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Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

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L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is enriched with pro-gen technology, adenosine and a soft focus effect powder that helps to mask imperfections and provide an immediate evening and smoothing action. The formula is also slightly tinted to illuminate the eye contour area and restore radiance to the skin. The melt in and illuminating texture of the Eye Cream is an oil-in-water emulsion made from wax and glycerine. After one month there is a visible reduction on crow’s feet, dark circles and eye bags.


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Pharmacies, department stores, and variety stores nationwide.

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Perfect for under 30's

I have used many eye creams but so far nothing has been as hydrating as L'Oreal's Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. It's incredibly nourishing and plumps up my under eye area after use. I also wake up looking refreshed after night-time application.

If you are older than 30 then you should not be using this product. It is targeted at keeping skin hydrated to prevent wrinkles from occurring but it really is not meant for pre-creased skin.


Apply morning and night. Lightly apply the cream with your ring fingers in a soft tapping motion. Don't over apply the product or it will drag your skin. A little goes a long way.

Ideal for

Women in their 20's who are interested in delaying the effects of ageing.



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Favourite eye cream by far

This eye cream was super moisturizing and felt like I could see results almost immediately. It helps with smoothing out bags and dryness under your eyes, and makes the whole eye area feel a lot firmer. I have been using this product for a month now and so far the results are certainly positive. Highly recommend.



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Great hydration, no irritation

I've never really used an eye cream consistently before, mainly because I usually have some sort of irritation where my eyes continuously water for the next 30 minutes after application.
Coming across this eye cream in Priceline I thought I'd give it a shot and I'm glad I did.
I've been using the eye cream consistently for the part 2 weeks and the first thing I have noticed is that I get no irritation. The consistency of the cream is also great, it's not too thick and sinks into the skin really nicely.
I don't have a huge amount of wrinkles under my eye area but there a few there that I wish weren't.
The main reason I decided to start using an eye cream was for the hydration it would offer for my under eye area. This product seems to hydrate really well but for now I wouldn't say it really helps with diminishing the dark circles or wrinkles under my eye area.
I find it does add a slight illumination though which is always welcome in any eye product!

Ideal for

Anyone looking for a good hydrating under eye cream



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Great consistency, hydrating, easy to apply

The texture of this cream is amazing- it just glides straight onto the skin and soaks in fast! I have not yet noticed an improvement in my under eye wrinkles or "laugh lines". However, this product is of a high quality and I love the texture/consistency so I will continue using it.

Ideal for

Anyone worried about premature aging



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Did nothing for me

I was excited to see this product on special at my local supermarket after reading rave reviews of the serum. Unfortunately I found this eye cream did nothing for my skin. After a month of use I noticed no difference or improvement. I don't find this eye cream to be hydrating, moisturizing, brightening, firming ... nothing. As I got it on sale I'm not too disappointed with the price and I will use it up but would not repurchase.



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Too thick

I think this cream is too thick. It doesn't absorb well into my skin.

There is a little tint so it does help a little to cover up by dark circles. It doesn't have any fragrance.

Also, I find I can't use makeup on top of it. All my foundation becomes a little flaky near the eye area.

I've nearly finished the jar and I haven't noticed any difference.



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Stung my eyes

I had a bad reaction to this eye cream, it left my eyes stinging and I wouldn't try it again. RESPONSE FROM L'OREAL PARIS: We are very sorry to hear about your experience with your L’Oreal Paris product and that it is not suitable for your skin type. We would love the opportunity to talk to you directly about this so we welcome you to contact our product experts for any further information or advice we can offer you including ingredients related queries. You can contact them on 1300 659 359 at your convenience. Thanks.


I'd be wary of trying this, particularly if you have sensitive eyes!



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I used this together with the Luminosity serum. This is very lightly fragranced, creamy and very easy to apply. I used this together with the Luminosity serum; and like its serum counterpart, I don't think this line of products suit me. Despite using this constantly for a few weeks, the fine lines around my eyes were still noticeable, and the overall condition of my eyes were unchanged.

Love hearts


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Quite thick

This eye cream is quite thick and can irritate my eyes a little bit. I also did not see any improvement to fine lines after continued usage. It does have a nice scent to it and come packaged in a nice glass jar. However, I did not get any anti-ageing benefits from using it.



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Hydration for the Eyes

L'oreal has some fantastic products, so I really wanted to try the eye cream from the popular Youth Code range. Everyone wants to retain a youthful appearance, so I must admit that the name was appealing to me.
L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Eye Care contains pro-gen technology, adenosine and a soft focus effect powder, so whilst the ingredients work to target concerns related to the eye area, the subtle tint acts to illuminate, creating an immediate effect. The formula of the Eye Care is an oil-in-water emulsion made from wax and glycerine. Claims are that the eye cream reduces the look of crow’s feet, dark circles and eye bags after a month.
Packaged in a 15ml jar, L'Oreal Youth Code eye cream is pale pink in colour. I can detect a very subtle scent that is pleasant. The cream is quite thick, but almost seems to be of a whipped nature.
Upon application, I found that dabbing a small amount around my eye area, concentrating on crows feet and dark circles, the cream absorbed quickly in this delicate area. There was the subtlest hint of illumination, but quite honestly was not enough to detract from my dark circles
I am now almost finished a jar, which has lasted for a few months, as not much product is needed.
The dark circles and crows feet unfortunately remain. I'm not surprised about the dark circles, as nothing I have used over the years have diminished them.
What I have noticed is that the crepiness around my eye area has disappeared, thanks to the extremely hydrating nature of this product. It seems as I get older, although I have combination skin, my eye area continues to become a dryer area. With this immense hydration comes a plumping effect. There seems to be a little more than just skin and bone.
It is nice to have extra hydration for the eyes, but I'm not sure I'll stick with the L'Oreal Youth Code alone, I expect more from an eye cream, and will continue to be on the search for my perfect wonder cream for the eyes.

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