NIVEA Face Care - VITAL Multi Active Anti-Age Night Care with SOY

NIVEA Face Care

VITAL Multi Active Anti-Age Night Care with SOY

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This intensive night cream works to regerate the skin's function during the night. Working to boost the skin's own natural functions, it helps to soften and smooth the complexion as it reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


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Supermarkets, Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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works while you sleep

Niveas vital soy anti aging night creme is formulated specifically to work with the needs of mature and aging skin, with soy extract to boost the skins natural collagen production. It Stimulates the skin’s own renewal process during the night to Reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles, firm skin tone, providing a rested complexion in the morning and intensively regenerate and nourish the skin all while you are sleeping.

The cream comes in the typical Nivea packaging of a screw top pot with 50 mls of product which retails at $19.95 and is available in priceline, supermarkets and departments stores everywhere. It's a medium consistancy, not too thick but not thin or runny either with a light fresh scent that's not overpowering that doesn't linger. Using it is as simple as cleansing at night then applying a couple of small dabs to the face and massaging it in every night. It absorbs in fairly quickly without leaving oily residues on my skin.

I haven't really noticed any visible difference since using it, I don't really think my skin is any smoother or has less wrinkles or fine lines, but I also don''t have any new ones. It doesn't feel ultra moisturizing, and my skin still feels soft and supple in the mornings. It's not a bad moisturizer but may be more suited to someone with more normal skin and not skin that is on the dryer side.


apply a small dab and massage in nightly after cleansing your face

Ideal for

anyone who is starting to see the signs of aging that doesn't have particularly dry skin.



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Lovely product

On opening the jar this cream looks more like wax but once applied, absorbs very quickly and a little goes a long way. It's lightly perfumed and slightly oily but hasn't caused any problems for my oily, occasionally acne prone skin; in fact it seems to have calmed my skin down significantly. Every other night I use Phisohex to wash my face which makes it quite dry and when I apply moisturiser afterwards my skin stings and goes red for a while but not with this product. It's very gentle, very soothing and in the morning my skin is nice and plump and over the last few weeks I've noticed some fine lines have faded. It's very affordable and doesn't come with much fanfare or outrageous claims but it really does wonders for my skin.


Because it comes in a jar (one tiny gripe) and lasts quite a long time, make sure your fingers are really clean and don't double dip or you can spread that pesky bacteria



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night spa

It's a while now since I won this product and I'm a regular user now. The quality of my skin has improved and the dry itchy sensation has gone. I find the cream light but hydrating with a light perfume and dresser-friendly packaging. The best part of using Nivea Triple Action night cream is that it moisturises all night long making me feel as if I'm at the spa having a facial.


Spread Nivea Triple Action lightly over the face and don't forget the neck area.

Ideal for

improving tone and texture whilst reducing the wrinkles we don't want.



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Light and silky

I have been given the chance to trial this product. I used the whole jar and have since bought another one. I like how it is light and easy to smooth in over your face. I like it's light fragrance, as I don't like heavily perfumed products, they give me a headache so this was a very pleasant product to use and I like the results of smoother skin.


I always use it after my nightly shower and I can't not do it each night as my face doesn't feel mine until that little ritual is done..

Platinum Ms


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Pleasantly Surprised

I have been using this product for about a month and didn't expect the results I got, lovely plump skin well hydrated definitely recommend this product



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This is a product that delivers!! Have been using the both the night care and eye and lip care for two months and have had very positive improvement to my 'mature' skin!! Firmness and tone results plus very soothing for my slightly sensitive skin. Reasona

Have been in the hair/makeup/skin profession for many years and one of the best tips I can give is the golden rule - minimum application for maximum results. The skin can only handle a certain amount of product. The eye area especially needs only a small amount of product plus save $$$


Would advise to be used by 35+ or any skin that is more dry/sensitive. The product is lightweight but nourishing.



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A new resident in the vanity

I also received this product in the mail and did a paired test drive on this joined by the day cream. The changes couldn't be more visible, you see healthy hydrated and reborn skin.


Combined with the day cream it has given fantastic results. It smells so nice and absorbs so well, your skin just drinks it up.

Ideal for

Its given neglected skin new life!



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Lovely packaging and great value

I received this as a surprise in the mail and as I'm a maturing woman I thought I would give it a try even though I really love the effects of Loreal Revitalift.
I do prefer the packaging, I'm a bit of a sucker for anything gold or sparkly and I also like that it's in a tub not a pump or squeeze tube. It does work amazingly well and I prefer the scent of this compared to what I usually use. The price is quite affordable for most people too.


If you're over 30 and concerned about fine lines and have normal to dry skin then this would be a great product for you.



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paired with the day cream i have seen a noticable difference in my skin hydration, less wrinkles and also elasticity. I love it so much.

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Rich and Nourishing

This cream and any by Nivea are really good value for money. This one is quite rich, but soaks in well. My neck loved it more, as it made me wake with oilier than normal skin. However it is nourishing, hydrating and made my skin feel soft.

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