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Daily Microfoliant®

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant® is suitable for all skin conditions except users of medically prescribed exfoliating products.
This unique, rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates, dulling debris to instantly leave the skin noticeably smoother and brighter. The unique skin-brightening complex helps even skin tone and balance uneven skin pigmentation. Vitamin C along with papain enzyme and salicylic acid gently microfoliate the skin’s surface to facilitate penetration of the brightening complex and help dissolve excess surface cells. Gentle enough for daily use.


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Feels so amazing on the skin!

Dermalogica Daily Micofoliant is the first product I've ever tried from the brand. I'm sold. It's a powder formulation which you dissolve between damp fingers and massage gently into the skin. I can't believe I've only just started using this now - I'm hooked! It's not harsh or abrasive on the skin at all and I feel so fresh afterwards. No wonder it won the award in 2013!



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Soft, smooth, glowing skin!

I am absolutely in love with this product. I never thought much of exfoliants until I tried this. The grainyness of this is perfect everyday for a gentle but effective exfoliant. It's also safe to pour down the drain as the "beads" is just rice (biodegradable). This leaves your skin so soft, smooth, hydrated and luminous. It really helps your moisturiser sink into your skin and be effective too. Very happy with this :)



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I didn't realize facial scrubs could actually be this good

I saw this every year in Insytle's Best Beauty Buys, but never purchased as I thought 'how good can scrub be?'. But then I bought it and learned how wrong I was! It can be really amazing! I was previously using St Ives Apricot Scrub, which was fine, it did the job. But this scrub leaves my skin radiant, less red and just so fresh.
It's a generous bottle for the price. Now it's a bit weird for a scrub, it isn't a gel or moist consistency, it comes out as a powder, so be weary when you use it, it says on the instructions to use half a teaspoon, I don't even use that.
So once its in your hand, you moisten it and it starts to sort of dissolve as you scrub it on your face. It has a rice flour kind of smell, and a milky consistency when wet. It feels very soothing while it scrubs also, which is nice.
I have found my pores are cleaner and less noticeable with this scrub and my skin isn't as red, I have had less 'stress' pimples too.
I really love this product and will absolutely repurchase!!


Be careful when you first use it, as it can be a bit of surprise as to the consistency of it!

Ideal for

This product is appropriate for anyone I believe, even people with very sensitive skin



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love this product...really helps my face to clear out blemishes and gives radiant and glow. It's not harsh unlike other exfoliating scrubs. Not drying on my face and makes my face oil free for long hours evev without using face powder. This is my holy grail for having a skin clear. I will be in love with this product for lifetime, even if it's pricey, it's really worth having it to my skincare...;)



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Best in Beauty 2014 - Best. Exfoliant. Ever.

If Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons ever used Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant he would say: "Best. Exfoliant. Ever." There are many imitations around, but the original is indeed the best. Daily Microfoliant already has a number of accolades to its name, and it gets my vote to add another best exfoliant award to the collection.

Daily Microfoliant is a white powder which comes in a container with a sifter. The first time you use it you wonder how on earth it could scrub your skin. After dispensing a small amount into the palm of your hand, adding water, and working it into a paste, you become even more sceptical that this “paste” could leave your skin smooth and glowing. After washing it off your face, you see something magical. Your skin feels baby soft, and is amazingly smooth. Your skin also imparts this healthy glow, and has such an amazingly refined texture. Daily Microfoliant has worked its magic!

Despite being named “Daily” Microfoliant, I have never used it on a daily basis – I have never had the need. I generally only use it a couple of times a week to keep my skin smooth and soft. Therefore, despite the fact it seems very expensive, one container lasts some time. It is a skincare investment which really pays off!

I am not sure what else could be said about this magic powder, except to say that you should give it a try. You will most likely be pleased with the results, and only disappointed that you have a new addiction. This is the queen of all exfoliants, and I really hope it takes out another Best in Beauty award – it sure does deserve it!



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Best in Beauty 2014

This is on of my favourite skincare products. I feel that exfoliaters are an essential step in skincare routines as they take away all the skin cells that have flaked up and leaves yours skin fresh and smooth. I particularly love this Microfoliant because the exfoliating grains are so small that by moving them in circular motions on your face you catch every single old cell. Face exfoliators with larger particles tend not completely scrub off all my dry spots. I also like the smaller particles in this Microfoliant than larger ones because I find it to be much gentler on my skin. Larger particles can be abrasive, where as the grains in this product are gentle and don't irritate my sensitive skin. This formula also doesn't leave an oily film behind which I really like. I also love how it's environmentally friendly - it doesn't contain plastic beads as exfoliating particles (which end up in the ocean getting eaten by sea animals!).



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Dermalogica Microfoliant is the only exfoliant that I use day in day out,month after month, year after year.
Microfoliant suits my skin perfectly.
I use it in the shower daily the exfoliant is a gritty grayish powder that is mixed with a little water to form a paste with is massaged over your skin for a minute or so, then rinsed off.
After using Microfoliant my skin is silky, smooth and soft., I believe that my skin is able to fully utilise my serums and moisturisers.
I cant imagine my skin care regimen without Microfoliant, this product is amazing.The only thing I would change is the dispenser, if you use it in the shower you can run the risk of accidently getting water into your product.I avoid this by using Microfoliant before turning on the shower.

