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Special Cleansing Gel

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For combination to normal skin conditions.
Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is a concentrated soap and fragrance-free foaming gel designed to thoroughly remove impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. Soothing balm mint works to cool and purify the skin and calm sensitivity, while the gentle foaming lather cleanses away toxins and debris. Botanical blends of quillaja saponaria and calming lavender foams away impurities without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry.

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Marshmello b...


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Great for everyday use

I have combination skin and I find this product works quite well for me as the balance of moisturizing and cleansing is perfect. I love how I can just use a tiny drop to wash my face as it lathers quite nicely. It also has a nice calming/cooling effect. I bought a 500ml bottle so this should last me a whole year or even longer I reckon! Which is very cost effective considering I bought it for $50.



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Skin feels clean

A really good cleanser for my combination skin. Does not leave my skin feeling tight. I only cleanse once in the morning and twice if I've been wearing makeup. It works well if allowed to lather well beforehand. It has a nice mild lavender scent which is kind of soothing.



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I use my M.A.C cleanse off oil and then use the special cleansing gel with my clarisonic, and the end results are amazing, i go to bed feeling so fresh and clean. the special cleansing gel has improved my skin so well, at first i just used crappy drugstore products with my clarisonic and i didn't notice much of a difference expect i broke out worse then i thought during my purging stage, so when i got the cleansing gel to use mid purging stage, my skin started to clear up and then purging stage wasn't nearly as bad as what it was with garnier. I'm really happy with this purchase and recommend it to all my customers that come in wanting somthing to clear their face up without drying it out.



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Love this

A gentle cleanser. It lathers a little and glides so easily over my face for thorough cleansing.



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Not drying

I used to hate this cleanser as it made my skin feel so tight when I used it with my Clarisonic. However, since I started to use it on its own, I actually started to like it again. It dosen't make my skin feel tight now when I lather it up a lot. I make sure its very foamy and use it in the shower. I don't have to use a lot of moisturiser afterwards either as my skin is so smooth!


The bottle is rather big so decant it into a smaller travel bottle.



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the bset

I am in love with this cleanser!! I have been using it twice daily and find it has prevented many pimples. I used to break out occasionally around my nose and forehead, now if i break out they are small pimples near my chin, a much better position. I believe this cleanser is to thank as it thoroughly cleans my skin without drying or irritating the skin. it is a cult classic!


Ensure to foam properly

Ideal for

combination skin



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Good for summer

I loved this at first, but it started to dry out my skin a little too much. Smells great, and gets most makeup off easily.
This would be a great cleanser for normal/oily skin, I think i'll try a cream cleanser for my dry skin next time.



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A great all-rounder.

I just keep coming back to Special Cleansing Gel as they have really nailed the basics with it. It lathers beautifully, doesn't dry out or irritate my skin, and leaves my skin squeaky clean without the tightness.

It use it with Active Moist and I find they are a great combo! As I have breakout-prone skin I am currently alternating SCG with the mediBac Skin Clearing Wash.

I believe that it would work well for most skin types, including skin like mine which is prone to oiliness in the t-zone. Although, like most Dermalogica products, it seems expensive, a 250ml bottle will last you a good few months - a little product goes a long way as it lathers well.

Overall, a great, basic cleanser which does a great job!



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Too drying for my combo/sensitive skin

I bought this as part of a dermalogica kit. I found it worked really well and thoroughly cleansed my face so I bought the massive pump. Unofrtunately after using this for about 4 weeks I found my skin was getting really dry.. my lips particularly. I had to put lip balm on the second I stepped out of the shower as they were tight and sore. I tried switching up my moisturisers but still got the same thing, but when I stopped using this cleanser the problems went away.

It does work great on my husband's very oily skin.



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Lovely, but not active enough for my skin

This is a lovely cleansing gel, but as it has no continuous active ingredients, it wasn't suited to my skin. My face still kept breaking out and was always oily. For my skin I need something with Glycolic Acid to ensure it is always working. This would be great to maintain a good routine once you have resolved any breakouts or skin concerns you have.

I found I only needed a small amount and at first it was hard to work out how much to use to get that lathering effect that they recommend. A large bottle of this will last at least a year so it's definitely good value for money. It's very light with a consistency similar to Cetophyl.

Shame its not suited to my skin at this stage.


Only need a small amount and lather well.

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