NIVEA Face Care - Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

NIVEA Face Care

Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

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Specially formulated to nurture and actively enhance the skin's natural repair and restoration process at night. Nivea Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Night Care with vitamin A helps the skin to revitalise itself night by night. Enriched with macadamia nut oil and shea butter to intensively replenish and care for the skin. Combines coenzyme Q10 plus creatine to reduce existing lines and wrinkles and help fight new ones.


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How-to: effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles

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Love this. leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling great!

I really love Nivea, and have been a firm believer in it for years. So I was generally quite excited to try this.. I'm 23 so I'm starting to use anti-wrinkle creams just to slow down aging and to help with fine lines.
At first when I opened it, I thought maybe it was going to be too thick because I have really oily skin.
Pleasantly surprised actually that even tho it feels like it takes a while to absorb by the time I wake up my skin feels smooth and supple.

Not to sure about the anti-wrinkle properties because I haven't really seen any changes to some of my fine lines and dark spots under my eyes.

Also, I've read a lot of people comment on the overpowering smell, but I really love it. Traditional Nivea smell and it's fantastic!

I have the day cream as well and find that both work pretty well together.

Would definitely buy it again!


Go easy on it, it's thick! so using a lot will definitely leave a greasy feel.

Ideal for

All skin types.. I have greasy skin and it works well.



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Stole some of my Mum's and broke out

Smell is pleasant enough but the formula is quite rich and left my skin feeling greasy (combo skin over here) as it didn't absorb or sink in. Only used this for about 2 days because I ran out of my moisturiser and broke out in a few pimples. I would not buy for myself. My mum uses it daily and likes it but she never gets break outs so maybe this is not suited to those who are acne-prone.

Hi Jenesaisquoi, Thanks for your honest review. This product is definitely not the one for you. It can also depend on the amount you are using as you don’t need very much of this moisturiser at all. It’s a great night treatment cream. In the future if you would like to try our Q10 range for their extra benefits we have a Q10 Light Day cream with SPF15 protection. This product would definitely be the one we recommend for your skintype. Thanks again for your feedback J

Ideal for

Normal and Dry skin

Temporary Pr...


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Decent, but doesn't add much

This 50 ml jar of cream comes in a small blue screw top container and the first thing that always occurs to be with screw top jars is just that it's hard to keep things hygienic, but on the upside, you'd never waste a drop!

This seems like quite a thick cream in the jar, but spreads easily. While I find that this works quite well at a night cream, I don't think it adds all that much to my routine.

It has quite a pleasant cold cream scent that doesn't stay around, and this also gets absorbed quite easily. It hasn't caused any problems for my normal skin, and my eczema hasn't flared up at all.



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A Luxurious Night Cream For Ageing Skin

The night cream comes boxed.
The night cream 50ml comes in a round royal blue glass jar with a plastic screw on lid. It is foil sealed for freshness.
The night cream is a moisturiser for face and neck.
The formula is suitable for sensitive skin.
Used regularly it can help visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
Apparently skin is more receptive to moisture intake during the night, a night cream is beneficial to use.
Being in my late 40's an anti ageing night cream is essential.
The night cream is used after cleansing and toning skin.
The cream is off white in colour with a thick consistency.
Texture is smooth, creamy and rich.
The fragrance is powder soft and fresh, it smells nice.
To apply the cream smooth and spread over skin, feels luxurious and is pliable.
Gently massage so the cream can start to penetrate skin layers.
Its very sumptuous and doesn't fully absorb, it leaves a protective moisture barrier over skin.
Its not greasy but does feel smooth, slick and slippery until it settles and penetrates skin layers.
I have combination skin and even though the cream is rich it doesn't leave my skin creases oily.
The night cream regenerates during the night, gives skin a new lease on life the following day.
I like the night cream, it nourishes, hydrates, softens and smooths skin, skin feels conditioned and moisturised, ready for the day.
I received the night cream in a Nivea prize pack from BH, thank you Beauty Heaven.

Made in Thailand

Emma Ocean


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Smells and feels great!

I was so lucky to win this product, I absolutely LOVE Nivea! This smells beautiful, like the original Nivea smell.
It has a lovely and rich texture, it is so moisturising!
I have somewhat dry sensitive skin, and I found this beautiful luxurious product perfect for my skins needs.

Ideal for

Dry and/or mature skin.

Brown Beauty


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Rich moisturizer

This cream comes in jar packing, so it can also be contaminated.The cream has thick and silky texture similar to Nivea soft cream. The smell of both creams are also almost same. The cream is rich and small amount is enough for face and neck, while it does not absorb easily. A thin greasy layer can be feel after using it, but it is a night cream so it does not matter. After few days of using it I felt that dry areas of my face were well hydrated but T zone and cheeks were too much greasy. I saw little pimples on my cheeks, then I stoped using it on my oily areas of my face. I just used it on dry areas around mouth and eyes. I did not feel any difference in my skin after using it for weeks. although I do not have wrinkles but I was expecting well hydrated glowing skin. My skin was still dehydrated and dull even for months of using it on my dry areas of face.


Not suitable for combination and oily skin types



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled


I love this night cream! It is super rich and moisturizing for my skin and leaves it smooth and supple for hours. I'm not too sure about it's anti-winkle claims but it's a top night moisturizer and that's the reason why I use it!



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Good buy

This cream is a budget buy which comes in a luxurious-looking pot. It is quite thick so a little goes a long way. My skin absorbs this very easily, and it leaves behind a fine sheen of oil. Despite this, it does not break out my skin at all (my skin is very dry usually). It has the classic fresh Nivea fragrance. Overall, it works well as a moisturiser, but I have not seen any improvement in my fine lines.

Steph Speth


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Perfect for my dry skin

I have very dry skin and this has been the perfect night time moisturiser for me. I leave it on still quite moist and allow it to sink in which means I go through a lot of product but I still find it to be great value. Each morning my skin looks bright and even my T-Zone isn't oily. Will keep on using it!



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An okay night cream

I bought this because I wanted a night cream and was interested in the Q10. I love the heavy glass jar, it feels luxurious. I havent really used this too regularly because I found the fragrance a bit too strong and it was making my nose run!! I still had some of it leftover and I used it on my neck and didnt use it on my face because of the strong smell.


Its very rich so just a little application is enough to work thru the night. I liked the container more than the product unfortunately due to the strong smell.

Ideal for

A good night cream to use as long as you dont mind the strong Nivea smell.

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