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Botáni’s Olive Skin Serum is a youth boosting elixir featuring cell rejuvenating Olive Squalene and is your daily defence against ageing. Dehydration is the number one contributor to premature signs of aging on our skin, in all skin types, so moisturising the skin is a must. Botáni’s Olive Skin Serum allows you to moisturise the natural way, with Botáni’s signature skin intelligent ingredient olive squalene as the anti-ageing ingredient – nature’s only comparable moisturiser to that found in our skin. Olive squalene resembles that of human Squalene, which accounts for 12 per cent of your skin’s chemistry and is the skin's own built-in moisturiser. This biocompatibility allows Botáni’s Olive Skin Serum to be easily absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin as it's immediately recognised. Being able to oxygenate cells at this deep skin level, true hydration and healing can really occur. Key features and benefits include: it locks in moisture for an immediate hydration boost of 50 per cent within 24 hours, it plumps the skin, softening fine lines and wrinkles, it delivers oxygen into skin cells, accelerating scar healing, it balances skin tone and decreases the appearance of age spots, it imparts an instant glow and satin finish, immediately reducing redness, it protects the skin from free radical damage caused by UV rays and environmental damage, it's non-irritating, non-allergen, non-toxic and suitable for all skin types, and it works brilliantly under primer as its non-greasy and odourless


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This has replaced my rosehip oil

I love this stuff. I've been using it for about 6 months and I am still on my first bottle. I have oily skin that is also very sensitive. This is perfect for use at nighttime and it has never irritated my skin... in fact it has perfectly cleared up areas on my face where my skin has been previously irritated by another product. Because of my oil-prone skin, I don't use it in the morning, but I don't need to because I wake up with radiant, soft, plump skin after applying this at night. My skin has evened out and it actually reduces the amount of oil my face produces in the day. I also used it on a mark I had on my hand and it improved dramatically. Best of all, it's cruelty free!!


A couple of drops go a loooong way. I also apply it to neck and decolletage and have seen great results there as well.

Ideal for


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Healing and soothing

This serum is light and very nurturing on the skin. Just a few drops on your face and neck, then follow with your normal night cream. It helps with healing and skin tone is improved. The bottle lasts for ages and your skin will be more hydrated and softer.



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great serum, good for winters

This serum is great for use in winters. I use it as serum/ moisturiser at night. It is a bit pricey but the little bottle does last a long time. I don't care for the smell that much, but it is ok for night time use.


take 2-3 drops on the palm and rub both hands together then gently press both palms on all of your face.



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Love Love this serum

I have tried lots of serums, and have finally settled into this one. its very light and absorbs into my dry skin quickly and gives back a glowing and soft skin. I use this all winter at night under my night cream. And when ever i feel my skin looking dull or dry. I use this ... Must must buy:)



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Light and hydrating

I bought this serum because I wanted to compare it to rosehip oil. Botani's Olive Skin Serum feels much lighter on my skin than rosehip oil. It also absorbs into my skin much faster than rosehip oil. For a serum that sinks into the skin so quickly, you'd think that Olive Skin Serum's hydrating quality would not be long-lasting, but my dry skin felt softer for quite a while. Having said that, rosehip oil does feel richer and more hydrating on my skin.

Although Olive Skin Serum seems expensive, you only need a few drops of it to cover your entire face and neck. It is also quite a versatile product. Apart from using it on my face, I recently used it to help soothe a severe shaving rash.

There are many people with oily skin that shy away from using rosehip oil as they're worried that their breakouts will get worse. Such people would benefit from trying Botani's Olive Skin Serum due to its light texture. People that don't like the scent of rosehip oil will probably love Botani's serum because it has almost no scent.



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Not suitable for very sensitive skin

This serum is nice & light & absorbs well. However, if you have a tendency to react to certain ingredients and/or have very sensitive skin, then avoid this. Unfortunately I had to stop using it as every time I applied it my face would start to feel hot & turn red (hence why I can only give this 3 stars), despite the claims on the box that the product is suitable for sensitive skin & people with eczema/psoriasis. I think the Vitamin C contained in this serum was the issue for me. That said, I would recommend it to other people who don't have sensitivity issues as it is an affordable serum.



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Works beautifully!

Have been using the serum together with the Botani cleanser and before the Botani moisturizer and absolutely loving the results. Just a few drops are enough to cover the entire face. Apply it when still damp from cleansing and you can feel the difference immediately.
My whole face felt so much softer and more radiant. As its non greasy its perfect for acne prone skin and works beautifully under makeup.
Love the glass bottle with the dropper which helps you dispense just the right amount. Does not flare up any existing acne and helps smooth fine lines and acne scars. Its very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin types as well.

Maria 470


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Great serum

I have been using this serum for a few months now and I do really like it. It is a light weight oily serum that contains vitamin E and vitamin C along with some great cell identical ingredients.
It does not contain fragrance, so I love that factor. It comes a small glass bottle with a dropper, which is great for dispensing out the serum.

I have oily skin But for some reason I love serums, I did not find that this made me oilier or break out and it was a bit more light weight than some of the others I have tried. I do not apply moisturise over the top as my skin just needs a bit of the serum and that's enough product for my oily skin.

It gives a great healthy glow to the skin, slightly evened out my tone and It helped a lot to heal my pimple scars in a quick amount of time. I was a bit disappointed that I have not really seen a lot of improvement on my old pigmented spots, maybe I need to keep using it for a longer time period.

I do really like this product and will be purchasing it again.



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Silky smooth hydration

This serum is a miracle! 2 drops of the serum is enough to apply evenly for the whole face and neck.

Once applied, the serum absorbs quickly without and greasy feeling. I only feel that my skin has sank in a deep and rich moisturiser. It has the silky smooth hydration effects.

The Olive Squalene in this is rich in Vitamins E & C and has had several benefits for skin such as increased clarity, smoothness and also helps to soften fine lines. It significantly reduced my ageing lines on my next. It has also been really usefull in the fading of my acne scars and hormone pigmentations, which have reduced considerably since i began using it. My pores has minimised, especially significant result on the pores around my nose area. The pores has reduced in appearance.


you only need 2 drops on your palm for the whole face and neck.
Warm 2 drops of the oil on your palm and warm it by the heat of your palms. Then just pad the oily serum lightly on the entire face and neck area, and let it absorbs.

Ideal for

Mautre, aged, finelines, dry, scarring, pigmentation skin.
The serum is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.



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Amazing serum!

I purchased this at my local priceline when they were relocating since they had 40% off everything. I hadn't done any research or read any reviews prior to buying this so I didn't have any expectations.

Once I applied it though.... OMG!! I love this serum. The serum is more of an oil serum. I apply 2-3 drops both morning and night after cleansing on a damp face. The serum applies better when you apply it on a damp face rather than on dry face. The serum is gentle enough to apply around the eyes too. Once I apply it all over my face it absorbs really quickly and hydrates my skin without it feeling or looking oily/greasy. I then apply my daily moisturiser over it and also apply my makeup in the morning. It really hydrates my skin all day long. No more flaky dry skin around my nose.

Another thing I love about this serum that it is all natural and organic. It's high in Vitamin C and my skin looks really healthy and soft. I will definitely purchase this serum again!

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