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Immortelle Precious Eye Balm

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Suitable for all skin types, all ages, men or women.
L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Eye Balm is a gentle and velvety treatment formulated with immortelle floral water for maximum tolerance around the eye contour area. This specific and intensive eye care treatment relieves dark circles, puffiness, and signs of tiredness. Ingredients include shea butter, rose flower water, wheat peptides and Vitamin E.

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Velvety Eye Balm

I have a very generous sample tub of this eye balm. I love L'Occitane, their products are amazing.
This eye balm is more like a thick cream consistency than a balm. It's easy to apply, it just sweeps on smoothly and gently around the fragile eye are. I carefully swipe this around my eye area to get the balm in and then I tap lightly until the remainder of the product is absorbed. This has a lovely scent and leaves my eyes feeling like velvet, so soft and smooth.
Even when I awaken in the morning, my eyes still feel plumped and hydrated.
I just wish the product came in a pump dispenser or tube...or at least came with its own spatula so fingers don't need to go near the balm.

Princess Per...


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Looks Luxe

I received this as part of a starter kit that I bought at L'occitane in the Immortelle range. So this is a trial size but as I only need to use a small amount it will probably last a while. My impressions of this product are that it is fairly hydrating. It did cause a little irritation on the first day I tried it but hasn't caused any similar problems since. It feels quite cool on the eye area like it contains menthol (though I don't know if it does). It is balm like in texture as you would expect and easy to apply and it absorbs well into my dry skin. I think it does perk my eye area up a bit and the skin around my eyes and crows feet look less noticeable. I also love the blue packaging - looks quite luxe. I think this is quite a good product but may not be suitable for those with very sensitive skin.

Ideal for

Normal to dry skin.



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Not bad, Not great.

I am a long time fan of L'Occitane and thought it was time to invest in an eye cream to add to my daily routine. I don't mind the scent and the packaging is really quite luxurious (and looks nice on my basin!).

I do however feel that after it has applied and been absorbed it can be rubbed off the skin, if that even makes sense. If I rub the area where it has been applied it rolls up and falls off the face. Not too sure if this is how the product is meant to work but I'm not really a fan of that feeling.

I did however notice a drastic difference in the way my eye skin felt and the darkness of the circles being less severe. I am only 20 but have quite dry under eye skin that is always prone to dark circles and I think this has helped quite a bit.


Definitely try before you buy, the ladies at L'Occitane are always more than happy to accommodate you with a trial size before you invest.



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Not a bad eye cream

I got a small jar of this along with a variety pack and I like using this eye cream. I dont use any eye cream every night because I find that the skin under my eyes tends to get some tiny bumps if I use too much of any cream (there is a scientific name for this, but I cant remember what they call these tiny bumps). I also use my ring finger to apply eye creams because I read that this finger has the lightest touch, and I agree.


This eye cream is super rich, so I only use the tiniest amount and it seems to work pretty well. I do feel that all eye creams will do some good because at least I am using something.

Ideal for

Its a good eye cream to use, nothing too exciting, but not bad at all. Is a bit pricey so not sure if I will buy it again, I may once I investigate it further.



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Not for sensitive skin

This is actually quite a lovely product - it has the texture of a light cream which easily absorbs after a minute or so. It also has a very mild nice fragrance. The fine lines around my eyes were less noticeable after using this. However after about 1 week's use, I found that the skin around my eyes started to sting on application, so am quite disappointed that I am not suitable for this eye cream.



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My first eye cream and im addicted!

Ive not used anything specifically for my eyes before, now I know what ive been missing!, the same gorgeous spiffy blue and silver container as the precious cream but in a smaller version, which is mega cute! using this feels like a trip to the spa ( so I imagine as ive never been) its cooling and calming and has just enough fragrance i still felt it was exotic and made for a whole decadent experience. I have noticed the darkness under my eyes has brightened significantly ( and im barely sleeping so thats ace!!) if you dont like spending a fortune on cosmetics and creams and had to pick from the precious range id be grabbing this little gem!

Beauty Obses...


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My precious

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to trial this product recently as part of the trial team. So a huge thank you to BH & L'Occitane.

I'm a huge fan of L'Occitane's range and have tried a number of their products and cannot believe I haven't tried the Immortelle range before!!

This eye balm is simply devine!! The presentation of the products is beautiful in the navy jars and silver lids.

I've been using this product for a good month now and am extremely impressed with the results. I'd have to say that before this trial I was a bit negectful of my beauty routine due to the demands of being a mum and feeling sleep deprived and it certainly showed on my face.

I made a vow to use this product religiously morning and night dabbing a little under the eye area after cleansing the skin.

The balm is very light and has a lotion like consistency that melts in the skin.

It does everything I want an eye cream to do! It de-puffs, takes away the look of dark shadows and smooths the look of fine lines.

