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too drying for combination skin

I received a sample of the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and used it over a couple of days but I found it too drying on my combination skin, leaving it feeling tight and uncomfortable. It feels almost cold on the skin, and unfortunately the added lavender wasnt enough to make me like this cleanser.I used it after firstly removing my makeup with a face wipe and then applied a small amount of product. Only a very small amount is needed.

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tia xx


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clever cleanser but not liking the sulfates

So I have been sulfates free for a while. I tend to go for a more natural range when it comes to skincare.. I liked the idea of using a small amount and then emulsifying it with water but I felt my skin was suffering with the sulfates in it even if it was just one but not a fan of using that for foaming effect.

I believe there are better cleansers out their without the strong cleansing agents such as sulfates. RESPONSE FROM DERMALOGICA: Dear tia xx,

It sounds like you have done your research but just to explain our reasoning for including this ingredient in our formulation a little further; Special Cleansing Gel contains Sodium Trideceth Sulfate acts as a mild surfactant that possesses conditioning properties. It boosts and stabilizes foam as well as builds viscosity. This ingredient is used in hair care and skin care products such as baby cleansing products as well as other personal care products where low skin irritation is important.

To get water and oil to mix molecules such as surfactants are necessary. When dissolved in water, surfactants tend to cluster at the surface once they have trapped oil and dissolve it in water. Their main function is to enhance skin cleaning by enabling greasy skin residue such as make up, skin oils and sun screen to mix with water and lift from the skin.

If you would like to discuss how you felt your skin suffered from the inclusion of Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, please do not hesitate to contact Dermalogica on 1800 659 118.

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Very effective cleanser

I have been using this cleanser morning and night for about 2 years. It provides a deep clean, but doesn't dry out my skin at all, which is something I did experience with other cleansers. It is also easily removed with water and doesn't leave any residue or film on the skin.

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My favourite

Out of all the dermalogica cleansers this is my favourite. It cleanses off all my makeup and residue leaving my skin feeling cleansed but NOT tight. A little bit goes such a long way and I feel this cleanser does help control my breakouts better than the other ranges which contain salysalic acid which can be a bit too drying for everyday use.

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Not bad, but not extraordinary

I got this as part of a Dermalogica sampler kit. I used it after using the Precleanse wipe (which is fabulous!), and I was happy with the product overall, but didn't think it was anything really special. It's a light, clear gel that doesn't quite foam when rubbed between the palms, but it does go a bit white and soft so it feels nice to use. No scent to this really. If anything, it smells a bit like Elmer's glue. The smell isn't good or bad, it's just pretty nondescript. It rinses off nicely and leaves my skin feeling clean, but I won't be rushing out to buy this. It's good, but not great.

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Tashee 92


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I used to really like this

I have oily acne prone skin & this used to work really well but now it just dries out my skin I've tried it with more water as the beautician told me too & it still dries my skin out completely..

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Hard to beat this for an everyday cleanser

Whilst this product is definitely not on the budget end, neither is its quality. My beautician recommended this product to me for my combination skin and since first using it earlier this year I have not looked back. A tiny pea size drop is all that I need to give my face a good cleanse removing all dirt and impurities in a matter of seconds. It lathers really nicely on the skin without leaving the skin feeling dry or irritated. My skin has never looked so good since I have started using this product. I have had so many friends ask me what beauty products I use and I always refer them to this product. I cannot use any other cleanser since getting onto Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

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Beautiful Lavender fragrance

This mild lathering gel cleanser is soap free, and delivers a gentle but thorough clean. Purifies the skin of excess oil, dirt, makeup and the accumulated build up of grime and pollution. Containing herbal extracts of Lavender, cooling Balm Mint, and harnessing the soothing, antibacterial properties of Lavender Oil, this light liquid is perfect for all skin types. My skin feels clean, soft and refreshed after each use. Carries a delicate floral bouquet.

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ok but nothing special

this cleanser is gentle and does the job of cleansing the skin, however I just didn't find it did anything special for my skin in general. Its not a product i would buy again. After several weeks of use i felt my skin was not really improving and if anything it felt dehydrating. I didn't even finish the bottle.

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I have oily/acne-prone/sensitive skin but it is also dehydrated, so its always been really hard for me to find the right skincare.

After using a sample sachet of this cleanser, I was immediately impressed and I knew I had to buy it. I had been using Artistry's Balancing Cleanser for over 3 years which worked well because it was gentle but did nothing special for my skin otherwise.

Special Cleansing Gel is a clear gel that foams up with water. I wet my face and put a pea-sized amount into wet hands and turn it into a foamy lather, then I apply it to my face in circular motions for a minute to get a good clean and rinse off with water.

My skin is left feeling really clean but not tight whatsoever, my skin feels hydrated which is what I love about it compared to anything I've tried before. It really does have that 'cooling' effect, which helps the redness from my breakouts settle down.

It has a very natural scent to it, a slight bit of lavender and something else I cant put my finger on but its a very pleasant scent which doesn't really appeal to me but doesn't turn me off either. I bought it in 500ml, which comes with a pump that makes it really easy to dispense the perfect amount of product.

Dermalogica is an expensive brand but for the price of their large bottles you really get a lot that will last 1 year+. Always get some samples before you buy because the same product won't always work for everyone.

So far with continued use my skin has really turned around from what it was and is finally looking more calm and clearer! Really happy I got the chance to sample this product as I've found a great cleanser for my skin type.

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