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Special Cleansing Gel

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For combination to normal skin conditions.
Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is a concentrated soap and fragrance-free foaming gel designed to thoroughly remove impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. Soothing balm mint works to cool and purify the skin and calm sensitivity, while the gentle foaming lather cleanses away toxins and debris. Botanical blends of quillaja saponaria and calming lavender foams away impurities without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry.

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Miss Kel


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DemalogicaSpecial Cleansing Gel

I have combination skin and this is my favourite gel cleanser. I find that it is not drying and a little goes a long way. The scent is fresh and light which is great for me cause I don't like strong scented cleansers. I use it with the Dermalogica Precleanse or wipes to remove make up first.

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Amazing, used during my make-up course at tafe

there was no one in my course that had a problem with this product, it really put a lovely clean to your skin, as it does say, it is much better used with a double cleanse system, first cleanse more used to remove make-up excess oil or dirt over the skin, then second cleanse really gets in there and does a deep clean. Make sure you have removed all make-up before hand to get best effect :)

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I will definitely repurchase! This is a great cleanser for me ,they suggest you do a "double cleanse" to take off all your makeup and then get your face really clean. I can use this twice in a row and it doesn't dry my skin out. I have a problem with cleansers in that sometimes they really seem to make my face feel tight afterwards ... this one feels really nice.

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terrific cleanser!

I love this cleanser to bits! although, I have one slight issue, I can only use it in cooler months as it just can keep up with my troublesome skin in the summer. Prehaps better suited to less oily skin

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It's all about the foam!

Special Cleansing Gel is a cult favourite and after just one use it's easy to see why!
The most important thing to remember when using Special Cleansing Gel is getting the consistancy just right before you apply it to your skin.
From somebody who has enjoyed a decade of cleansing with this product, here is how you can enjoy the best results from your Special Cleansing Gel;
Firstly, cup your hand and add a 10c piece of Special Cleansing Gel to your damp hand. Add water until you create a soft, foamy lather before applying Special Cleansing Gel to your damp skin. This product contains an ingredient called Saponaria which LOVES water so the more you add, the better your foam- the better your foam, the better your cleanse! Simple! If you do not activate your Special Cleansing Gel in this way, the concentrated gel can leave your skin feeling tight.
If you have any questions or feedback or would like to discuss your experience with Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel please contact our Dermalogica Sydney Head Office on 1800 659 118 or email us at

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Too drying!

This cleanser definately feels like it cleans your face however it leaves skin feeling tight and after a while dry too. I originally thought this was how my skin was meant to feel after a cleanse but now that I use a different cleanser I can definately see that this one is not good!

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Cleansing but a bit drying.

This looks like a clear gel that isn't thick in consistency. Quite runny. After wetting face and hands down and applying this to my face, it foams up immediately to a very nice lather. I usually rub this into my face in circular motions for 60 secs, just to make sure I'm getting all the makeup and built-up grime off my face. It feels great to use, my only negative was that it left my skin feeling a bit dryer than normal. I have very dry/mature skin and use hydrating cream cleansers most of the time.

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Possibly my HG cleanser

This fresh smelling cleanser foams up so well with the tiniest drop and leaves my combination/sensitive skin bright and smooth. I use it in combination with a clarisonic and love the obvious difference in my skin. On a brief hiatus from the cleanser recently my skin really went into protest mode! You get a lot of product for the price and Dermalogica always delivers top quality ingredients. Even in winter this cleanser doesn't dry my skin out as many do. I wont be going without it again!

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perfect balance

I've just recently gotten into skincare and hadn't thought much of dermalogica since its always been on the expensive side. The first time i tried this i loved it. When i first squeezed some into my hand i didn't think much of it since it was on the runny side however it was just wonderful. It was a perfect cleanser. I have combination skin/sometimes sensitive and this cleanser was neither harsh or gentle and so in the end my skin felt clean and fresh.

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a great gel cleanser

I love the mint smell, it's refreshing. I have very senitive skin, but have no problem at all with this product.
It doesn't make your skin over dry. Considering the price/mL, it is economical and does a better job than other cleansers in the market.

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