Clearasil - Daily Clear Oil-Free Daily Gel Wash


Daily Clear Oil-Free Daily Gel Wash

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Clearasil Daily Clear Oil-Free Daily Gel Wash is a gel face wash that helps to keep skin clear and prevent further breakouts. It is formulated with foaming surfactants to gently remove dirt, oil and bacteria without stripping your skin. It washes off easily and has been dermatologically tested. Use twice daily.


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Good for oily skin and very good price

I use this product for my skin as it makes it less oily and i could see how that could become a problem for people with already dry skin. I first used this as a pimple remover but found it didn't do much to really get rid of my pimples and if it did then it took weeks before i could notice any effect. I think this product should only be used on oily skin as i have talked to people with dry skin and they don't like to use it

Ideal for

People with oily skin



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Cheap but effective

This is definitely my "go-to" cleanser because it's cheap, works well and doesn't dry out my skin. It contains salicyclic acid which means it help to clear blackheads (a big problem for my skin) and it foams up nicely so it feels good to use on the skin, too. I use it morning and night followed by a light moisturiser and it doesn't strip away my skin which I found that most cheap cleansers usually do.

I don't really get many pimples but I definitely feel that this cleanser keeps them away effectively. The packaging is awesome too because I can twist it shut and bring it around with me when I'm travelling, and a pump pack is always useful for getting the right amount out. Only when you get to the end of the bottle, it's impossible to get those very last few drops out!

Neeky Noo


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It's not good for you

I just can't get over all the horrible ingredients in this cleanser. They are too harsh on the skin and don't have any healing properties that help with acne scars let alone antioxidants or nourishing properties.
The purpose of this cleanser is basically to strip all oil from the skin however ironically, stripping the skin of all oil tricks the skin into over-compensating and the skin produces more oil, equalling more pimples. Even if this does zap away pimples, I am telling you there is nothing good in this cleanser for your skin. Just like eating near to nothing does make you lose wait stat, it is not good for your body and a balanced diet is much better for you. If you want to get rid of your pimples, speak to a dermatologist or look for natural skin care products that target acne. Tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil is really good at getting rid of pimples. dab a Q tip in one of these oils and it will get rid of a monster pimple in a few days.
This cleanser is oil free but there is nothing wrong with using oils in cleansers for oily skin. The right oil like tea tree oil, jojoba oil and almond oil actually helps balance sebum levels rather than make it worse.
No matter how oily your skin is, your skin still needs hydration to keep it healthy and glowing. This cleanser gives no hydration to your skin whatsoever. This is a really unhealthy cleanser to use. Your skin deserves kinder ingredients, so please treat it well with a light weight moisturiser and a acne targeted skin care from a better range like Teen Aspect ($20 for an AMAZING cleanser), Jurlique, Botani, Trilogy, Dermalogica and many more. Trust me when I say that this is not a good product to use even if it does get rid of your pimples, in the long run it doesn't provide enough care for your skin.
RESPONSE FROM CLEARASIL: Hi Neely Noo, we’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had the best experience using the Clearasil Daily Oil Free Gel Wash! We would love to speak to you to discuss your concerns as your feedback is really important to us and we will be able to recommend a Clearasil product more suited for your skin type. Please contact our Consumer Relations Department on 1800 226 766 (Aust) or alternatively, please send us your details at so we can contact you.



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Fresh and pimple free

I got this product in the second beautorium. I am really enjoying using this face wash. I generally use this face wash in the morning, to remove oil from my skin prior to make-up in the mornings. I do not find this product drying on my skin, and I have not had any irritations from using this. The pump bottle is very handy, and you can turn it to the side to 'lock' it, so no product can accidentally come out. The scent is not strong, and the face wash foams up really nicely on my skin. A great product, and I will purchase when I run out.



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Good but not Great

Well, this was one of my first cleansers for acne prone skin. I was in my teenage years and I had a few pimples especially during that time of the month and blocked pores everywhere.

This was a good product and I would recommend buying it again. It's a relatively gentle cleanser in terms of cleansers for acne prone skin. It has a very fresh scent and the pump makes it easier for applications as well as a sizeable amount each pump.

As my skin was generally clear to begin with, I only used this sparingly on my T-zone as I didn't want to use too many harsh chemicals on my face - I'm a organic junkie. :)

By massaging it deep into my pores, I did see some changes in their size and of the many clogged pores. As for the pimples, it did nothing too drastic but did exfoliate slightly around the area leaving it clean. After using it, my skin wasn't irritated and felt normal - not softer nor different in any way.

It did leave me feeling very fresh. Overall, it did speed up the healing process of acne and helped in closing pores and washing out oil and dirt.

As I don't break out anymore, I have no more use for this product but I would have bought it again, especially for mild breakouts.

Ideal for

Mild breakouts and clearing out pores



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I dont really use gel cleansers as i like something with a bit more feel to it so i can physically tell that it is cleaning my skin.
I suffer from acne prone skin and this product really help with that. My skin remained unchanged and that was a little disappointing.
The formula itself is really gentle and so simple to use and rinse off.



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abit unsatisfied

this ones a greatproduct but it didnt do nything for my skin! my skin i really oily but i didnt see any difference! but its a good maeup remover



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Fruity oil-reducing cleanser...

I haven’t bought a Clearasil product for over 30 years, so I surprised even myself when I bought this cleanser. The bh presentation and reviews were encouraging though, and given that my oily T seems to be getting oilier as I age, this seemed like a solution worth trying. Love the sturdy pump pack – dispenses exactly the right quantity to cleanse my face and neck, and I’m very happy it has a low foaming formula (bubbles always seem to find their way into my eyes). Given that this product is aimed at a far younger market, I was expecting at least my cheeks to feel a trifle tight or dry (I am 55+) but it never happened - on the contrary, my face just feels super soft and clean, plus it removes all my long-wear foundation and I don’t have to rub and scrub. I’m about half way through the bottle, and my t-zone appears to be producing less oil than before, and I’m absolutely mad about the fruity fragrance (I’m guessing apple and melon) – gives me a delightfully refreshing lift at the end of the day.

Well Clearasil you surprised me in the best possible way. I just wish it wasn’t packaged as an anti-pimple product – all companies seem to go for bold aqua colours in their troubled skin range, and this looks so out of place on my vanity amongst all my mature skin products. I guess I’ll just have to get over it though as I’m planning to repurchase :-)


Use once a day if you have older skin...

Ideal for

Over-producing oily-T's...



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Really drying...

Clearasil has always dried out my skin, and this cleanser was no exception. I usually opt for more natural cleansers, so it doesn't look like Clearasil is on the horizon very soon.



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Amazing for oily skin

I bought this product after seeing all the positive reviews from the trial team, and I must admit I was a bit skeptical about using it as to me it has a 'spotty teenager' stigma attached. I must say I am pleasantly surprised! I love the pump pack, I love the price, it foams up well and has a nice fresh scent, and it does a good job of removing oil and grime from my face. It makes me feel a tad dry but that is easily fixed once I have moisturized. I have never had any luck with supermarket cleansers for my oily skin until now and I am so happy I took the chance to try it out.

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