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La Mer Creme de la Mer is an ultra-rich moisturising cream that improves firmness, restores radiance and reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores. It contains La Mer’s signature Miracle Broth, a nutrient-rich formula made up of sea kelp, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, lecithin, vitamins C, E and B12, and citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower oils. To use, warm cream between the fingers for a few seconds until it becomes translucent, then press gently into the skin. Apply day and night.

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Pink Hornet


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Best in Beauty 2014 - Luxe The Gold Standard

La Mer is the moisturiser by which I measure all other moisturisers, it is my gold standard.
Let's start with the jar. It looks pleasant, slightly clinical, maybe even slightly dated and then you pick the jar up and it is weighty, luxe. I like the packaging it is iconic and looks lovely on my dressing table.
Then you open the jar, the smell is beautiful, hard to define but lovely. Finally you feel the cream thick, rich, hydrating and healing.
Do not worry that the cream is too thick, warm a little between your fingers and press into the skin. A little goes a long way, which is lucky because trust me, you are never going to want the jar to end. Surprisingly, for such a rich cream it never makes my skin feel greasy. I also feel it locks in and assists any oils or serums
Looking at the instant results in the mirror your skin looks plumper, hydrated, all those fine dehydration lines simply disappear. Over time the skin seems to re-densify which is a rare quality for a moisturiser. The benefits are cumlative, the more you use it, the more youthful and resilient your skin becomes. I also found my redness and sensitivities reduce when I am using it regularly.
It is beautiful under makeup. I find I have no need of a primer when I apply this just before my foundation.
It is suitable as a day and night cream. However, a separate SPF is required in the daytime. I prefer this.
I mainly use it in the evenings or when I am going out somewhere special under my makeup.
The only reason I ever stop using it is the price. It is worth every penny but sometimes there are insufficient funds, which is sad.
It is simply the best, perfection.


Warm the cream between your fingers and press into your face.
It seems to know where your skin needs it most.
Avoid the delicate eye area, as it is probably too rich but include your neck and I use any left on my fingers on the backs of my hands.

Ideal for

Normal to very dry skins, just adjust the amount you use.

Miss Danger


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Science meets beauty - NASA style!

As the story goes, this nifty little product was invented by a NASA scientist as a treatment for his chemical burn scars. The special ingredient being fermented sea algae. Does it work wonders as promoted? Well actually it does!
This cream came with special application instructions of warming it first in your hands and applying by pressing into the skin, it's texture is thick and creamy and it has a strong, clean, soap-like fragrance. It absorbed nicely with just a hint of residue that I found to be a really nice base for makeup.
The first day using this cream my skin felt extra soft and completely hydrated, after a week I noticed more even skin tone and got several comments that I was 'glowing' I also noticed that with continued use my breakouts were reduced and cleared faster, the sensitive areas around my nose were no longer red and overall texture and appearance of my skin was greatly improved. I was so impressed that I went on to invest in the eye cream.
The product packaging is very simple and no frills, no fancy silver paper or elaborate box - all the magic is inside the jar. Comes at a price but when compared to other high end skin creams it's not excessively overpriced, and you do get visible results for your money.
All in all, I would have to say this is an indulgent treat that makes your skin look and feel amazing, a polished result from a plainly packaged cream.


Apply as specially directed, warming between the fingertips then pressing into skin until absorbed. Just rubbing into skin doesn't get the same level of absorption as with pressing, so always follow the instructions as not to waste any cream. A little goes a long way when applied as recommended so it works out to be a very good investment

Ideal for

Those who can afford the price tag will get great results from this cream. It's suitable for all skin types except those with active acne (would be great for healing the skin once acne is treated), an excellent treatment cream for inflamed and sensitive skins as it is rich and soothing with intensive healing properties. Look at this cream as an efficient investment and all round pick me up for your skin.

Parisienne Chic


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I have had two jars of this in my life,and had to earn them both (once when i went OS and got it cheaper duty free in Europe and once when i passed a major exam for my career and gained some more letters after my name..after a hell of a long time and massive migraines from study and putting forward medical findings,i reckoned i had more than earn't it).I was expecting nothing short of miracles to be honest...and i was sorely disappointed.Yes,it feels luxurious,yes,it leaves your skin lushly soft,yes moisture levels are increased and yes,the jar is one damn impressive sight on my dresser...but it is comparable to many other creams you can buy from the supermarket (Nivea cream,Palmer's Cocoa butter cream,and a few L'oreal creams) at less than a tenth of the cost of La Mer.Yes,i know the whole story of how La Mer came to be (a scientist suffered chemical burns and discovered this by accident after he found the products he was trialling fixed his burns and erradicated scaring ) and that the science,the hand made/hand poured regime to manufacture this, the fact that it takes months for this to be produced,plus the lux feeling jar (it's not "pretty" per se, just heavy weighted) is what brings the cost to what we know,but seriously,i did not notice anything i wouldn't get with many other skin creams.The texture is lusher than lush,but if rich is not something you like,then you'll feel suffocated under the weight of this (the gel formula may be more you).With that in mind,this would be a more night time / winter weight product for all but the driest of skins.So,in short,yes i like this cream,but seriously,if you aren't rolling in cash (or just earn't a degree) save the cash and get a jar of Palmers.


