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Alcohol-Free Toner

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Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner contains special mild purifiers to gently remove impurities and recondition skin. It is alcohol-free to prevent skin irritation, tightness, stinging and drying. Formulated with emollients and vitamin B5 to help condition the skin. Hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested.


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I really love this because it's a cheap alternative to the SK II toner which is also alcohol free and doesn't dry up my skin. It also smells great and doesn't break me out. Cleans the skin really well!



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Not a bad toner but a little drying

I love how this toner doesn't have alcohol in it so it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I tend to use it after I wash my face but before I put on moisturiser. I found that if I didn't apply moisturiser immediately after then my skin would feel very dry and tight. I guess it's good as that means it cleans well (I can see some residue most days) but it also means that I always have to do an extra step afterwards. I don't think it really improved my skin but it does make it feel cleaner.



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This toner is great for my skin because its alcohol free which means it wont be harsh to my skin. I have been using this product since 2010 and still loving it.



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Great for extra sensitive skin

This is such a gentle, yet effective toner. I find it does just what a toner is supposed to do, without giving that irritation of normal cleansers on my sensitive skin. I have been using this for years now, but sometimes I do miss the super fresh feeling that normal toners give, though I'm happy to pass that up for non-irritated skin.



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Easy and quick!

I found this toner to be pretty good, but not as excellent as other toners I have tried! It left my skin feeling fairly moisturised, and not dry at all, which was definitely a plus! (It didn't leave me feeling tight or dry!) I did like the scent of it, and was sad to see it go - it's perfect if you're needing a toner quickly and don't want to spend a lot of money!
It was also wonderful on my sensitive skin, and didn't break me out! It helped clear most of my skin fairly quickly!



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Perfect for mature skin...

Although I have an oily T-zone, my skin is of an age where I can't afford to be anything but kind to it, which means no harsh ingredients or anything that might stress it in any way. At the same time I want to remove any traces of makeup or even cleanser residue from my skin prior to applying my serums and creams.

Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner suits me perfectly. As gentle as water and with an almost undetectable fragrance, it removes what I may have I've missed, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and cool. With no hint of dryness or irritation, my face feels calmed, clean and cared for :-)


Let your face dry naturally after applying with a cotton pad - there's no tingling, but your skin will feel revitalised.

Ideal for

Sensitive skin, dry skin, and most definitely older skin :-)



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Gentle cleansing

I like it very much. I have combination skin. It removes oil from my t section without drying up my skin. Face feels smooth afterwards and I don't get that tight skin feel...

Steph Speth


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Best alcohol free I've tried

This is the best alcohol free cleanser I've tried. It gives me the astringency I look for in a toner as well as ensuring that any oily zones are normalised. I don't think it's the best option for me but for those that can't put alcohol on their skin it's fantastic.

Dishy Mishy


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Fantastic on my dry, sensitive skin

I love Neutrogena products and this toner is no exception.
My skin in on the dry side with some oil across the forehead and extremely sensitive and I find this to be one of the few toners that does not irritate my skin. It also seems to add some moisture which is a bonus while reducing the oil of my forehead.
So gentle I would recommend this to everyone.

Just Jo


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So far so good

I've just only started using toner for the first time and this works a treat as it reduced my blemishes. Removes any make up that I've missed and love that it is gentle on my skin.


I have oily/combination skin and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and not tight and dry.

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