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For all skin conditions.
Dermalogica PreCleanse is a plant-based cleansing oil that forms the first step of a double cleansing regime. It thoroughly melts layers of excess sebum, sunscreen, waterproof make-up, environmental pollutants and residual skin products that build-up during the day. It contains olive oil to smooth and soften skin, apricot kernel oil to soothe irritation, nourish and moisturise the skin and borage seed oil, which is widely used for treating inflammation, eczema, dehydration and scaliness. It also contains vitamin E oil, a rich antioxidant that helps minimise lipid peroxidation in the skin and improves skin smoothness and softness.

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Effective make up remover

I use this daily to remove my make up at night, followed by my usual facial cleanser. I find that with using the Pre-Cleanse, my skin actually feels make-up free and able to breathe. Plus it's just lovely, massaging the product into my skin. My only cons are that it can be a bit messy, and it doesn't completely remove my eye make up - I still need a eye-make up remover. So one star off!



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So clean and relaxing

I love using this cleanser at the end of the day. I have combination skin and I generally don't wear a lot of make-up but after using precleanse my face feels so much cleaner. It's great for removing eye makeup while still being gentle on this delicate area. It also doesn't dry out my skin. The lavender smell is Devine. The bottle makes it easy to dispense and you don't need to use much so it lasts forever. I have just purchased my second bottle after the first one lasted over a year. Will definitely continue to buy.


Use before your usual cleanser.

Ally May


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I use this product daily prior to attending my other skin care routine.
It removes make up though leaves face oily my skin as improved since I started using this product instead of using wipes.

Ideal for

Use after having a full face on.



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Best in Beauty 2014.

This is by far the best oil cleanser I have ever used.

The idea of oil cleansing was a scary thought to me and I always shied away from it, until one day I bit the bullet and gave it a shot. I was blown away.

The oil makes light work of the most stubborn makeup, a few gentle massaging motions over your face and everything is dissolved, you don't have to scrub your lips raw or rub at your eyes and damage those lashes we so desperately want to keep, all you need to do is gently work the product all over your face with a little extra attention in places that you have waterproof products then splash with a little water and massage again, once all the oil has been emulsified in to a milky white liquid you simply rinse off and you're done. You can follow up with a second cleanse or go about your day, this stuff is thorough!

What I love most about this product is that it cleans so well but leaves your skin soft and hydrated, you don't get that horrible tight feeling after washing your face or irritation from the harsh surfactants.

I love this product and think it is well deserving of a BiB award and highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about oil cleansing.



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Best in beauty 2014

The Dermalogica Pre-cleanse has been a must have in my bathroom cupboard for years. It is affordable, effective, thorough, and lasts forever. I did say I would never buy it again, but I ended up buying a second bottle after my first one, and never stopped buying it (plus I wear more sunscreen and makeup now). I now usually buy one a year- and always have it in my cupboard.
It comes in a 150ml bottle and is around 60 Australian dollars- but don't let this fool you- this product will last forever! I am onto my fourth bottle and that’s just in 3 years.
The bottle has flip lid and although I do wish it came in a pump bottle, it is easy to use and you just squirt the bottle using approximately 20-50cent piece for your whole face. However, the positive about the flip top lid is that it’s difficult to overuse the product or waste a lot of oil. The oil smells of lavender and orange, not overwhelming but you can definitely tell it is there (personally I like the calming smell of lavender).
The dermalogica pre-cleanse is exactly what it is; you use before any other product or cleanser and use on dry skin even if you have makeup/ sunscreen on. The oil based cleanser is very easy to use, massaging you 20-50cent piece into your dry skin for around a minute then rinsing off with warm water. On application the oil becomes a milky thin texture, and if you have makeup on you can see this falling off your face literally.
Due to the fact that I am prone to blackheads, whiteheads and I like to remove all my make-up effectively, I love this product. This product removes makeup/sunscreen/eye makeup very effectively and is gentle on the eyes (does not irritate or make them go cloudy). It does not break me out or irritate my sensitive skin like other brands of oil cleansers. I tend to use this product more so when I am wearing heavy makeup or heavy sunscreen. This product really does remove all traces of surface area product so when you go to use your regular cleanser it is more effective and thorough. I think this product works great when you want a double cleanse/ remove all traces of surface product but I tend not to use this product when I don’t have this on- suppose it’s more like a makeup removal product.
The thing about using this pre-cleanse is not only will it help your cleanser work more efficiently but because your face is so clean your moisturiser and serums will soak in better allowing for better skin. I never break out post makeup/ sunscreen with this product and my skin looks soft, smooth and moisturised.
A great gentle beauty product that leaves skin clean, soft and smooth.



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Soothing and extremely relaxing.

