Ssaahhrraa9's product review of Daily Clear Oil-Free Daily Gel Wash by Clearasil

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  • Mar 28, 2012 6:40pm

A bit harsh, but okay

I was hoping as this was a gel cleanser that it would be similar to a cream cleanser as I have never tried a gel one before and foaming cleansers are just too harsh for my skin. I used this morning and night for about 10 days and didn't see a difference in my skin it was the same as before I tried the product, however it did say it would prevent breakouts and I didn't get any breakouts whilst using it so i can't complain. But I stopped useing it a day ago and today my skin is starting to breakout, so maybe I speak to soon and it really is helping my skin stay clear, I'll use it agian for another week and see how that goes. When I use the product my skin immediatly feels a bit dry and tight afterwards but it's not too bad when I apply my moisturiser afterwards. It completely washes away makeup and leaves my skin very clean. The scent is very clean a reffereshing as well, I quite liked it.
When I first used this product I used two pumps and found that it was far too much product, so the next time I used it I opted for a single pump and found that it was still too much product! A little goes along way with this product as it foams up really well and spreads all over with just half a pump. It also washes off really easily not like a lot of other products which take forever to wash off and leave so much residue!
Overall I liked this product but I don't think I would reccomend it.
Thanks BH for allowing me to trial this product!

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Not bad but can be drying
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