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Very Moisturising

Only had a 2g sample size to try of this product, but it's always good to have a sample to ensure you have no sensitivity to a product.

Only a small amount is needed and it absorbs well into the skin making it feel soft and supple.

My skin had no sensitivity to this product, but I'm not keen on the aroma as I found it to be overly fragrant in an artificial sense and not at all appealing. This would deter me from buying this product in the future.

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I am loving this product, and it stands up to more expensive brands too!! I normally use another at double the price, but this cream is actually just as good! The cream is amazingly thick and creamy and is absorbed into my skin beautifully. I only use a small amount and it covers my entire face. It adds moisture and when used at night i wake up with baby soft skin! It is not oily and does not irritate my skin or cause redness at all. It has a pleasant smell, and comes in a lovely package. I would recommend this product and will continue to use it.

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Anti Ageing Night Cream

The product comes boxed.
The cream comes in a 30g round caramel glass jar with a silver screw on lid. A clear plastic sleeve covers the cream.
It is a moisturiser for face and neck to help with visible signs of ageing, discolourations and firmness.
Its targeted towards the 45 - 59 age groups.
The cream is applied at night to clean skin after cleansing and toning.
It is pale pastel caramel in colour with a thick consistency.
Texture is creamy and rich.
It has a lovely aroma, nicely scented for night cream.
I use a small amount and smooth over skin and gently massage which helps the cream absorb.
I feel a slight tingling on skin, its quite stimulating.
It has a smoothing affect on skin, skin feels velvety and thoroughly hydrated.
My results using the night cream have been good, discolouration with pigment areas have faded, clarity is renewed and I'm sure my skins elasticity has improved.
Skin feels moisturised, totally nourished.
Its an excellent treatment cream.
I received the cream in an Avon lucky dip bag, purchased from a catalogue.

Made in China

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Genics is a good range.

I used the sample of Anew Genics Treatment Cream and noticed the evenness of my skin tone, so I bought the three products. The cream is light and non-greasy and non-irritating to my sensitive skin. It doesn't just sit on my skin because nothing "slips" off my face when I rinse my face with water in the morning. I have been happily using it for nearly 3 months.

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Turning back the clock!

A lovely silky moisturiser, which feels nice on the skin. I was amazed at the results after only a few applications! I have quite deep expression lines across my forehead (I'm 31) and these have been reduced significantly after only a week of using the product. I definitely feel like my skin is looking younger and more supple. I usually have trouble finding a moisturiser that is moisturising enough for my dry skin but this cream does the job without any greasiness. Definitely recommend.

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Love it as well

I use it under my day or night cream. It is fabulous. It is non greasy lightweight and just makes my skin look so much brighter.

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Princess Per...


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Non-Greasy but Hydrating

This is quite a nice cream. It has a soft floral scent for starters. It absorbs really quickly and you can feel that your skin is immediately softer and firmer. It won't give your skin that shiny look that some anti-aging creams do and it is non-greasy. It did give me some tingling around my hairline and forehead (it did warn that the active ingredients might cause tingling on the packaging) but this was only momentary and really it hasn't caused any real irritation. Overall, this is a great cream for maturing and dry skins.

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Great hydration

This cream definitely makes my skin feel soft and moist. I had been using it for about a week - as a night cream - when one day I realized that my skin was feeling so supple it almost felt moist to the touch. I had not changed my daytime routine. My pores are smaller and my skin has a more even tone. A dark sun spot on my cheek has almost faded completely. If I stop using the Genics after a few days the silky feeling fades away but comes back immediately I return to it. It plumps fine lines and has reduced the deeper lines near my mouth and on my forehead.

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WILL change your skin

I have been using this for 2 weeks and the difference in my skin is amazing. It is smooth, clearer, more radiant, softer, and I am using less foundation. It has really truly made a massive difference to my skin tone and I will not be without this miracle treatment. If you don't like it, you can exchange it or get your money back, but I am sure you will be amazed with the results. Makes me feel and look about 5 years younger - seriously. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

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Anew Genics is the best treatment cream I've used in a long time

I'm so pleased with the results of the sample cream I've been using by Avon called anew genics. It's light and velvety on my skin and not too greasy. Plus, it smells amazing. I've only used this cream for a few weeks and I've seen noticeable improvements to my skin. My face is brighter, and my fine lines have faded. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone! They're giving away free samples too! http://beautynews.avon.com.au/AvonCompetition/GenicsLanding/index.aspx

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