Lancome - Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector


Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector

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Lancôme Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector is an anti-ageing skin treatment that helps to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, tighten and reduce pores, and produce a more resilient, even skin tone on all skin types and ethnicities. Formulated with LR 2412, a unique new molecule born out of 12 years of research, it has the ability to ‘self-propel’ through the layers of the skin, recognising skin damage and triggering the skin’s repair process. As a result, skin is visibly transformed: the texture is finer, wrinkles are visibly erased, pigmentary irregularities are reduced, and pores are tightened. It can be used on all skin types, even on sensitive skin and around the eye contour.

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"There’s an undeniable freshness to my whole face."

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smaller appearance of pores and dehydration

I've been using Visionnaire and Genifique for a while now... and they work great. My face is clear, soft, even, practically perfect!
I got to thinking that, if they work so well on my face, wonder what they would do on the back of my hands. (My hands looked older than my face.# After 1 week, the spots were gone and my hands looked younger & healthier. Now, after a month or so, my hands look great! I am now 54 and my hands look like they did when I was in my 20's & 30's. I realize that these products are not sold for use on your hands, but they work beautifully on hands, too. I just take the time to rub any residual from my fingers onto the backs of my hands #after I apply the products to my face) & don't wash until it has time to soak in. It is an amazing transformation.

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Parisienne Chic


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Now i know why Kate uses's amazing

This is truly one of those products that you say"where have you been all my life?" about.This serum is truly one luxe product...that actually does work.It comes in a stunning 30ml pump bottle that requires only a few pumps to obtain a correct amount.Suitable for all ,i would say over 30 as a must have under your and night.It leaves a silky,yet "matte" feel to your skin (so makeup will go on top without an issue ) and leaves skin gorgeous for hours afterward.It has just dropped in price,so now it is a little more attainable for all of us,and would last for ages anyway.All in awesome product that has Kate and my stamp of approval.

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Fast results

I had a sample bottle of this given to me when i bought my lancome foundation and pressed powder. I have problems with pigmentation and redness and although the product only lasted about a week (very small sample size) I could definitely notice an improvement. When I get some spare cash I'll definitely be buying a full size bottle to see how well it works over a longer period of time.

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Holy Grail Product!

Lancome’s Visionnaire is marketed as an advanced skin corrector that aims to visibly correct wrinkles and pores, imperfections like signs of UV damage and acne marks.

I don’t know much about how the Visionnaire works to correct wrinkles and signs of UV damage or acne marks, but I can definitely tell that the redness around my nose area has visibly lessened in terms of the redness and my pores definitely appear to be smaller than before.

Though it is marketed as an anti-aging product, it will work for anyone with the above concerns. I am in my early twenties and this works wonders for me. It is a staple in my skincare regime.

It has pleasant scent to it though the scent is not overwhelming and it does not linger after you put it on.

Packaging wise, it is stunning! It reminds me of a sapphire and it comes with a pump which is great for sanitary reasons. The price point is not pretty but it is definitely worth every penny. I feel so much more confident about my skin ever since I have used it. I have not found a product that does what the Visionnaire does for my skin.

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showing results but nothing drastic

I recieved a sample sized bottle os this product in the 2012 Lancome beauty box. I would never have bought this product before myself as it is quite pricey but after trying it i may repurchase it. I have always thought that because i am young and have no wrinkles yet i have no need for any skin correcting products but i was so wrong! This product has made my skin softer, moisturised feeing and my complexion more even. I have been applying it every night over my Lancome genefique eye concentrate and my Lancome genefique for about two weeks now. The only problem i have had with this is that my skin feels slightly oily in the morning before i wash my face which is why i dont really want to apply it during the day.

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Great product

I really like this product, I use it after my Genefique sreum, and I think the two of them work really well.
The lightweight formula absorbs really quickly, leaving my oily skin matte but moisturised.
I use this at night, and my face still feels smooth in the morning, and I find it a shame to wash it off!
I can't say I am seeing miraculous results, my skin does look and feel like it has improved, and that's good enough for me, I am not expecting miracles from a topical cream!
Although expensive, this does last a very long time as you only need a little.
I really do like this product and highly recommend!

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A very luxurious serum

I am resubmitting my review of this so that it may be considered for a glosscars award.

I was delighted to be sent this serum to trial for the BH trial team. The second I pulled it out of its box I knew I was in for a real treat as the packaging is just amazing - it is house in a gorgeous jewel like teal bottle that looks amazing on the vanity - but you shouldn't judge a beauty product by its packaging as its whats inside that counts.

The bottle is a pump pack which is perfect for dispensing as well as for maintaining the hygene of the product. I used 3 pumps to do my whole face though i might have been a tad excessive - you probably could get away with two. But even with the amount i used it still absorbed instantly into my skin.

Immediately after applying my skin felt satin soft and not at all greasy - matte even - which is quite surprising for my oily skin. I would apply the serum straight after hoping out of the shower or after washing my face in the evening, then give it a couple of minutes to sink in whilst i brushed my teeth before applying my moisturiser.

The serum left my skin looking amazing. the light reflecting, illuminating particles really did an excellent job of hiding my skin concerns which are redness on the cheeks and around the nose, some pigmentation issues on my forhead and noticeable pores on my nose.

