Elizabeth Arden - Prevage® Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer with Sunscreens

Elizabeth Arden

Prevage® Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer with Sunscreens

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Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Anti-aging Moisture Lotion with Sunscreens contains a high level of idebenone, which is an effective antioxidant with an environmental protection factor to visibly correct, protect and prevent skin damage. Prevage® contains an anti-ageing treatment to produce younger looking skin and improve the appearance of sun damage. With a lightweight formula, this product works to provide daily hydration that locks in essential moisture.


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Ageing rectified in a bottle

A very impressive day cream with very high sunscreen. I love the look, feel, smell and texture of this wonderful cream. It works on all forms and concerns with ageing - wrinkles, fine lines, deep lines, age spots, discolourations, pores and many more. My skin looked much better than it had in years and this is one well worth the investment.



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Simply the best - deserves another Best in Beauty Glosscar

This beautiful moisturiser from Elizabeth Arden has won a Best in Beauty Glosscar before and it deserves the title again.

I have tried numerous moisturisers since my original review and I am yet to find anything that compares to this gorgeous golden cream.

I have tried similarly priced products to see how they compare and none of them have offered my skin any benefit over this offering from Elizabeth Arden.

I am onto my 3rd bottle and have another ready as back up for when I run out.

Below are some extracts from my original reviews:

I have been using Elizabeth Arden products since I was a child so have always followed the brand and have loved keeping up with the developments of new products etc and was thrilled to be included in a trial team last year to try their latest products - the Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging moisturiser with sunscreens and the matching serum.

Elizabeth Arden's Prevage Day Ultra Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Sunscreens is one of the most beautiful moisturisers that I have tried - and I have tried alot!

After doing a patch test for the recommended 3 days I started using this moisturiser which is a gorgeous orange colour with very little fragrance but has a hint of citrus. It is a beautiful texture which almost melts into your skin and you only need a pea sized amount to cover your whole face.

Prior to using this I had been using another moisturiser which I was not happy with and my skin was dehydrated and was crying out for moisture. Within a day of using the product I was seeing results and I continue to see results.

My pores have reduced, my skin looks plumped and my fine lines have definitely decreased. I have 2 frown lines between my eyes which I am very conscious of and they are showing signs of improvement which I am absolutely delighted with.

I have also found that my makeup stays in place all day without the use of my usual primer. I have had no need to touch up during the day which has been liberating!!

This moisturiser is best used in conjunction with the recommended serum and if these products are within your budget you should really try them as I am sure that you will get similar results.

My skin has never looked as good as it does at the moment and I have had numerous people comment on how good it looks. That is great at the age of 43!!

It is an expensive habit to get into but I believe that it is well worth the investment as I don't frequent beauty therapists (I don't like sitting still for that long) and consider that what I save on treatments I can spend on this range of skin care.


Save up for this - you are worth it.

Ideal for

Skin showing the visible signs of ageing.



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Elizabeth Arden Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer

-Moisturizes skin for the whole day
-Contains SPF
-Feels lightweight on the face
-Doesn't feel oily, even on oily areas of the skin
-Makes a great makeup primer (makes skin smooth)
-Over time it smooths skin and reverses wrinkles

-Very expensive but worth it in the long run due to anti-aging results

-A little goes a very long way, a tiny bit covers the whole face and neck

i like pie


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar


Very moisturizing cream that feels light on the skin. Provides all day moisture without feeling oily. Provides adequate sun protection with the use of sunscreens in the cream. Doubles as a great makeup primer. I have been using this for 6 months and have noticed a reduction in my pore size and also lines around my eyes. My skin also feels smoother.




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Wonder moisturizer!!

Although this is a bit on the expensive side, it is the best day moisturizer on the shelves to day in my opinion. It soaks into my skin as soon as it comes into contact with it, it provides an impeccable amount of nourishment, it works as a fantastic base for makeup, it lasts all day without my skin drying out, it has sunscreen in it, and it doesn't flare up my sensitive skin!

I've been using this moisturizer for about a year now and have noticed an massive reduction in little lines. I also have particularly dry skin patches which require me to apply moisturizer periodically throughout the day.. but with Prevage Day I only have to apply once in the morning and it keeps my skin smooth and supple for the whole day! I love it!

I definitely suggest this wonder cream to all who want many different things in one product, this moisturizer has it all.



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A wonder cream worth every cent

I got this as a gift from my partner and I just love it. It's such a fantastic daytime moisturizer. I love that it contains sunscreens as I spend a lot of time outdoors and in the sun, so anything to protect my skin from UV rays is always good. After cleansing and applying serum, I apply this and it soaks right in, leaving my skin feeling smooth, soft and supple! It is so incredibly softening it's almost unbelievable. My skin feels like a baby's bum after using it. It keeps my skin feeling soft all day. I really like the packaging because it has a pump top, it's very hygienic. After using Prevage Day cream for a few months I have noticed a definite overall improvement in my skin being that my fine lines and dry spots faded dramatically. It's a wonder cream that is well worth the price and I highly recommend it to all women!



