Neutrogena - Wave Power Cleanser


Wave Power Cleanser

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Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser using gentle vibrations to open pores to remove dirt, oil and make-up. Softly textured disposable pads sweep away layers of dead skin cells for a deep clean. It has a cool foam that penetrates into the skin. It leaves skin softer and smoother.

$15.99 / $13.99

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Cleanser / 30 refill pads


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Great to use 2-3 times a week

I love the idea of using a type of vibrating tool to clean my face. It's very gentle to my skin and the pads feel really nice, like a massage against my skin. I like how you can actually see how much dirt has reached my skin and actually feel confident that I've cleaned my face thoroughly. This is quite an expensive little gadget so I only use it 2-3 times a week to ensure my face is clean. I would highly reccomend this, however, make sure to use it when needed.



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Amazing. It makes my skin feel so clean and so soft. I love it!

Jurlique Lover


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A treat for your skin

I bought this a while back ago (obviously last year) and it was a great treat for my face. The vibrations gave a gentle massage to my face. I loved the foaming pads that they had provided, it made my skin smooth and silky feeling and on top of that my skin didn't dry out after washing the product off my face. Though the down side to it is that the pads are a bit pricey to use it daily so i decided that i'd use this as a treat for my skin :) all in all not a bad product.



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i definitely recommend this product. it makes your skin so soft and smooth.



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I want

After reading all the reviews from the other members all from different age groups i put this down as a "i would love to try it too". its great so many have tried it and liked it,
next time im out and about i might have to make a stop at myer and buy one. i will let you all know how i went.



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Wave hello to breakouts

An interesting product and I was excited to try it. Unfortunately it didn't foam up as much as expected and I didn't feel it was doing a good cleaning job. However, after washing the cleaning product off, my skin felt soft but the next day, I broke out...
My mum used the product and the next morning her cheekbones were sore and her skin broke out (she usually breaks out only after eating fatty foods)



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The wave.

Well i found this product to be excellent for the first two days. Then i discovered i've been using it to much on my skin, which caused my skin to become flaky and start to peel. But if you use it the right amount of time and maybe use it once every 2 days then i think this product is fabulous.



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Great makeup remover

loved that it really got rid of all my foundation without being to harsh on the scrubbing side. although i find the product to be a bit on the expensive side - if you were to only use this, twice a day every day it would end up being pretty expensive.



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average teen product

this was pretty pricey for me, it cost around 15 for the power wave and when the pads run out it costs around 13 to refill fortnightly. i felt my skin was a lot softer nad smoother after each time i used it but i dont really think it worked. its easy to use but expensive to keep using.



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Its ok, its a bit gimmicky and it did help my face become smoother, but idid not see much difference in my pimples. but overall its pretty good.

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