captaincheeky's product review of Daily Clear Oil-Free Daily Gel Wash by Clearasil

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  • Mar 28, 2012 9:57am

Easy to use product, drying on combination skin and wouldn't recommend

I have combination skin which turns to combination/dry in the colder months and combination/oily in the warmer months. I have been breaking out mildy (no more than 20 small pimples , no less than 5) and i've been looking for a gentle yet effective cleanser. I was very glad when BH sent me this product to try because i actually used this a few years ago and didnt really love it, however i was willing to try it again.
It has an easy-to-use pump bottle and a clear blueish tinted bottle and you can see how much of the blue liquid you have. It comes out a liquidy gel which foams. You only need very little because for me, it foamed a bit for me and also it was quite drying. I didnt notice any change in pimple amount, more like the pimples were drying up quickly (thank you salicylic acid) and the new pimples were coming up at an alarming rate (small, under-the-skin red little dots). However this wasnt a problem after i dicontiuned using it.
I have found another purpose for this though, as a makeup brush cleaner for foundation or blush brushes! It cuts through dirt and grime really well!
So although i wouldnt really use it on my skin again, i'd continue to use it as my brush cleaner!

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ronpunzle (Australia)
Great cleanser!
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stefaneigh (Australia)
Clean and refreshed skin