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I thought it was good enough for Miranda?

This product I feel wasn't great for me. I love an exfoliator or a gel, and I felt a cream wouldn't be too bad. But this one I just don't think removes anything within my skin. I'm used to removing my makeup in the shower with my exfoliator (bad I know) and I gave it a go with this one - but it took literally none of my makeup up. This leads me to believe it wouldn't clean your skin properly. I could be wrong, personal opinion only. For the quite high amount you pay for this item, even though it is organic I just thought it would clean out a little bit more than it did. Although it did smell AMAZING!

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A Decent but Pricey Cleanser

I quite like this product but feel it's a little more expensive than it's worth, I suppose due to the name behind it. It does do a good job cleaning my sensitive and dry skin, without feeling as though my face has been stripped bare. I used this a few times in conjunction with my Clairisonic aswell, with good results. I think this is a good product worth trying for those with sensitive skin.

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Baby soft skin!

I have only used this product for less than a week, but in the few days that i have used it i have been very impressed! I was skepitcal about using a product that was so expensive! But as someone who suffers from sensitive skin and i'm always finding it hard to find products that don't dry out my skin or leave me with breakouts. So far this product has cleared up the few breakouts i already had (maybe they were on their way out anyway!). It leaves my skin feeling super soft, and there is no residue left when i wash my face of a night over the sink. You only need a small amount of the product! A pea size! Which is great considering the price! I have ordered the mositurizer and clay mask!

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This is a cleanser that is perfect to remove makeup after a night out. Not only that it is a great general cleanser and teamed up with the other products from the KORA range your skin will feel gorgeous!!

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Love it!

I have been using this product for about a week so probs not the most reliable review but at the moment...I am in love! I have ordered just about all of the KORA range and am obsessed with it :) This cleanser feels great on the skin, if it doesn't foam up as much as regular brands dont freak coz it is just what it does. I have sensitive skin and this product is soft enough for me, unlike other types. It may be pricey but it is sooooo worth it! :)

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Cleanses without drying

I love this! It smells lovely and my skin feels nice and soft after use - not dry and itchy like some cleansers do. I love the KORA range and this is no exception! I love that this is organic, the only downside is the cost but you I find you only need a small amount to effectively cleanse.

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The BEST face cleanser!

I love KORA products. This is one of my favourites, what i love about it is that it doesnt foam up.Which means it doesnt take forever to wash off, as the KORA line is all organic, using the KORA products i know that im doing a good thing for my skin. The cream cleanser feels lovely on my skin and leaves it feeling so soft and clean.

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Parisienne Chic


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A natural beauty from a natural beauty.

Oh how i love this stuff.It,s a divine smelling,great cleansing,non drying product that is a true guilt free purchase for those who care for animal welfare and nature derived ingredients.A small amount only is required,and it leaves your skin soft and smooth.A product i will get again (yes,it is very exxy,but it lasts a while and a small amount will suffice )

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JB Beauty


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Gentle and hydrating

This is the best cleanser I have used by far. It is so gentle on my skin and I can feel it hydrating my skin from the moment I put it on. It also smells lovely :)

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Enriching, Beautiful Cleanser!

I absolutely trust Kora Organics and adore every new product that is released. I especially love this cleanser! It comes in a gorgeous cute bottle and pumps easy! You only need to use a small amount as it melts into your entire face! it also feels so nice on my skin! Never use this to remove makeup as it would just wash off with the makeup! i always remove mine first, then cleanse and use a mist and moisturiser. That way, you benefit more from the product as the ingredients soak in. Oh and i adore the enriching ingredients! Gorgeous noni extract and oat flour, rosehip oil infused with a blend of avocado and macadamia nut oils! YUM! I love Kora Organics and will continue to purchase this Cream Cleanser!

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