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  • Mar 26, 2012 2:56pm

Clearasil trial team

Thanks to BH for allowing me to trial this product!
I was actually a bit nervous about trying a Clearasil product on my skin; I have heard over the years that it can be very harsh and drying, but I was willing to give it a go.
At first, I have to say that I was very impressed. The packaging is clever in a nice simple pump bottle, and it is easy to lock the pump which is great for travelling. One pump delivers an ideal amount of product which lathers up really nicely and easily spreads over the face. I actually really enjoyed the scent, it was fresh and citrusy and reminded me of grapefruit.
I didn't find this product too drying; it effectively cleaned my skin and my skin still felt like it had natural moisture afterwards.
At the time I was using it I was having a few break-outs and my skin was quite red, and using this wash did seem at first to help calm my skin down and make the break-outs less inflammed.
Some other reviewers have reported a stinging sensation, which I did not experience at all, but then again I do use glycolics on my skin so it has built up quite a resistance to that stinging effect.
It is a very economical product as it lathers up very easily and is well priced.

UNFORTUNATELY, after 5 days of using this product, I experienced a flare up of perioral dermatitis. This is a skin condition which causes a dry, flakey, itchy rash around the nose and mouth, and it can be quite painful (and obviously embarrassing, as it's in such a prominent area on the face!). I have had this dermatits once before and had to be on antibiotics for 6 weeks to treat it. Now, I cannot say that it was this Clearasil wash that caused the flare up, but it was the only new product I had introduced to my skin care routine, so naturally I have ceased using it.

Overall, I think this product would be suitable for people who have occasional break-outs and don't have issues with dermatitis or other sensitivities, otherwise I would recommend sticking to more natural cleansers.
RESPONSE FROM CLEARASIL: Hi Empire, we’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had the best experience using the Clearasil Daily Clear Oil-Free Daily Gel Wash! The Clearasil Daily Clear range is specifically designed for people with oily and combination skin so may not be suitable for your skin type. We would love to speak to you to discuss your concerns as your feedback is really important to us and we will be able to recommend a Clearasil product more suited for your skin type. Please contact our Consumer Relations Department on 1800 226 766 (Aust) or alternatively, please send us your details at inquiry@rb.com so we can contact you.

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