I could certainly notice the results almost immediately particularly since I didn't really have a proper beauty regime in place prior to this trial. I could certainly see the results the next morning after waking up. My eyes looked less puffy and less tired looking.

The product may seem expensive to sum but its not really when you consider some products are upwards of over $100 or more and over the month I have been using it I've used hardly any product.

The range does have a short shelf life after opening of six month so when you do start using you want to use on a regular basis so it doesn't go to waste.

I adore this product and think I'll be running to my nearest L'Occitane counter when it runs out. Highly recommend!!



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Pure and Precious.

Pure and Precious! I still can’t believe that 1 eye balm can do so much for me. L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Eye Balm comes packaged within a deep blue recyclable, cardboard outer box embellished with the signature silver embossed L’Occitane logo. This houses a beautiful, solid, small, deep blue coloured glass jar inside containing the Immortelle precious eye balm. A leaflet explaining the wonders of the Immortelle flower is found alongside the jar that has a shiny silver lid with inner silver foil protective layer preserving the balm to remove before first use and distinct yellow paper label attached. I love that all elements of the packaging are eco-friendly and recyclable. This eye balm’s packaging alone looks classic, elegant and beckons me to apply it.

When it comes to skin care, especially eye cream I have high expectations and know what I’m looking for. The Precious Eye Balm is absolutely wonderful for my fussy, sensitive skin. After almost 2 months of twice daily use morning and night my eye area is looking and feeling more youthful than before. I don’t like eye creams to be too heavy, cause milia or sting the eyes and this balm definitely doesn’t do any of this. It feels soft, light and gentle while applying to the eye area, has a natural white colour and very minimal scent, if any. It easily absorbs into the skin while gently dabbing it under the eye working outwards, I found using my pinky finger the best as only a very small amount is needed along with very gentle pressure. From first use my eye area felt softer and looked more hydrated. It provides a great base for eye makeup when applying makeup during the day and feels especially beautiful on skin when wearing no makeup, My favourite! Over a few months continual use the fine lines around my eyes appear softer in appearance and the skin also feels softer and smoother in appearance. This eye balm doesn’t leave my eye area feeling heavy or congested but leaves it gently balanced and nourished thanks to the immortelle floral water formulation. My dark circles appear slightly less noticeable and my eyes less tired, It seems to have a radiance that many other eye balms/creams don’t give me. The balm also contains shea butter, rose flower water, wheat peptides and Vitamin E all gentle, nourishing skincare ingredients combined with the organic, Immortelle active ingredients so I feel confident applying this to such a delicate area.

It’s a pampering and positive experience every time I apply this balm knowing that my eye area is going to look and feel so amazing and that it is helping nourish my existing lines and minimise dryness, stimulating circulation and reinforcing my skins natural structure. It’s more expensive than the average eye cream on shelf in stores but also out performs the everyday ones without doubt. To me this eye cream is an investment knowing that it’s the perfect balance for such a delicate area and using such a small amount each time means it will last approx. 3 months at least which corresponds with the balms use by period after opening. I have loved every application of this and am very thankful to have had the chance to experience such an amazing eye balm. I’ll definitely continue using this, it’s without doubt my favourite eye cream to date.

Ideal for

Nourishing the eye area. Softening fine lines and suits sensitive skin. Perfect for people who don't want a heavy eye cream.



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Not Impressed

I was lucky enough to try this eye cream as part of the trial team but that is as far as my luck went.The packaging is beautiful and luxurious.But.....Who knows if its due to the high ammount of fragrances and chemicals this company uses but the cream did not agree with my skin.It felt irratating and had a slight burn.I would not use this product again.

RESPONSE FROM L'OCCITANE: We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with our Immortelle products. L’Occitane formulates products using the highest quality ingredients. Our traceability and quality criteria are strict and rigorous. We use a combination of over 200 different natural and organic ingredients, creating effective formulas that deliver results. We use ingredients of controlled origin (AOP) and organic ingredients certified by Ecocert. We adhere to all international government standards and are constantly reviewing formulas to ensure the use of safe and quality ingredients. Any of our ingredients listed on the back of our products that have an asterisk next to them (*), mean that they are an organic ingredient. Any ingredient with two asterisks (**), mean that they are natural origin ingredients.

We do hope that you have the opportunity to try some of our products from other ranges and enjoy the beautiful scents, textures and results that L’Occitane products deliver.

Miss Chief


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Visible difference to my eyes! (trial team review)

Thank you, L'Occitane, for breaking my addiction to Dermalogica's Total Eye cream! I thought no other eye cream could reduce the bags under my eyes, especially one without a tint to help, but L'Occitane proved me wrong!

It seemed too light to work as promised, but again, I was wrong! (much as I am loathe to admit such a thing, much less twice in one review!)

Lovely and light, this cream proves there is no need for heavy textures to work magic on your dark circles, lines and wrinkles, as welll as provide a beautiful base for makeup.

Seriously, invest in this cream!


All skin types. Anyone with dark circles under the eyes.

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