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Glosscars BIB 2012 :)

This moisturizer is fantastic. It keeps my skin feeling hydrated throughout the entire day. It is very exxy but a little does go a long way, it spreads very evenly and doubles as a primer. I like that it contains sunscreens as I spend a lot of time outdoors with my job. Ever since I started using it I have noticed that my fine lines have halted and even started to slightly diminish, so I am happy! I like the packaging, it is different and looks funky, and I love the hygienic pump top. Great product overall and I highly recommend it to everyone.



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Lovely light day time moisturiser

I received the Prevage Anti aging moisturiser with sunscreens as part of the 2 step prevage trial from BH, along with the prevage serum. The products arrived in a goregous cannister, which contained the 30 ml serum and the 30ml moisturiser with sunscreen. The moisturisers main ingredients are a hydrating complex that is designed to attract and lock in moisture, a sunscreen which after a bit of online reasearch I discoved is spf 30+, which is great as most moisturisers only contain spf 15+, and it is designed to create a barrier that stops environmental factors from causing extra damage to your delicate facial skin.

The bottle iself is again a pump style the pushes upwards from the base, as is the serum. It is also the shiny silver finish like the serum, but not so much the mirror finish, more of a brushed silver look that makes it easy to tell the 2 products apart when you are in a rush, the silver finish and grey printing on the bottle still make it difficult to read the info printed on the bottle.

It is applied once daily in the mornings on freshly cleansed and toned skin after applying the serum. Like the serum, the moisturiser is a yellowish/orange colour that appears slightly oily, but absorbs in easily and quickly leaving my skin feeling softer and smoother and looking lightly illuminated and radiant, and leaves behind a light but pleasant scent. My makeup applies easily and smoothly over the top with no need for an additional primer and my makeup lasts all day.

So far I have found no obvious difference to my fine lines and wrinkles, but my skin definatly looks and feels smoother and softer than before.

As with the serum its a pricey product ( $195 for 50ml) and its something I would use again, but it would be a special occasion purchase.


It is applied once daily in the mornings on freshly cleansed and toned skin after applying the serum

Ideal for

skin showing early aging signs and mature skins



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Best in Beauty 2012

Unfortunately this is a brand I cannot afford usually so I was super excited when I received a deluxe sample of this moisturiser to try. I cannot rave enough about it.
I love the pale orange colour, so pretty and the scent is hands down delicious. So fresh and in no way overpowering. The cream itself is a very rich, thick, luxurious texture. It glides over my skin beautifully, instantly brightening it and dousing it in badly needed moistuse and hydration. At 42 years old, I have very dry and mature skin and many moisturising creams I try do not have the moisture content I need. This little wonder cream is magic. It has the perfect dose of everything I need. It absorbs well too but not completely, which is what I like as it allows my skin to still feel moisturised. It leaves my face feeling soft and silky and looking plumped up and hydrated. A major plus is that it has added SPF in it. This is on my wishlist.



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Best in Beauty 2012

Even though I'd already reviewed this product in a previous trial, I had to resubmit, due to a nomination in BH's Best in Beauty.
Elizabeth Arden's Prevage Day Intensive Moisture Cream comes in the well recognized Prevage packaging. A gorgeous silver/chrome jar. It looks so stylish and prestige, I'm rather happy to have the Prevage products taking centre stage of my skincare collection, they just look so good! Ok, more describing, less drooling, lol.
To access the moisturiser, you simply take the cap off, which reveals a lid that opens 3/4s of the way. I appreciate that there's an applicator included, so you're not dipping fingers into the tub. It's not any ordinary plastic applicator, but a gorgeous metal one, just adds to the prestige of this product.
Now to the actual product. This moisturiser has so much to offer. The hero ingredient, idebenone, is a known powerful anti-oxidant, designed to fight free radicals that damage the skin. It is an intense, rich moisturiser, perfect for those wanting to protect skin from the signs of aging. What I love about this product, is that it has the best ingredient to prevent further damage to the skin..sunscreen, which is an absolute must for me. Satisfying me even further, is the fact that it is 30+.
This moisturiser is yellow in colour. It has quite a thick texture. The scent is quite subtle, and typical of the Prevage range.
Initially, I was concerned that the moisturiser would be too rich for my combo skin, but I had nothing to fear, I am happy to report that there were no breakouts caused by using this product. It was easy to smooth the day cream over my face and neck. Being an intense moisturiser, it did take quite some time for it to soak into my skin, without tackiness. But, when it did, my skin felt so smooth, and just glowed. It wasn't oily, like I expected, just felt beautifully hydrated. I found that the Prevage day moisturiser simplified my skincare routine. I simple cleansed, toned, used eye cream and moisturised. No need for the extra steps of a serum or sunscreen.
I haven't noticed any changes in my fine lines, not sure about my pigmentation at this stage, but what I am impressed with, is that in the short time that I've been using this lovely cream, my skin just glows, I haven't even bothered using foundation since using it. I'm sure that after giving this product more time, more results will be visible. The price is the only con, but not so much so that I took a star off the rating.
I am so impressed, this range is a winner for me, I believe it should win in this category for sure!

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