Long term - I think i have noticed a reduction in the pigmentation on my forehead - the line between the pigmented skin and non pigmented skin is no longer quite so stark. There hasn't been a reduction in the redness or pore size on my face - I think these are more corrected via the light reflecting particles rather than being permanently corrected..

In addition to how gorgeous this left my skin looking, it smells amazing. Its a typical Lancome scent - if you are familiar with that, but gorgeous none the less.

Would I buy this again? Absolutely! I love the way it leaves my skin looking. I would probably use this as a day serum rather than a day night serum, mostly becuase, with the light reflecting illuminating particles, it is more of a makeup product for me. It seriously leaves my skin looking so even and glowing - just gorgeous!

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best in beauty 2012

I bought this product 6 months ago and I am really happy about the results already. I have wrinkles, as any 46 year old lady, and didn't really expect it to do THAT much to them. But after just 2 weeks I was really surprised about the result. I can also see a big difference on my pores, especially on my nose, my skin is noticeably more even-toned and redness greatly reduced. I am over the moon!

I have used many products over the years and truly this one is unbelievable!

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Best in Beauty - Outstanding Performer

This is one of the most beautifully packaged products I’ve used – a stylish, luxurious-looking turquoise and silver bottle – it’s one you’ll want to leave out on display. But of course, it’s what on the inside that matters!

It’s a product that comes with big promises – aiming to target texture, wrinkles, pigment and pores with its new multi-tasking patented molecule. All things that get a big tick from me! Its hero ingredient is a unique molecule, with the distinctively uncatchy name of LR 2412, that has the ability to trigger the skin’s own repair process.

On application, the white serum is almost instantly absorbed, and leaves no residue or film on the skin. It feels weightless, as though nothing is on the skin. The pump is great for hygienic, no-waste application. I found that one and a half pumps were perfect to cover my face, so I think the 30mls will go far. Moisturiser can be applied straight after, and it provides a lovely base for foundation.

The scent of the product is divine. It is reasonably strong, which could be an issue for those who don’t like fragranced products, but it doesn't linger.

Within weeks of use, I found that the texture of my 40+ skin had improved, pores appeared less noticeable and there was a minor evening out of skin tone. With continued use, these results have been maintained and improved upon.

It certainly isn't a cheap product, but I think the 12 years of research that went into it deliver the results. Lancome has also recently reduced its price in Australia and it compares very well in price and performance to many of the other top of the line anti-aging products available.

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Best in Beauty 2012 Review

I have been using this product for about a year and my skin loves it. This product first came to me after hearing so many positive comments from many of the lovely ladies at BeautyHeaven about how fantastic it is, with not a single negative comment to be heard. So, of course I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to try it for myself.
I was lucky enough to be able to use it with the Lancôme’s Génifique Youth Activator which is how they suggest you use it. Apply the Lancôme’s Génifique Youth Activator first and then the Visionnaire and follow that with your day or night creams.
When I first received these products I was very excited. I was instantly struck with how impressive the packaging looked, as it screams quality. Lancome skin care products seem to always be packaged in a way that protects the contents from becoming contaminated. You will find that the products will be dispensed via a dropper or in the case of Visionnaire its dispensed via a pump. That way you do not have to dip your fingers into the products. This pump is very gentle and only issues a small amount, which is fantastic, because there is nothing more annoying then these products where the pump gives you enough product for 3 uses in a single pump. Thankfully, Lancome's pump works perfectly.

The product itself is a white coloured serum, with a light scent that is pleasing to the nose. It comes in either a 30ml or 50ml container.
With my very first application of these serums, using the Genifique first and then the Visionnaire and applying a little of the Visionnaire around my eye area. I loved how it made my skin feel. The Visionnaire is so gentle that use on your delicate eye area is fine. I'm someone that suffers with sensitive skin, and I'm very confident in saying that if you also have sensitive skin concerns then this product is certainly one that you should think about using. I feel my skin is a pretty good indicator, if anyone is going to react, it will be me. But my skin loved these products.
As each day went by, and I was applying these products morning and night, I very quickly noticed an improvement in my skin. At First it was just a general “my skin looks better” without being able to really say why. I do tend to suffer a lot with Rosacea, however, I am now noticing that my skin tone is more even and I'm not so red in the face. I have very sensitive skin but to my delight, I suffered no problems at all using these products. Fine lines that I had around my eye and lip area were smoothed out and are now hardly visible. Enlarged pores around my nose area slowly vanished.

Sadly, I have not been able to use this product without breaks. That was not for skin issues, but simply being unable to afford to repurchase. Each time I stopped using the product, I would notice that my skin was not impressed.
I would certainly recommend this product, especially if you can team it with the Youth Activator, but if not I feel that the Vissionaire on its own is still a delight. They are products that I very much do not want to be without.
The sale price certainly sounds very expensive and it is. I really am not known as someone thats happy to splash money around but, I have found that honestly I'm in love with these products. I find that a bottle certainly lasts for quite sometime and for me these products do work. I'm telling myself that its better to spend money on things that i know will work then to spend money on a product that will just make me feel as if im trying to help my skin, but doesnt really give me the result. Lancome Visionnaire does give me positive results.
I am a convert and I'm addicted.

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