Clean & Clear® - Essentials Oil-Control Toner

Clean & Clear®

Essentials Oil-Control Toner

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Clean & Clear® Essentials Oil-Control Toner works deep down to help prevent common skin problems. Skin is left feeling clean.


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Best toner I've used

As well as the Clean & Clear moisturizer, I've also used this product for 8 years. It doesn't dry out my skin like other toners & also helps with removing excess make-up I may have missed in the shower & with my make-up remover (believe me it happens). It has a nice soft scent to it & even though it's a semi-small bottle, it lasts a long time. You don't need to use a lot for it to do it's job.


Obviously use after cleansing. Squirt a little bit on to cotton ball & gently wipe over most of your face concentrating on those parts that get the most oily & porous.

Ideal for

People with oily skin or teens.



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perfect toner

I've actually been using this product for over 10 years. It was part of my morning routine when i was a teenager and i still love it today. I have very oily/combination skin and this takes away the oil and leaves my skin feeling cleaner and refreshed. It smells nice and i've found a little goes a long way.

beauty beginer


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My Fav

I always buy Clean & Clear oil control toner, have from my teenage years. Its simple to use and in my price range. It doesn't feel harsh on my skin and always leaves my face feeling super clean and fresh.


great for removing stubborn make up.

Ideal for

oily skin.



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Clean & clear!

I use a cotton ball to apply this all over my face. It sure does keep my skin from oiling so preventing to build up of pimples. There is no irritation, however my skin may feel a little dry after using this, so then I apply a small amount of oil-free moisturiser to my face. It also has a nice refreshing scent. Would definitely recommend this product!



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Best product!

I have suffered oily skin for a very very long time and have used tons of products but it never worked. My sister suffers the same and suggested me this product and I have never ever thought of changing to another brand!! It doesn't smell, it doesn't sting, it removes my eye makeup and always left my skin feel smooth, clean and refreshed.



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Hasnt changed in 13 years!

I recommend this to my customers looking for something to start their teens on. I started using this at aged 10 and it hasn't changed one bit in 13 years (except the packaging). Good to remove the last residue from the day and close the pores.



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Too alcoholy

Not too impressed with this product, mainly because it contains alcohol. It removes make-up residue really well, but also strips my skin and makes it quite dry. It also smells like I'm applying alcoholic disinfectant on my face, which isn't ideal! Cheap product that apparently really makes your face clean, but if you were to use it, I strongly recommend using a really good moisturiser after.



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Quite good

I have never been a consistent toner user but this is the one I reach for when I want to use one. It controls the oil on my face especially my t zone and removes all the dirt off my face. However when my face is sensitive, I find that this toner can aggravate my skin and cause some redness. i would recommend this toner to oily acne prone skin.



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Alright toner - can control oil

This was my first and only toner I ever used and I'm not really sure what to expect of it. I have dry skin but in summer it can get a bit oilier so I purchased this in a set with the other two essentials from Clean and Clear.

The product didn't clog my pores and I feel like it made my skin tighter. I'm not sure if that's a pro or a con in terms of a toner but it wasn't a very nice feeling. The only times I use this product is when I'm trying to do a completely matte face but otherwise I don't really use it that much. The product also seems to accentuate redness on my face so I only ever use this when my skin is behaving.

I did find that only applying it to problem areas or oily areas was pretty good in that it removed the oil there but kept the rest of my face the same.



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Bad for me!

I bought this for travel because it was small, after about 4 weeks I've nearly gone through it. My skin has broken out really badly lately & the only thing I can think of is this :/ other then that it smells nice and doesn't irate but I won't be repurchasing

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