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Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser

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Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser is formulated with low level, non-traditional emulsifiers. Its mild but effective formula removes make-up, dirt and oil while preserving the skin’s moisture balance. Ingredients such as squalene, glycerin, sea whip extract, caffeine, oat extract, barley extract and cucumber extract are soothing and moisturising. The cream-gel formula should be gently smoothed over skin to dissolve face make-up and other impurities, and then rinsed or tissued off. Use morning and evening.

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Instant Results

I first tried this at a Clinique counter, the consultant applied it to half my face & before my eyes my redness reduced & even my large open pores that I hate reduced in size. I wasn't looking for any skincare products but I was so amazed by the before & after side by side demo I purchased this on the spot. Nice, soothing creamy formula & feels quite calming.


My tip is to apply to skin & massage in then leave for a couple of minutes before rinsing off in tepid water. Will remove makeup easily but just need to double cleanse.

Ideal for

Red, flushed skin or even just large pores. Best to get the other products in range to maximise the benefits



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removes redness

This is the first cleanser which has actually decreased my redness and cleanses but does not make it feel dried out.


You won't need a lot at a time , if you use alot it can dry out your face - even on oily skin. (THIS CLEANSER IS NOT SUPPOSE TO FOAM - keep that in mind)



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Creamy & gentle

I am really happy with this cleanser. It is thick & creamy, spreads easily & washes away to leave me with fresh, clean skin. It's very soothing for my redness & gentle on my dry skin. I use it morning & night. Removes my makeup well.



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Love this!

This is really gentle on my sensitive skin and does not break me out. It also removes my makeup really well. My skin feels really nice and fresh every time I use this. Would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin!



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Great for sensitive skin

I purchased this cleanser from Mecca after the sales lady told me it would be great for my redness. So far i am really enjoying using it. Its really creamy and thick, and smells really lovely. It has a slight lather, but i like that as i am used to milk cleasners. It hasnt reduced my redness dramatically but it certainly doesnt irratate my skin like most other cleanser do.



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nice cleanser

i find that this cleanser is quite soothing and mild, and doesn't make the skin feel so tight and dry after washing. compared to the clinique liquid facial soap it didn't seem to clean as thoroughly to give that squeaky clean feeling but then again, i think the facial soap is probably a bit too harsh for sensitive skin.



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Great for sensitive skin!

I bought this cleanser because I was looking for a gentle cleanser for my sensitive skin and I was not left disappointed. This cleanser has some wonderful antioxidants and gently cleans the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. A great cleanser that I highly recommend to people with sensitive skin!



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So soothing to stressed out skin

I have mild redness to my skin with a few breakouts that become cysts. The bottle is very well designed with the twist lid. One squeeze is all you need to use. the texture of the cream is creamy and spreads really well, removing make up.
The light exfoilating action is perfect for red skin and pimple prone skin. I haven't had another break out since using this product and my redness is under control, especially used in conjuction with other redness solution products.
A toner is a must with this product, as a light film is left on my skin, but I always use a toner anyway.
I would by this product again.



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perfect for dry skin

I do prefer the non foaming cleansers for my normal/dry skin type, and find they make for better make up removers and this one worked well particularly for a full face of make up unless it is too heavy.
Being a cleanser i think it gets rinsed off before having a chance to be of major benefit the skin. I didn't see any improvement in the redness of my skin but it didn't make it worse (not that i suffer from sensitive skin)
The cleanser did leave a heavyish film on the skin which i didnt enjoy so i would highly recommend a toner to go with this one unless you like that feeling on the skin.
I will finish this cleanser off buy im not sure if i would repurchase.



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Very mild but doesn't remove makeup well

I have very sensitive skin prone to redness and this cleanser was quite soothing for my skin. Unfortunately its not great at removing makeup, meaning you have to scrub harder which stresses out your skin and completely defeats the purpose of an anti-redness cleanser! It also didn't tone down my redness.

Ideal for

Good for people with sensitive skin who don't wear a lot of makeup.

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