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Gentle Cleansing Gel

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For all skin types except dry and sensitive.
Ultraceuticals Gentle Cleansing Gel is an effective, low foam cleanser revitalises that complexion and cleans skin without stripping it of moisture.. It features powerful antioxidant ingredients which act as free radical scavengers. It is enriched with vitamin E and green tea extract.


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Great but expensive

I have been using this product for a couple of years, and to be honest, I only keep using it because I use other Ultraceuticals products and I like them all to match (dumb, I know). It is really gentle, does a good job of removing make up and you only use a tiny bit. I have no criticisms of this product and have given it three stars because, whereas I think other Ultraceuticals products are unbeatable, you could find cleansers of equal quality for less money. Still great, and I recommend and will continue to use it

Ideal for

Everyone, even sensitive skin



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This product was my saviour during hormonal break outs and an imbalanced oily skin phase. I do not break out anymore since using this.


Only need a pearl size amount and foam it up between your hands first, it allows it to spread easier and cleans deeper. Do a second cleanse when removing makeup

Ideal for

Mild acne, oily, combination skins



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My beauty therapist recommended this product to me after noticing that I had problems with my skin and that I should give this a go. She gave me a sample if this cleanser and that night I used it.
Since I have oily skin, with my first cleanse I could feel how clean and how much the oil on my face has gone from just one cleanse. Ever since that day which was about a month ago I have bought the big bottle of this and I LOVE it!!!
Overall I love this product, the price is good and the benefits have been amazing. My skin is smoother, fresher and clearer. Amazing!



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Great clean without feeling tight

Great, gentle cleanser for removing impurities and leaving the skin fresh.
I particularly like the gel formula, perfect for my combination skin. Past cleansers have made my skin tight and I've had to lather up on moisturisers which doesn't help my oily t-zone!

Only a 5-cent piece of cleanser is needed for the face and neck area.
The only negative is the price.

Ideal for

Normal to oily skin.



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Fresh feelin g

I got this cleanser as a gift so i wasn't aware of the price - I loved it gave me a fresh clean feeling while removingmy make up without overdrying like some. A little goes a long way too so it lasts for ages - Now that I know the price I probably would not prurchase as some cheaper ones do a good job too I would rather spend the extra money on good moisturisers instead. Good product though.

cat lover


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Really lovely but too pricey.

I really loved this cleanser...it was so soft and gentle and cleansed perfectly. The only thing is that there are other cleansers out there that are just as good and are a fraction of the price!

Ideal for

All skin types



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Clean feeling

Ultraceuticals Gentle Cleansing Gel feels great on your skin. It foams up slightly and can easily be massaged around your face, only a little is needed so the tube will last for quite a while. It's a great cleanser to remove makeup and leave you face feeling fresh and clean.

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