going to assume that they are the wipes that used to come in a periwinkle blue packet.

I absolutely ADORED these wipes. They were absolutely saturated in makeup remover, to the point where I could hold them against one eye for a few seconds, swipe and they'd remove even stubborn waterproof mascara like Covergirl LashBlast Volume.

Most wipes claim to come saturated in makeup remover, but these were *saturated* - other brands I'd tried felt like I was rubbing a paper towel on my face in comparison. They do leave an oily residue on the face afterward that requires cleansing, suggesting that these are possibly soaked with oil-based makeup remover.

The only reason I don't purchase these anymore is the price - they're at least $8 which I balk at when I can purchase a bottle of baby shampoo which is just as effective. I'm also a bit iffy about Neutrogena's animal testing policy, and I do try to stay away from brands that test (though my resolve is sometimes weaker than I'd like...)

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Does the job!

I love these! Just one wipe thoroughly removes all traces of my makeup and leaves my face feeling clean, soft and fresh.

They're perfect for those big nights out when all you want to do after you get home is collapse into bed, but you don't dare go to sleep without taking off all that makeup. So you resign yourself to the tedious task of cleansing twice and rubbing your eyes with cotton balls and buds dipped in removers.

I keep a packet in my bathroom and another in my handbag. I will always repurchase these!

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So I will admit that the first thing that drew me to these was the colour of the packaging, I love it.I was so glad that i ended up trying these they are by far the best makeup wipes that I have used.

They have the same packaging as most wipes on the market which I was not to keen on as with most of the ones that I have tried the wiped end up drying out as that packet does not seal properly. That is not the case with these the wipes are still nice an moist right down to the last one.

Use these very night before my shower to remove most of my makeup (including waterproof mascara). They easily remove all my makeup leaving my skin looking fresh and clean. I was surprised at how easily my eye make up comes off with the use of only one wipe (normally I need at least two). I still give my face a wash in the shower afterwards as I i feel it just needs that extra clean.

As I pick these up at my local Chemist Warehouse they are a great price $6.39) for 25 wipes.

All in all these are a great product that I will definitely keep using.

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Best In Beauty 2013

My 'go-to' makeup remover cleansing cloths - I've tried many other brands & repeatedly return to this product.

They are a very nice thickness, are durable, soft & very comfortable. Used as my first step each night, they swiftly & easily remove all traces of makeup, including eye makeup that other wipes struggle to remove. Excellent quality and a very affordable price

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Great product

I've tried lots of different brands of make up removing wipes over the years and this is the one I keep coming back to. It's one of the few that don't irritate my eyes. The only improvement I'd love to see would be a textured side (similar to the Biore wipes) but they still do a great job even without this feature.

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These are the only makeup wipes I buy because I find them to be the best. They are nice and wet, remove makeup really well, don't drag on my sin and don't leave my skin feeling dry and tight. They smell nice and don't leave any residue.

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a good makeup wipe

I have repurchased this product on many occasions and find that it removes my makeup wonderfully. The towelette is quite thick and drier than other wipes I have tried. I use this on my face maekup and eye makeup however I do follow up with the liquid neutrogena makeup remover for my eyes. One fault is that I am always scared that the opening doesnt stick. I prefer makeup wipes with the plastic opening. I will continue to purchase this product as it has become a staple in my makeup drawer.

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Great product.

These are the only makeup removing wipes I buy, they leave very little behind and are soft and gentle on sensitive skin.

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