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The first cleansing oil I've tried...

which scared me off from cleansing oil for years! This pre cleanse made me breakout! Ever since then I've avoided cleansing oil to take off my makeup because I thought cleansing oil was not suitable for my skin but that is not true. I found Shiseido's cleansing oil to be quiet pleasant but my favourite is from FANCL. I ended up using this as a eye makeup remover instead because I couldn't finish the bottle! And even then I hate that foggy feeling it leaves. Very disappointed since it's such a much raved on product!

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Great at removing makeup!

I was very skeptikal about this product as I spend enough money on products, I didn't think adding a pre-cleanse was a necessary step! Boy was I wrong! I purchased a travel size when they had a special GWP promotion.

Not only does this smell amazing, like tea tree? But it also removes all of my makeup especially mascara! I use my non dermalogica cleanser afterwards and my skin feels so soft and clean. I have even stopped using a moisturiser at night because my skin feel soft and plump!

I am not sure i'll purchase the full size, as $50 is a lot for a pre-cleanser! I don't even spend that much on a cleanser!

I really think this is worth trying, you can purchase the travel size from their website!

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Makeup be gone!

I received a sample of this and I do like it, except I can't justify spending $51 for a 150mL bottle. A little goes a long way but I am not convinced this needs to be a part of my everyday makeup removal routine as cleansing twice or using an oil based makeup remover works just as well.

It smells so good! Definitely lemony and very refreshing. I like how you rub this onto your skin dry first then add water and it turns into a white emulsion, very cool. It leaves my face soft and mostly clean, not at all drying.

Overall it's a quality product but not something I can make a part of my routine.

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Pretty great

Although this ain't my favourite I still love this one.. It cleanses really well without making your skin really oily after use.. I've only tried the little bottle once... I probably would repurchase it as you only need a little bit.

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Good product for pre-cleanse

I received a 30 ml travel size in a DJ sampler bag a couple of months ago. When I went on holidays for 10 days overseas, it was the perfect size to take away with me.
The cleansing oil only contains natural ingredients and has a lovely natural citrus scent.
I found the oil non greasy and easily removed all traces of my makeup but I had to work a bit harder to remove my water proof mascara, and sometimes I still had a dark shadow under my eyes from traces of mascara left over.
After rinsing with warm water my skin didn't feel oily or greasy. I actually found the oil not slippery enough compared to other oil cleanser I have used previously .
So although it did a reasonable job as a pre cleanse I wouldn't purchase it again as the Santuary Spa cleansing oil I normally use performed better for me, suits my skin type (normal/dry/mature) and is more economical .

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An oil that's not oily

I was a little skeptical about this product. I mean, who wants to make their skin care regime even more complicated & time consuming?
I soon found that this product can stand on it's own as a cleanser. The light-weight oil easily cleans off dirt & makeup, and turns into an emulsion once you rinse it off with water. My skin felt moisturized and supple after.
It's also not that pricey, and for a product this good, I'd say that it's worth the money.

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Wow never used a product like this before

I got a 30ml size of this recently and I have to say I love the poshness of this product!

I have never purchased a Dermalogica product before because I always thought they were a bit expensive and I didn't have an idea about the products.

Well I love the way this product smells, its so slightly lemony, but not overly strong. Like Goldilocks, its just right for me.

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What a relief!

I decided to give this product a go after so many positive reviews about it & also after using other Dermalogica products. I am pleased with this product, it cleanses whilst still being gentle with the skin. I have used so many make up removers in the past which had either not done the job well, dried & irritated my skin, or gave me major break outs. Not Dermalogica pre cleanse thankfully enough. For someone with sensitive skin, which is prone to break outs I would recommend this product to anyone.

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For a gentle, yet very thorough clean feeling

Using this product makes me consider wearing more make-up. I never wore very much because I found that getting all of it off was actually damaging my skin and it just didn't seem worth it to me. But this makes cleansing a breeze!

It's so easy to use - dry hands, rub on dry face, then add water and rinse. Simple!

It's also extremely gentle. I love the way this just glides over my skin. It's soothing and protective, but my face felt so clean after using this. I'm going to love this in the autumn/winter months when my skin tends to feel more dry and sensitive.

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Luxurious Cleansing Oil

This was my first experience with a cleansing oil, and I was pleasantly surprised at the silky, lightweight texture. I was a bit tentative at the thought of massaging oil, (my skin's arch nemesis) into my combination skin; but I found that when mixed with water, the hydrophilic amber liquid easily dissolved into a milky emulsion, that effortlessly swept away excess oil, dirt, and even makeup. Enriched with a cornucopia of nourishing, sumptuous oils; my skin was left feeling clean, silken, and radiant. Also imbued with a medley of aromatic essential oils, designed to soothe, calm and desensitise irritated, reactive skin. This fragrant oil is a true delight to the olfactory senses. This has become an indispensable product in my evening skin care regime. This is a real indulgence for me, and I look forward to pampering my complexion at the end of each day.

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