I have been introduced to Dermalogica by some beauty box and I am very glad I got to know the brand and especially this PreCleanse product. First I had a deluxe sample and it lasted me ages that is why I decided to splurge and got myself a full sized bottle. The product is very efficient so even when we spend $50 dollars or so, the bottle should stay with us for at least 6 months.
I only learnt about pre-cleansing when I got that product. I never thought I would become a fan and advocate of this method of cleansing skin. PreCleanse in simple words is a combination of various oils which main purpose is to break down and melt make up, spf products and sebum. All you need to do is to massage a small amount onto your dry face, then rinse it off with lukewarm water and proceed to your normal cleansing routine. Some might say that this step is absolutely unnecessary but it might opinion it is a very pleasant one and for people with combination/oily skin like mine helps clean the skin even better.
I just love the idea of gentle and relaxing massage. Having a little baby means I am often out of time, but in the evening when my husband is back at home I go to the bathroom and have some quality beauty time. Having one more step in my cleansing routine means I have more of that time! :)
Dermalogica PreCleanse is a very pleasant product to use, its smell is very very relaxing. I think I smell some citrus and definitely lavender which tends to calm me down. In the evening such calming aromas are more than welcome in my bathroom. I love the way that PreCleanse breaks down the make up, even the waterproof eyeliners ( I do not use waterproof mascara). It might look a bit scary when you see all of make up smudged and smeared all over your face, but knowing that you actually do something good for your skin can lessen the shock. :)
During rinsing the product off with some lukewarm water it changes its oily consistency into some milky formula. It s a very smart step as it doesn't leave much oily residue on your skin. And even if it did, you are supposed to wash your face after using that product anyway.
The only reason why I can't give this product 5 starts is the bottle... it lacks the pump and sometimes it might be tricky not to spill the product.

Ideal for

combination skin and evening cleansing routine.



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Undecided about this product

I tried a deluxe sample of Dermalogica PreCleanse which lasted quite a while. Dermalogica PreCleanse removed an impressive amount of makeup without the need to use too much of it. It melted away long wear lipsticks. Whenever I used PreCleanse all over my face, I always saw new pimples the next morning. It is possible that I was not thorough enough in removing PreCleanse. I may have had better results if I had followed up with a foaming cleanser, but I don't use them because I have dry skin (I use creamy cleansers). It is possible that I did not use PreCleanse in the correct way, or it just did not agree with my skin. I have dry skin and I only get occasional pimples, so the blemishes were definitely from the PreCleanse.

When I used PreCleanse to remove eye makeup, it was effective. With waterproof mascara, I needed much more of the product for it to be effective. I did have some difficulty with removal one night when the product caused my eyes to sting a few minutes after application.

I still do not understand the point of using PreCleanse when my creamy cleansers are effective. Once I used PreCleanse, I couldn't be bothered switching to my creamy cleanser. It was easier for me to keep cleansing with PreCleanse until I was finished. Then I used a toner to remove the oily residue. I would only consider buying PreCleanse in Summer to remove sunscreen, but I would see a Dermalogica consultant to receive advice on how best to use the product so that I didn't get blemishes from it.



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Best in Beauty 2014- An oil I use in the mornings

This was the first ever Dermalogica product I've ever used. I received a small sample of this in a David Jones' Sampler tote and loved it so much that I bought the full size.
I only pour out a tiny bit onto my palm and then rub the oil gently onto my face and massage it into my skin. It has an amazing lemony scent, which is light and pleasant. My face is pretty sensitive but I didn't have any problems after using this oil.
Then I just wash it off in the shower. My face is left feeling soft and refreshed.


This is an oil, so I suggest wiping the sides of the bottle after each use or every few uses. Otherwise, you'll have oil running down the sides of the bottle, which eventually gets on the counter also. Also wiping off any oil from the counter may be needed.
I use this oil only in the mornings before my shower and, never wanted to use it to remove any makeup at the end of the day. I like morning use because it is a great cleanser for my face at the start of the day.

Ideal for

This is expensive, but using only a tiny amount, will make the product last for a couple of months. I have to say that this product isn't a necessity, you know, I'd feel makeup removal wipes are a must for me, this sort of precleansing oil is an extra treat. So I enjoy using it and think it's perfect for trying out an oil to cleanse and clean your face.



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Luxurious and relaxing

This product smells divine and works fantastically. Morning or night, the smell creates a beautiful, relaxing feeling and glides on so lusciously I just feel like it's so luxe!


Add warm water, not cold!



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not worth getting excited about

I tried to like this, I really did. After reading so many rave reviews, I figured it must be good but alas, it is not for me. The name is pretty self-explanatory as to how you use this product. It’s the cleanser you use before your cleanser… I think I’d rather just have one cleanser that actually works.

This was a pain in the butt to use as the oil formula kinda gets into everything. If it leaks or dribbles, expect everything on your sink/in your cabinet/ whatever surface this bottle has come into contact with to be covered in slimy oil. While the pre-cleanse does melt away most of your makeup and whatever other gunk is on your face, it’s not going to remove everything (especially eye makeup) and does not just rinse away, so you still need to wash it off with something else. Ideally something foamy or scrubby as cream cleansers and this stuff don’t seem be able to work together.

The packaging is pretty uninspiring and the price is a bit hefty but you do get a lot of product – unless you’re going absolutely crazy, the bottle should last you a good 3-4 months so value for money wise, if it works for you, it’s not that bad.

I see this as an alternative to makeup remover before cleanser I guess and for that, it works OK, but no better than using makeup remover (which is a fair whack cheaper.) On its own, this product doesn’t work well enough for me and in conjunction with other cleansing products it seems superfluous and expensive.

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