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Daily Microfoliant®

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant® is suitable for all skin conditions except users of medically prescribed exfoliating products.
This unique, rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates, dulling debris to instantly leave the skin noticeably smoother and brighter. The unique skin-brightening complex helps even skin tone and balance uneven skin pigmentation. Vitamin C along with papain enzyme and salicylic acid gently microfoliate the skin’s surface to facilitate penetration of the brightening complex and help dissolve excess surface cells. Gentle enough for daily use.


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Smooth results with initial use BUT..

Upon initially using this product, i felt soft and smooth results. However, as i worked my way down the bottle, i realised that my face was getting drier with each use. I then stopped using it daily though it is a "daily microfoliant" and tried using it every second day - as recommended by the beauty therapist from the salon that i bought this product from. It eased the dryness a bit but still i had to reduce use to about once a week. Now i have stopped using this product altogether and now is when the after-effects are showing :(

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This exfoliator works wonders for me, it helps to give my skin radiance and shine. The gentle formula enables me to use it daily so it not to harsh on my skin, yet i can renew and refresh my skin at the same time. It is my go to product whenever i look washed out and dull. However it took me a few tries to get the correct consistency and ratio of powder to water. Once i mastered that this product is a pleasure to use!

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I wanted to like this but...

I went for a facial at a beauty salon that used Dermalogica products, and when I left the beautician gave me a few sample packs of this to try. MISTAKE!!!

I broke out into hives. My face and neck were bright red, bumpy and so itchy! It took about a day to go away. I wasn't 100% certain that it was the microfoliant so I tried it on a small patch on my neck area on the weekend (clever eh??) and lo and behold, itchy patch! RESPONSE FROM DERMALOGICA: It is difficult to confirm without seeing your skin Bec, but unfortunately it does sounds as though you have an allergy to one of the ingredients within this formulation.
Have you reacted to any exfoliants, or other products in the past that you have applied to your skin?
Dermalogica offer a 100% money back guarantee so please feel free to return your product, along with proof of purchase, to the skin centre from which you purchased.
We would advise that you visit your Dr beforehand, so that they may determine the ingredient which caused your skin to react in this way so that you may avoid it in future.

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Great gentle exfoliator

This is a great product. I received a generous sample size in a subscription box and used up the entire bottle. I've never used a product like this before, it is a white powder that you mix with water to create a creamy paste. I love that it's not heavily scented and works well to gently exfoliate the skin without being drying or harsh. It leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft. The only downside is it's quite expensive, but a full-size should last a while.

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Top Exfoliator

This product is unique as it is a rice based powder which is dry & you add water when you use it on your face. It is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin but is still effective at exfoliating the skin.

Read the full review of Daily Microfoliant® by Chickybabe1.



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Fantastic product, and so unique too!

I love this product not just because of how good it makes my skin feel but also because of how unique it is! It's rare to find an enzyme based exfoliater, but I also like the way you make a paste of it to apply it on your face.

It's really mild, so my skin doesn't feel abraded using it, instead, I feel like my skin is softer, smoother and brighter after applying it.

I usually just tip some product into wet hands, rub it together and then apply it in concentric circles on my face.

Although it's mild enough for use every day, I use it every two days or so. It's a little pricy but a little goes a long way so it should last you absolutely ages.

Read the full review of Daily Microfoliant® by Coconal.



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So gentle - but it works!

When I first used the microfoliant, I felt as though it hadn''t really worked as the grains are so fine it feel as though they almost just resolve. But It works so well!

After cleasning and then exfoliating with the microfoliant, my skin is left really soft and the following moisturiser just aborbs right in.

I would recommend this product to anyone - especially those who have really dry skin and need to gently exfoliate it back to give it a lovely soft touch and glow.

Read the full review of Daily Microfoliant® by Sparklepie.



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First Dermalogica product used - it converted me

I was recommended this by my local day spa years ago and it got me on to Dermalogica.

Although it is an exfoliator it is extremely light so there is not problem using it daily. I used it more as a cleanser. One container lasts ages and your skin feels brilliant after using it. Very smooth and takes away any dullness.

Read the full review of Daily Microfoliant® by ClareBLee.



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Gentle for daily use

A wonderful new concept in face cleansing,
I was not actually expecting this rice-based powder when I first got to use this product. I had not know much about the brand or this product.

It comes in a soft powder that you wet with a tiny bit of water (wet hands will do) and rub together to form a paste that rubs into the skin then washes off.

The smell is very neutral which i love. Its a very soft feeling that gets deep into your skin to give you a very full clean.

It is a little expensive but it does last a very long time.

Read the full review of Daily Microfoliant® by Fashionista8P.



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Love it!

Got this as a sample with another product and absolutely love it! Brightens my skin and makes my skin feel so smooth. The sample is lasting forever but I'm thinking about buying it when it finishes. Its gentle on the skin and I could feel the difference from the first time I used it.

Read the full review of Daily Microfoliant® by xoFatima.

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