Ideal for

all skin types



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So gentle, so good. Glosscars

I was so excited to try this when I won it from Beautyheaven a few years back. It was an appealing item that I’d always had my eye on and had read so much about yet as a student couldn't afford the price tag.

First things first is what you see – the packaging. It’s rather simple looking in white and grey with a screw top lid. Under the lid are two small holes that the product can be shaken out of as it comes out in a fine powder like form. You have to be very careful not to get any moisture near the opening or inside the lid, otherwise the microfoliant turns to a paste which can clog up the holes very quickly. I have had slight clogging up around the hole in the past and found that a dry cotton tip was useful in clearing the area. Since then I've always been super careful to keep the area away from the water which can be a challenge in the shower as it turns into a juggling act as you have to screw the lid back on while holding the powder on the other hand ready for application. It is preferable to use it at the sink if you can, but for me it’s not really practical.

The microfoliant itself is a white finely gritty powder that turns to a paste with water. Like the name would suggest, the exfoliating particles are micro in size. The great thing about the fineness is I don’t find it harsh or painful to use, and it does not dry my skin. As a result I find it is gentle enough to use daily, however I only use it a couple of times a week (for a couple of reasons – 1. Time 2. Wanting to save it as it is expensive). I find that my face does feel smoother to touch after using it, and it adds some radiance presumably from scrubbing off those deal skin cells.

Unfortunately for me the cost of repurchasing this product is a bit of a sting. At $71 it is a lot of money even for a product I know and love. The factor which may just justify a purchase for me is that the product goes a very long way as only a little is needed. I've had this bottle for around 3 years but as I said I don’t use it daily. I do love this product and it is among my favourite exfoliants so I will consider repurchasing when the time comes. I would definitely recommend it though for anyone who can afford it, as it is a top quality product that is super gentle yet still does everything you would expect from an exfoliant!



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Exfoliating Heaven

~ Best in Beauty - 2014 ~
I am still in love this product and Dermalogica products in general.
It never irritates and always leaves my face feeling clean and renewed.
I was a bit taken back at first with it being a dry powder but soon realised that if I added water I would turn the very fine rice based powder into a glorious cream exfoliator.
The exfoliant is packaged in a white plastic bottle with a grey lid.
Application is easy with you shaking a bit of the product into your palm, add a few drops of water and mix into a paste. Apply the paste onto your face and massage in for around 1-2 minutes then rinse off with warm water. This gentle exfoliator is perfect for any skin type and I found that it wasn’t irritating, harsh or drying. I use it a few times a week when I feel that my skin needs a little pick me up.It leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and smooth.I would recommend this product to anyone and is so gentle that it can be used on a daily basis. It is a little pricey at $69 but it is so worth the money and a little goes a long way.Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is very deserving of winning a best in beauty award.



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Best in Beauty 2014

The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is A MUST Have for all beauty cupboards.
The daily micro-foliate comes in a huge 75ml container with a flip top lid- the product flips open and you just sprinkle a tiny bit of the white based lotion on your hand, mix with a touch of water- into a creamy paste and lightly scrub / rub your face with the product. I only need a tiny bit for my whole face- in fact 20-30cent piece is plenty- and remember it expands with water. (It is important to leave the product/ container away from water/ damp- as it will damage/ waste if water gets into it).
On application to the skin-it smooths gently and nicely over the skin- and I like to rub for at least a minute to receive all the benefits of the product on my skin. Like most dermalogica products it contains great active anti-ageing ingredients and this one contains Vitamin C along with papain enzyme and salicylic acid which gently micro-foliate the skin’s surface to facilitate penetration of the brightening complex and help dissolve excess surface cells.
Due to the gentle action but yet effective (the salicylic acid/papin enzyme), post use my skin is super clean and super radiant! My skin is left vibrant and radiant- and it looks and is cleaner- and my dreaded blackheads are all but gone! I tend to suffer from whiteheads as well that are completely stubborn more than anything and this product helps to remove them instantly and decrease there recurrence.
When using this product I have also noticed a slight decrease in my pigmentation- which is incredible for a scrub. I also notice that this product seems to balance my skin out- so it’s not tight, yet not oily, and not drier- it seems completely balanced- and I don’t make excess oil! My moisturisers and serums absorbed even better than before!
The dermalogica micro-foliate can be used every day- but for me I only use it once a week- I find that way I get the best benefits out of it- and I’m still left with radiant skin- without drying out my skin from all the other active ingredients I use. Post use there is clearly a much noticeable difference in my skin.(And to be honest the price is a-little bit on the expensive side)
This product is just the best exfoliated on the market- it’s not a chemical one- so won’t leave your skin irritated or red but definitely cleans and gives you a deep down scrub.
I’m left with super clean balanced radiant skin!
Its super great because it makes your skin vibrant, clean and rids your skin of nasty dirt oil, all without damaging it- leaves your skin radiant! Deserves all its awards!

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