Olay - Olay Deep Cleansing Wet Cleansing Cloths (Normal Skin)


Olay Deep Cleansing Wet Cleansing Cloths (Normal Skin)

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Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths (Normal Skin) helps remove dirt and make-up while moisturising your skin with vitamin E.

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Best facial wipes!

I love these! After a day or night of wearing makeup I'll use these before my fashion wash. They easily get all my makeup off and leave my skin feeling refreshed, not all tight and dry like some other facial wipes do.

Ideal for

Anyone really, I have problem skin and they have never caused me any problems.



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Great cleansing wipe, not the best for makeup removal

I liked these wipes. They are a nice decent size and the quilting makes them soft and durable. The smell is pleasant and clean without being over powering.
When using these to remove makeup I found I had to use 2 wipes and even then there was still some makeup on the cotton ball when using a toner afterwards. They were effective at removing my eye makeup though
As an everyday cleansing cloth they are nice. They left my skin feeling nice and smooth without being dry, tight or irritated.



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Not great at removing Makeup

Bought this wipes as I continue on my quest to find my perfect match. These were pretty good wipes but definitely not the winners. I find that they do take off most of my makeup, but a swipe with toner on a cotton pad after using the wipes show there is a lot of makeup that these wipes fail to remove.
They do have a strong scent but it did not seem to bother my skin. One of the good things about them is that they are larger than most other wipe brands. One thing that really turned me off what that sometimes small loops of fibres from the wipes stick up and I have managed to rip my nose stud out of my face twice while using these wipes, something that has never been a problem with other brands. Will be moving onto another brand.



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Glosscars 2013

These are a great face wipe for everyday use and I really think they deserve some Glosscars love!

I like to use wipes to remove makeup before bed and, after seeing the new Olay Deep Cleansing range, I couldn't resist giving these a go! The wipes themselves are a great size, and one wipe is more than enough to cleanse your face and neck. They also have a pleasant, clean scent. The interesting thing about these wipes is they have a textured surface which seems to help them clean deeper.

These wipes do a great job at removing the day's makeup; particularly foundation, concealer and powder. I use Bioderma Crealine H20 to remove eye makeup, so I can't comment on how well they remove that. However, I can say they leave my skin feeling fresh and clean, with no sticky layer left behind. The most impressive thing is that, despite the fact that these wipes give a rather deep clean, my skin is not left red, irritated or dry. Instead, my face is left soft and slightly moisturised. Even my t-zone, which is prone to oiliness, is left nicely cleansed.

I am not sure how I could fault these cloths, they are rather good! My skin isn't particularly sensitive and given that my skin is prone to oiliness, products which give my skin a good clean work well for me. However, if your skin is on the dry side or is sensitive, it probably wouldn't hurt to try out the sensitive version of these wipes first.

Overall, these wipes are great at removing makeup before bed on those lazy nights. They work well on my skin which is prone to oiliness and breakouts in certain areas but is otherwise 'normal'. They would be great for those who have normal to oily skin and want a winning face wipe to remove the day’s makeup.



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A great cleansing makeup removal wipe

I bought these because they were on special in Chemist's Warehouse and I had no problems using them. The good point is that you get 30 in a pack, instead of the usual 25. They worked well for me and didnt leave my skin dry afterwards. The only reason I dont buy them regularly is because I have found others that work well and are much cheaper.


A great make up removal wipe that works to remove the daily dirt off my face and is non irritating.

Ideal for

Anyone who trusts Olay should find this product good to use. Its a bit of a bigger pack- a little long in shape compared to the other standard packs, so can be a bit big in the handbag.



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I loved how these cloths are large enough to wipe over your whole face - really refreshing thing to do at the end of the day. They are quite moist and have a nice smell.

Removes my make-up, although I'm a light make-up user and I don't wear any mascara or eyeshadow so don't know how the cloths would go with removing heavy make-up.

Overall, very happy with product.



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Good Basic Face Cleansing Wipe

These freshly scented face wipes have 30 in the packet. The sticky flap goes back down to re-stick easily and securely seal the rest of the wipes again after each use. The packet is quite a large size and I think this helps to make the re-sealable flap work better than a lot of other wipes with smaller packets.

These nice wet cloths feel like a 'cloth' texture and are approx. 19 X 14cm which is a sufficent size to use to remove the make-up. I tend to use face wipes as a pre-cleanse to my normal cleanser and these do the job very well. My skin is left very clean from grime & make-up.

They are alcohol free and suitable to use around the eyes, face and neck. I love giving the top of my back and the back of my nect a good wipe with these after a hot day.



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Fresh wipes

Love love the packaging-comes in a easy to use package, with a seal to keep the remaining wipes fresh and smooth. The wipes are very wet, which makes them effective at removing all make up and products. My eye make up, was very easily removed with these wipes with no sign of residue. I found the smell of the product fresh and pleasant. These wipes really are so effective at makeup removal, plus leave my skin really feeling very clean and moisturised. The reason I like these wipes is because my skin feels soft, clean and smooth, not dry at all.



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Does the job

These are wetter than some other cleansing wipes I've used and that may help in maximum make-up removal. I almost have to wait a minute for my face to "dry" before applying moisturiser. They are also larger than others I've used which is helpful as I sometimes have to use two. Scent is quite strong but pleasant.

i like pie


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar


Huge wipes with loads of makeup removing cleansing serum on them that work hard to remove every trace of makeup, dirt and grime. They are gentle on the skin but exfoliate at the same time with the textured surface. One large wipe is enough for your whole face and neck. The serum on the wipe leaves your face feeling fresh, clean and moisturized.


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