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Renergie Multi-Lift Night Cream

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Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Night Cream is a recharging night treatment designed to regenerate the skin while you sleep. Featuring the multi-tension technology, it penetrates even the deepest layer of skin. For all skin types.


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Lavish Product

I am definitely a sucker for awesome packaging so I was wowed with the lavish purple jar that the Lancôme Renergie Multi Lift Night Cream arrived in. Even though it’s a gorgeous pot, I’m disappointed that such an expensive cream is contained in a screw lid. I’m such a clumsy person and the kids always want to be the bathroom with me so I’m constantly being bumped. I don’t know why Lancôme haven’t utilised a more modern top, which could possibly self-dispense. If you dropped this jar you could potentially lose a sizable portion of the cream.
The cream is thickish and has a pinkish tinge and has a musky floral sent which is stronger than I was expecting, I’d probably prefer it to not have a scent at all.
I applied the product before bedtime and massaged well including my jaw lines and neck. My dry skin inhaled this luxury product and it was left feeling extremely hydrated. I loved how it felt on my skin and it wasn’t left oily or with a residue. My skin felt incredible afterwards. With the seasons changing, it’s ideal for my skin type. I have found that my skin appears slightly plumper and full and each morning after I have applied the cream my skin feels super soft.



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A moisturising facial every night.

This cream is so decadent and luxurious. The jar itself is heavy and pretty and purple. The cream is thick, pink and rich with a lovely almost floral scent. A little goes a really long way, and leaves my skin shiny in that good "just had a lovely relaxing facial" way. It's very heavy and moisturising, perfect for winter dryness and yet I haven't found my skin to be any more congested than usual.

This cream is a wonderful final step in my bedtime ritual.



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Luxurious Feel

The brand Lancome conjours grace and luxury. It has been a brand that I'd thought unattainable with my budget.
Thanks to the Glosscars prize pack, I was excited to note that a Lancome skincare product was now in my hot little hands.
Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action Night cream has claims of reducing wrinkles in 4 weeks, improving skin texture and offering the advantage of working at night when the skin repairs itself.
The cream comes in a glass 50ml jar. It's quite solid, feeling great in the hand. The purple and chrome look very classy, something that I was proud to have on show.
The product itself is quite rich and thick in consistency. I'm not a huge fan of heavily fragranced products, but I'll admit that the scent of this product just adds to its luxurious nature.
After my initial excitement to dip in to this product, I soon discovered that only a small amount is needed for face and neck. Even using just a small amount, I found that it took a long time to absorb into my skin.
To be honest, I didn't see the results to justify buying again on my budget. It was beautiful to use, but after a couple of months, I didn't see any significant improvement to my skin. Yes, the Lancome night cream felt soft and supple, but unfortunately, I did experience some break-outs. I'm not sure if this was a result of skin purging or the cream was just too rich for my combination skin.
I do feel lucky that I was fortunate enough to try this coveted high end brand. Though, my bank account and I am kind of relieved that I didn't fall in love with this exxy cream.



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A good product to splurge and try out

I was thrilled to win this as part of my Glosscars prize pack.

I don't mind spending the high price tag for any product, my main problem is that I wouldn't know which product to spend my money on. In that sense, its great that I got to try this and see how it works. If they gave out tiny samples for people to try first, that would help those of us who wouldn't normally spend so much money on a product.

The cream itself comes in a beautiful glass purple jar, which I expect because it is an expensive and luxurious brand. Its a heavy jar and feels and looks expensive. This gives me a big hint that its going to be a great treatment for me.

I have been using it nightly (about 6 nights in a week for the past few weeks) and enjoy how it smells and feels on my skin. It is rose pink in colour and has a musky rose smell to it. Its a distinct smell, and is not overpowering and that's good for me, because I don't like strong smelling products.

It goes on slightly thick and is creamy to touch. I use it on my face and neck and it absorbs well and doesn't feel heavy. In the morning, my skin is still soft and feels nice to touch.


Its not a cream that you just use a little bit of it, I find that I have to scoop out a good amount to use on my face and my neck, so I'm not sure how long it will last for me if I used it nightly over a long period of time. I mean, its not a serum, so it behaves like a typical moisturizing cream!
Its a great cream to spend some money on and see how it works for you. There are so many products out there in each brand and its really hard to decide which product works well and is worth your money.
I don't know about the anti-ageing claims, but it did keep my skin soft and supple after I used it. I would definitely consider purchasing this product, my only hesitation is that there are so many products out there, that I am still investigating which is best for me and my wallet.

Ideal for

This is a great thick and luxurious cream that absorbs well into my skin and keeps my skin feeling dewy and soft. It is great for anyone who wants to try an expensive night cream which will absorb and moisturize their skin.



