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Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Cleansing Gel

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For a fresh and clean feel, Palmer’s Daily Cleansing Gel contains a combination of ingredients proven to make the skin look and feel fresh. Retinol ensures the cleanser leaves skin looking plump, while cocoa butter works to smooth and refine skin. Milk proteins and shea butter soothe and calm all skin types. Fragrance free.


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Decent cleanser - Not sure if it lives up to its claims though

I've nearly finished my bottle of this product and have found it to be mediocre. On the first few times I used this I found my skin to be hot and tight, with a little irritation. I have hyper sensitive skin which I feel reacted to the sodium laureth sulphate within this product. After many uses, day and night, my skin is tolerating it however it has yet to produce any difference to its general irritation or redness (two things it claimed to help reduce). I don't think I'd reccommend it to sensitive skinned beauties and so I believe the packaging to be a bit misleading.

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Glosscars vote - A good daily cleanser

Palmers is renowned for it's delicious scents and nourishing products and this is a great daily cleansing gel, but not as nourishing or deliciously scented as I would've liked (hence the 4/5 rating)
The pump bottle is not the best design - as I travel a lot and it is not travel friendly. You would waste a fair amount of product trying to lock it.
The product itself is a nice consistency and doesnt leave residue as well as getting all traces of makeup off.
I have been using this for several months now and have not had breakouts or irritation occur. I have however had to up the amount of moisturiser and serum I use as it is a bit drying. I have found if I am short of time and have had to skip the skin oil or moisturiser I have had a tiny bit of flakiness around my forehead, cheeks and nose. This has meant touch ups with moisturier during the day.
If your skin is not particularly dry this shouldnt be a problem - it should actually help your skin if it is naturally oily.

The scent needs an improvement as I found it had a distict chemical smell - very unexpected for Palmers and made me wonder how good it is for my skin.

That said the price is wonderful and I am completely free of breakouts so it has worked for me as long as I maintain my moisturising and serum levels :)

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Average product

I have used this product daily for a few weeks, but have found after use my skin doesn't feel overly cleansed, a but like I wiped my face with a make-up wipe rather than actually got in and gave it a good clean. It is a very gentle product with a subtle scent of cocoa, I found this off putting, but some people may like the smell. The pump bottle is a great idea.

I would use this again, but wouldn't go out of my way to grab it.

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Non drying gentle cleanser

Review resubmitted for Glosscars consideration

I was sent this cleanser to trial as part of the trial team. It is a very gentle, non drying cleanser that is suitable for morning and evening use.

The cleanser comes in a 150ml pump bottle. I found this packaging to be highly convenient. 1 pump was enough to do my whole face, though if I was using it with my Clarisonic brush then I'd use 2 pumps. I wear glasses, though obviously not in the shower, so a pump pack is the easiest form of packaging for me to use - theres no fiddling around with lids or tubes.

The cleanser is fragrance free so just smells vaguely detergenty. I wasn't overl keen on the lack of frangrance - I would have preferred it to be frangranced though this is designed for sensitive skin and as a fragrance is often a irritant it is probably best that it is unfragranced.

I found the cleanser to be lightly foaming. I'd pump it into my hands, rub them together until i got a light foam the massage it into my face. It was really easy to use and was a very effective cleanser. I never tested it on makeup removal but on general cleansing it did ane xcellent job. It didn't dry out my skin at all and even if I didnt get moisturiser on straight away it still didnt feel tight.

I found that this was a great cleanser to have on hand for when me skin was feeling fragile. It was so gentle and didnt irritate it at all. Whilst this wasnt my favourite cleanser that I have ever used, mostly due to the lack of fragrance, I would buy it again to have on hand if my skin is ever going through a sensitive phase.

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Basic gel cleanser

I wasn’t overly impressed or wowed by this cleanser - it’s really just your basic cleansing gel with a typical clear, runny consistency. Though it is fragrance free, there is a faint detectable scent of cocoa which doesn’t smell that nice in this particular product. I find that the gel doesn’t lather or foam up that much and therefore feel like it’s not cleansing my skin thoroughly enough. It’s also not that particularly refreshing nor calming, though it does leave my skin feeling comfortable, without that dry, tight feeling which other harsher cleansers can leave. I'll give it a 2.5 stars.

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Bit drying but otherwise does the job

This is a good cleansing gel because it removes grease and oil. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth and was easy to apply. However, it drys out my chin terribly even though the rest of my face is fine.

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A gentle cleansing pump

Just one pump is more than enough to completely cove your face with a gentle lather which leaves your skin feeling fresh, smooth and thoroughly cleans of grime and make up. My skin is normally sensitive and gets easily irritated whenever i wash my face, but this one suit my skin perfectly.

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i have dry skin and i found this product really good. i also love the packaging of the product, as it is the pump bottle. my skin was refreshed after using it.

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Gentle but....

The pump dispenser packaging makes this cleanser super easy to use. Less than one full pump gives me enough to wash my face and neck, so it's super economical. One bottle lasts ages. I've been using this daily for over two months and I still have half a bottle. My skin is quite oily, pimple prone and I have redness issues, only at times experiencing sensitivity so I wasn't convinced it would be any good for me. However, I did find this to be a pretty good cleanser. It's gentle and through, deeply cleansing and removing dirt and traces of makeup without stripping my skin. After washing my skin feels so soft, fresh and clean. It's not great at removing loads of makeup, but I usually use a cleansing oil before my regular cleanser anyway. It works best in the morning when I don't have makeup to remove but for ease of use I ended up using it in the evening. I have had to alternate this with my regular cleanser, which is specifically for oily, pimply skin. On it's own it just didn't help the pimple situation. I've also found it to be great for cleaning my makeup brushes. I truely found it to be fragrance free, I couldn't smell anything when using this product. I am surprised that it contains sodium laureth sulfate, and for this reason I won't be repurchasing it. If I was to recommend it to friends I would mention that it contains sulfates.

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Not for me

Lathered smoothly but didn't do much 'cleansing' for me. A bit too soft, if you know what I mean. Felt great on my face though, just didn't leave me feeling that fresh afterwards. Not for me, but might be for you if you have sensitive skin.

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