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asap gentle cleansing gel is a soap-free, non-irritating cleanser that forms a light lather. The face gel gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin, and removes make-up, impurities, and excess oil without dehydrating the skin. It contains aloe vera and white tea to calm and moisturise skin. Suitable for sensitive skin.

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Exclusively available through skin care professionals including plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, dermatologists and beauty therapists.

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foaming goodness..

i usually stay away from gel cleansers as i feel like they really strip my skin even though i have a combination skin type. This ASAP cleanser doesn't do that at all and it is fantastic at removing make up. You don't need much at all, a pea size amount goes a long long way.


i use it to remove my mascara aswelll :)



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Beautiful cleanser

Just picked this up to replace my previous cleanser, as I was looking for something more environmentally friendly. It smells AMAZING and is really gentle. A little goes a long way, the first time I used it I poured way too much and soon realised you only need a pea sized amount.



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Silky smooth cleansing

I don't usually use gel cleansers because they tend to be quite drying on my normal, sometimes dry skin. But after receiving a trial tube of this cleanser, this might be one I could use.

I love the clear gel formula. In my mind it just LOOKS clean. I also love the inclusion of white tea and aloe - two great skincare ingredients. This gel feels silky smooth on my face and rinses away beautifully. I do feel like I need to get my moisturiser on pretty quickly after I cleanse because I do feel a slight bit of tightness in my cheeks after use, but the moisturiser quickly remedies that.

My skin looks and feels clean and clear after using this cleanser and while I would pass on this in favour of a cleansing cream or milk in the cooler months, this is a cleanser that I'd be happy to use in summer when the heat makes my skin feel a bit grimy.



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This product is fab!

I use this every day in the shower with my daily facial scrub. It is so fantastic. I love the smell, the gentle lather and the fact it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft afterwards.


Instead of just leaving the gentle facial gel lathered on your hands, use it to wash other parts of your body like your underarms and private areas. It's gentle enough and them you are not wasting any product at all.

Ideal for

Anyone who wants soft skin.



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I'm 44 with mature and very dry skin and I received a sample of this gel cleanser a few months back....
This cleanser is a gel consistency. I dampen my face and then apply a 5cent piece of the gel onto my fingers and then massage over my face for about a minute. Breathing in deeply as I smells gorgeous, which makes using this product all the more pleasant!
It is very effective and can remove my entire days worth of makeup, waterproof mascara and all (just keep your eyes shut). My skin feels clean and fresh after use. Love it!



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Gentle aromatic cleanser

Although not my staple cleanser, I am quite partial to this gentle, mildly aromatic cleanser. Carrying a hint of tangy citrus, this cleanser is very efficient at removing: oil, pollution, sunscreen and even a day's worth of makeup. It leaves my skin feeling perfectly clean, purified and primed for subsequent products. Perfect for sensitive skin, and those with Rosacea; the mild formulation contains soothing Aloe Vera, known for it's superior hydrating properties, and protective antioxidant's Vanilla and White Tea. Also imbued with nourishing essential oils to make your cleansing routine a pleasant experience. I often use this as a pre cleanse, to remove makeup, oil, and the accumulated grime of the day. It certainly refreshes and peps up the skin. I am rather fond of essential oils and enticing fragrances, so perhaps that is why I have a weakness for this cleanser.


Can also be used to remove eye makeup. Makes an ideal first cleanser, if performing a double cleanse.

Ideal for

Every skin type. Gentle and soothing, especially for sensitive skin, and those with Rosacea.



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Working a treat

I've been using this for about 2 months now and it works great, my skin is gradually improving apart from the occasional hormonal breakout. But using this has really cleared my skin and I feel comfortable enough not to wear make up to cover my skin.


I use the daily exfoliating facial scrub once a week as my skin is sensitive and can't handle anymore than that.



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Great everyday cleanser

I really liked this cleanser, it was soft & gentle on my sensitive skin, much like the rest of the ASAP range. It didn't foam at all but the gel formula worked lovely and removed the dirt & makeup from my face nicely. There was still a little black eye makeup left after drying of which is way I gave it four stars instead of 5



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WOW - removes all makeup for my sensitive skin

WOW. This is awesome. The ASAP Gentle Cleansing Gel appealed to me because it is soap free and there is significant scientific evidence and research behind the brand and products. I have sensitive skin with a bit of everything, oily chin, pores on my nose, dry forehead and so on, so it is wonderful to find a cleanser that can remove all my makeup (mineral makeup and eye makeup) and not strip my skin and leave it feeling tight and red.

The size is generous and the price is reasonable. I only need a tiny bit to take off all my makeup. I have often "double cleansed" in the past to ensure I remove everything, but I don't have to with the ASAP gentle cleanser.

I HIGHLY recommend trying this. I wish I had found this cleanser in my teenage years.


Try it. A little goes a long way and this really works.

Ideal for

Most skin I assume, given the vast range of my "combination" skin type.

Lady Bug


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I love the experience of using this product

I use this to clean my skin each night. I love how it lathers without stripping my face and the essential oil blend is so lovely - it is so fresh and at the same time relaxing

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