Lancome - Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector


Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector

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Lancôme Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector is an anti-ageing skin treatment that helps to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, tighten and reduce pores, and produce a more resilient, even skin tone on all skin types and ethnicities. Formulated with LR 2412, a unique new molecule born out of 12 years of research, it has the ability to ‘self-propel’ through the layers of the skin, recognising skin damage and triggering the skin’s repair process. As a result, skin is visibly transformed: the texture is finer, wrinkles are visibly erased, pigmentary irregularities are reduced, and pores are tightened. It can be used on all skin types, even on sensitive skin and around the eye contour.

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"There’s an undeniable freshness to my whole face."

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Best in Beauty 2012

Lancome have hit the jackpot with this serum. I had been reading rave reviews about this product and so saved up so I could get it for myself...and I'm not disappointed.
I find the green/blue plastic canister to be very attractive, you cannot miss it. It has a pump dispenser, which is a huge plus as it keeps all the contents inside hygenic and fresh.
The serum/lotion is a whitish colour and is the consistency of a gel-based serum, more on the thick side. It has quite a strong scent, but it's not unpleasant. The consistency makes the product super easy to apply and I use 1-2 pumps to cover my face and neck area. It absorbs rapidly leaving no oiliness or residue on the skins surface.
I found the results to me almost immediate, my skin looked brighter and lifted all over and after continued use, it does look more even-toned. My pigmentation which annoys me so much, is definately lessening in its appearance. I can still see it but it tends to blend in more with the rest of my skin. I also find it plumps out my skin, decreasing the look of my finer lines and wrinkles. A must have product.

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♥ best in beauty '12

I have been using Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector for one month. Loving the results! I have never found another similar product that even came close to fulfilling its promises.

The product comes in a pump form, one pump is enough for the entire face. I use it in combination with Genifique youth activating concentrate.

My skin looks and feels smoother, more even toned, pores appear less visible, acne and blemish marks are diminishing, and my skin just looks HEALTHY!

It's a true winner for me!

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BIB - my one, my only...

This will be my third review of Visionnaire, my ultimate anti-ageing serum. It’s been 12 months since I trialled this stunner for bh, and I’ve yet to be swayed by any other product. Back then I called it the future of my face – I could tell even after a few weeks that this serum was doing something very special for my skin, and I saw quite dramatic results in a short period of time.

Prior to using its rejuvenating ingredients, I literally had craters on and around my nose – the pores were so large, nothing could disguise them, and I was buying every pore filler on the market just to look half decent. Fine wrinkles seemed to be forming overnight as well, my skin was patchy and dull, and going without foundation was unimaginable, even on housebound days.

One year later, my faith in an external application solution to anti-ageing is stronger than ever (and I’m only using it at night). Visionnaire continues to refine and repair my complexion daily - my pores have normalised, the fine lines are shallowing into nothing, and my skintone is balanced and even. Without a doubt, this transforming serum is a caring and supportive life-partner – sounds corny I know, but we truly are a match made in beautyheaven.

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Best in Beauty 2012

I’ve been a fan of Lancome products so when I heard about Visionnaire, I was super excited to try it. This ADVANCED SKIN CORRECTOR or SERUM is designed for women of ALL SKIN TYPES (even SENSITIVE), who have concerns with WRINKLES, EVENNESS and PORES. Whilst I am still at an age where these skin concerns aren’t a big issue for me as yet, I believe EARLY PREVENTION IS KEY to maintaining more youthful looking skin for longer.
Visionnaire is housed in a sleek, slightly rectangular shaped TEAL COLOURED pump dispenser bottle. I love the pump which is not only more HYGIENIC, but delivers just enough product in a single pump to cover the entire face, though I prefer to use 1 and ¼ pumps. You can always pump out a little more if that is insufficient.
The serum is PEARLY WHITE with a SLIGHT PINKISH TINGE and is a CREAMY GEL-LIKE formula with a lovely, slightly FLORAL FRAGRANCE. I have been using this serum for about 3 months, every morning and night in conjunction with Lancome’s Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate. To use this serum, I dot small amounts around the entire face and then gently rub it in to ensure the serum is applied evenly. The serum DOESN’T FEEL STICKY or GREASY and is ABSORBED QUICKLY into the skin, leaving it feeling VELVETY SMOOTH with a slightly matte finish. It can be used alone but it is recommended that you apply your usual moisteriser afterwards for extra hydration.
To date I have noticed that my LAUGH LINES and the few FINE LINES on my forehead are SOFTER in appearance, the PORES near my cheeks are slightly SMALLER and my skin is more EVEN TONED and SMOOTH. I find that now I don’t have to apply a mask of foundation all over my face, but only require small amounts under the eyes, a bit on the cheeks and around the nose. This not only allows my skin to breathe but also gives me a more natural, less made up look. I believe with continued, prolong use, this serum will help PREVENT DEEP FINE LINES and WRINKLES from forming and keep the skin looking smooth.
I definitely would recommend this serum for those who are looking for a product that TARGETS THE 3 SKIN CONCERNS mentioned earlier, and to prevent the early signs of aging. It may be an additional step to your daily skincare routine, but this small step may be just what your skin needs to see REMARKABLE IMPROVEMENTS in the overall APPEARANCE and TEXTURE of your skin. YOUR SKIN WILL LOVE IT.