Use the spatula included to keep the cream a little purer and wait before applying your will slip if you don't.

Ideal for

The Murdoch/ Packer / Aniston surnamed amongst us,the easily fooled,the "look what i can afford" trying to impress amongst us and of course the "damn i worked hard to pass that exam" amongst us.Failing those prerequisites,any one who wants a luxury cream that does feel good...but delivers what a thousand others can provide cheaper



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I have used this cream for a number of years but currently am using something else due to its hefty price tag.

I love love love this moisturiser and have purchased it in 30ml and 60ml jars. The jar itself is a ceramic/glassy kind of jar and the cream comes with a tiny spoon.

I never used the spoon, preferring to use clean fingers. The texture of the cream is very much like Nivea cream, the one that comes in the blue tin. It even smells quite similar.

I take a pea sized piece and warm it up between my fingers before spreading on the face. It feels thick, but I love thick creams.

There has been a lot of controversy about this cream and its price but I'm a firm believer it's worth every penny.

Skin becomes dewy and soft and for some strange reason, it just makes my skin glow.

I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the HUGE price for skin cream. If I had lots and lots of money, this would be the only cream I would purchase.

Ideal for

I have combination skin and it works great on my skin.



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Hydrating, healing - best cream for winter

This cream is expensive but the quality is amazing. I use it at night in summer and as a day and night cream in winter as it is very thick and moisturising. I find my skin condition improves noticably even after a few days. It looks healthy and soft, feels good, redness and irritation disappears and my skin is left glowing. Has a nice mild scent and the texture is pleasant too, and a little goes a long way with this



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Saviour for dry months

This heals my dry skin which is exacerbated by seasonal changes. I rotate this with my other moisturisers, depending on how my skin feels. It has a light perfume which is very pleasant.

Ideal for

'medicating' dry skin



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4 Stars. Only because of the price! Ekk!

I was lucky enough to receive a small sample pot of this a little while ago and although I wouldn't fork out the $250/$440 for it, it was a very nice cream that I felt hydrated my skin well. I used it on my face as a night cream and my skin visibly looked much nicer in the morning and I found that it worked best around my eye area as a eye cream. After about a week it seemed to have made a good difference to my fine lines around my eyes. I also made use of this little wonder cream by using it on my knees, hands and feet to see how well it hydrated my dry spots. It did the job very nicely and it felt especially soothing and relaxing on my feet. Not to mention had them smelling gorgeous which is always nice, especially after having your feet stuffed in shoes all day. Overall, I wouldn't purchase this cream, only because its way out of my price range, but if you can afford it, I would highly recommend it because it is just divine, can be used on other parts of your body in my experience/opinion and smells really nice, kinda like that smell you get after you've spent time at a day spa. :)



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Good things come in small packages!

You fork out a ton of money and you receive this tiny little container of what looks like ordinary moisturising cream. This product has actually worked miracles for me. I religiously apply this to my pimple scars. Over months, the dark spots fade away. It really renews the skin, smoothing and hydrating it. I don't use it as a regular moisturiser because it's too expensive. I was lucky that my mum gave me one so it costed me nothing. If I had a lot of money to spare, I would not hesitate to purchase this product again. It works but at a cost!



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Oh so soft

I love La Mer. All their products are worth the price. However, I do find that this cream is too heavy for me and gave me some pimples. I have stopped and switched to the gel version which I am loving at the moment.


Recommended to those with dry skin condition.



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Agree - overated

My sister purchased this creme and was generous enough to give me some to trial. This white cream is quite thick in consistency and great in that it can be used on the delicate eye area. I generally prefer lighter lotions or creams which are moistersing enough for my normal skin so did find this a bit too rich and just a tad greasy. Consequently I mainly used this as an eye cream which is nice and moisterising, but therefore can't comment on how effective this is for fine lines/wrinkles/pores (and because I don't have many). I have also heard that this cream might cause breakouts for some people due to its rich consistency (it did for my sister even though she has dry skin) so it might not be for everyone. I believe it would be most suited to those with normal to dry/very dry skin as well as mature skin. Also, this cream might work better if it isn't used daily and perhaps during the colder winter months when the skin is more dehydrated. For the expensive price, if it can't be used daily without causing breakouts, I don't recommend splurging your money on this cream.

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