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Effective and gentle

Had very lucky to get this gorgeous purple jar in my Glosscars pack this year and have been loving the difference its made to the fine lines underneath my eyes.
I was pretty impressed at how effective the cream was! The jar itself is a gorgeous rich, royal purple shade with the distinct Lancome rose in silver on the lid. It looks very elegant and beautiful.
I use it once every night after cleansing and moisturizing my face and my skin feels instantly plumped and smoothed. I thought that being a night cream it would feel heavy, oily and greasy on my skin. So was pleasantly suprised at how light it was and how easily absorbed. My skin felt well hydrated and satiny smooth.
The cream itself is a light pink colour and smells beautiful. A floral/musky scent. Its not too strong for me and fades away after awhile.



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Smooth, supple skin - glosscars 2013

$145 is no doubt a hefty sum to fork out when purchasing the Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Night Cream. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to worry about the price as I received the cream from a lovely, close friend of mine.

The Lancome Renergie Multi Lift Night Cream comes in a gorgeous and elegant purple jar, which I find quite pretty and aesthetically pleasing. This sleek packaging, however, should be expected of such an expensive product. The cream that is inside the product is a very light pink colour and has quite a strong fragrance (a slightly musky scent). Whilst I do not mind the scent, I can see how the fragrance may be very unwelcome to some other women, who prefer fragrance free products. I find that generally, fragrance free products possess a distinct chemical smell which I rather dislike, much preferring ‘scented’ products over those with the chemical smell. The fragrance of the cream does fade gradually after application.

I have combination type skin, which refers to parts of my face being oily (mainly T-zone area) and some other parts being dry. Since the cream is quite rich, I generally apply more on the dry areas of my face and slightly less elsewhere. The cream absorbs fairly quickly into my skin, without leaving it greasy or oily. It settles into my skin perfectly, and does not feel heavy or uncomfortable on my face.

I was absolutely amazed at how smooth, silky and supple my skin was in the morning. The Lancome Renergie Multi Lift Night Cream had left my face extremely hydrated and moisturized – as it felt very soft and nice to touch. My skin also had a natural glow, appearing radiant and healthy. After using the cream for a few extra weeks, I noticed a marked improvement in the size of my pores, which become much smaller, and my skin felt firmer. However, I had just changed my entire skincare routine (which incorporated a fair amount of high end products). Thus, I am unsure about whether the long-term benefits may be entirely attributed to the Lancome Night Cream, as another product may have affected the outcome.

Although the price of the product is quite high, I believe that the exceptional quality of the product entirely justifies the price. I would definitely recommend the Lanome Renergie Multi Lift Night Cream to other ladies searching for a perfect night cream as I am very thankful to have discovered this gem. I believe the product will definitely be worthy of a Glosscars award.



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Glosscars 2013

I also received 15ml of this cream as a GWP last year. I have an oily/combination skin but my skin tends to get so dry over the winter. I have used it every night for a month and the morning after my skin felt so soft, smooth and hydrated. My pores are visibly smaller and my complexion looks healthier. Highly recommend!



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Pleasant but not life-changing.

I ended up with 30ml of this product thanks to 2 x 15ml GWP jars, so I was able to use it for almost all of winter. My skin is quite dry in winter, and I love a good rich night cream. This cream is certainly very hydrating, and feels silky and soothing on the skin.

Unfortunately while I love the long-lasting hydration and silky feel of this cream, I don't think it is quite worth the hefty price tag. Despite using it nightly for 8 weeks (in conjunction with the day and eye creams) I did not notice any "lifting" or "tightening" of my skin, or any improvement, even temporary, in fine lines and wrinkles. I also found that the perfume in this cream is quite strong and is almost overwhelming, especially since it lingers for an hour or more.

Overall this is not a bad product by any means, just not quite as good as it promises to me - but really, is anything? Maybe I'm just too demanding! While I wouldn't rush out and buy a jar at full retail price, I will definitely enjoy using this cream if I receive it in a GWP, and would consider picking it up if I saw it in a value-for-money gift pack.


Tips: be sure to test before buying if you are sensitive to fragrance.

Ideal for

Ideal for: dry skin.

Princess Per...


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I received a 15ml jar of this night cream as a GWP last year. It comes in a nice purple jar that looks quite smart.

The cream itself is a baby pink colour. It is very rich and absorbs fast into the skin. It smells like musky flowers to me - really quite a nice fragrance and not too obtrusive.

It is a really hydrating cream when you first put it on. The cream really makes my skin feel lovely and soft. By morning though, my skin feels a bit dry again but I do have super dry skin.

I think that it is a nice experience using this cream and along with the eye cream in this range, I think that my skin does look a little pepped up.

Overall, this is quite nice to use and a quality product.


Hydrating at night.

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