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Lana Lang


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Glosscars Best in Beauty 2012 - Incredibly powerful

I used Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector daily for two months, once a day in the evening time under my night moisturizer. I have been meaning to purchase another bottle and repeat another cycle before I did my review, but it is Glosscars time and I am definitely positive I've got the results to share.

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector is beautifully packaged in a silver and blue tall glass bottle that looks absolutely glamorous on my dressing table. Underneath a see-through blue lid is a convenient pump top that hygienically disperses a pea size amount of light-pinkish tinted serum with each press.

The serum is very lightweight, easily absorbed into the skin, and is beautifully fragranced. I really believe that it has the same scent as Chanel Eau Tendre, but that could just be me. I'm not allergic to perfumes in skincare so I'm not sure how a person sensitive to fragrance might react to it. The scent does, however, disappear soon after application to the skin.

Lancome claims the following results:
-Wrinkles appear reduced, as if smoothed
-Skin imperfections seem diminished
-Pores appear less visible
-Dark spots are visibly reduced
-Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin

First off, I have to mention that I don’t have many wrinkle concerns besides smile lines, and mini lines around my eyes. I used this product for two months straight - three pumps under my moisturizer, including the eye contour and neck. And the lines are practically gone, after just two months of use. My pores are also visibly reduced in size around my nose area and cheeks.

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector has also really improved my skin condition in the sense of radiance and overall evenness. My skin just appears a lot smoother and more radiant, the first word that comes to mind when I see my skin in the morning is 'relaxed'.

Now, the most important thing that convinced me of the product was the healing properties of Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%]. My boyfriend had a nasty cut in the corner of his mouth obtained while shaving that refused to heal even after months. Well, after starting to apply the serum every night on the cut, it finally closed and healed after just two weeks.

Apparently this is one of the most important properties, it restarts the healing process of the skin and boosts its entire appearance. Also, it's a great help in fading scars and acne marks.

Overall, I highly recommend Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector to anyone who is looking to improve their skins appearance and texture. It has worked for me and I will continue to use it. It's most definitely worth the price for the results it provides.

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Illuminates me

Have been using this for about 4 months and my skin is so much brighter. Really love this.

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the best

I use both genefique and visionnaire and my skin has never looked better, and I am 53

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Without a Doubt my favourite !

I have been using this product for 6 weeks now, I can see true results. I share it with my mother who believes it has assisted her pigmentation of her dark spots and really adds moisture to her face. For me, my redness and acne spots have reduced in colour and I love this product.

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it was average

I expected this product to be amazing considering all of the fantastic reviews that it recieved, however I would rate it as very average after using.

Firstly I dont believe that it is appropriate for dry skin, as it has a slightly alcohol feeling and smell to it. I was expecting it be a little bit oily, which it really wasn't.

The product smells like a chemicals, and has small specs of shimmer particals in it. Like what you would see in a mineral eyeshadow. (they are very tiny, but nonetheless I do not want that on my skin). It did produce minor benefits, reduced redness, a bit a acne scarring. But minimal considering the price.

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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Excellent Skin perfecting serum

I love Lancome and loving it more since it launched Visionnaire. I use it day and night after applying Genifique and the feel of the serum only skin makes me feel luxuriously beautiful! After a while, you could feel your skin tightening, but i think that it may be best applied during the cooler months such as winter, since my skin feels a bit itchy when its warm. The best thing is when you wake up in the morning and feel your skin as you wash your face with water. I don't use cleanser to wash my face in the morning and i preserve the soft clean and refreshed feeling. Its a pity it's so pricey. I might not be able to afford to keep on buying it for continued use.

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