SK-II - Facial Treatment Repair C


Facial Treatment Repair C

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SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C is an intense serum that contains concentrated Pitera and rich moisturisers to reduce the appearance of fine lines, while improving the skin’s texture resulting in a silky smooth complexion.


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Myer and David Jones

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Initial Impressions

I only tried a small sample of this serum for about a week so this review is based on my initial impressions. The product is an unscented clear watery gel that applies easily onto the skin which I like. It is a little sticky upon application but absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any residue once dry. I don’t find it particularly hydrating but as you are meant to apply your usual moisteriser afterwards, it’s not a big problem for me. My skin’s texture is quite smooth at the moment and I don’t have any fine lines, so I’m unsure on how effective this serum is in combating against fines lines and improving the skin’s texture in the long term. I believe I would have to use this for at least a few weeks to a month to give a more accurate review.


Those concerned with early signs of aging, who want to improve the skin's texture and soften fine lines



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I started using the SK-II range 3 months ago and noticed a dramatic improvement in the condition of my skin. Initially I was only using the facial treatment essence and the clear lotion. About one month ago I started using the Facial Repair C as well at night time and it has made an even more incredible difference. It keeps the dry, sensitive areas of my skin thoroughly moisturised without increasing the oiliness in my T-zone. I have also noticed any blemishes I get heal so much faster, virtually overnight, and I doesn't break me out at all. It is since I have started using this that I no longer feel I need to wear foundation every day.

Love the SK-II range.


A great addition to the SK-II regime at night. Probably too heavy for daytime use.

Ideal for

Using as an addition to any skin care regime to add moisture and improve overall skin condition.



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It's ok

This product is actually reasonable value for money compared to some of the other products in the SK-II range - you only need to use a tiny bit to cover your face and neck and you can buy it cheaper on strawberrynet. But after using it religiously at night for 2 months, I haven't seen any improvement in my skin.



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I work in air-condition place and I found no matter what I used my makeup would cake by the end of the day...



I found this! I used it in conjunction with Facial Treatment Essence and Facial Treatment mask. It re-hydrates all day and absorbs in instantly (pat into skin). BONUS: It is oil free and so far it hasn't given me any new breakouts (I'm prone to it)

Ideal for

MUST TRY/BUY: Facial Treatment Essence and Facial Treatment Mask!!!!

Little Jo


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Really has worked well on my skin

Before I started using all the SK-II skincare I had a oily t-zone, flakiness and red bumpy surface texture on my cheeks. The consultant gave me a trial size of this treatment repair c and told me to glide and pat it onto my cheeks and along with the cleanser, treatment essence and moisturiser my skin is back to normal again. Nice and clean and clear of the spots on my cheeks. I really love this. But unsure whether I could buy the full size at $150...



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Hello radiant skin!

This product claims to have 4x the pitera than the facial treatment essence. It is a nice size to travel with and I find that it calms my skin, it is a little more of a sticky texture and is more thick, so only a small amount is needed. One star deducted for price!



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you see it working and keeps on working.... not like the other stuff that work then you don't notice em doing anything after!

Spoilt by Pi...


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SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C

Great for a dry, dehydrated skin, but one I would not recommend for oily skintypes as this gel-like formula hydrates the skin - like a skin drink! It acts as a fantastic serum and the texture of this product means I only required a small amount on my finger to cover my face and throat.



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I generally have quite good skin anyway, but wanted to even out the texture and re-hydrate it a bit. Unfortunately I have to say I have not noticed any difference with this product. I quite like the results with some of the other SKII products but I honestly don't feel like this has done anything for me at all.

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