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Best In Beauty 2013

OMG....this is an amazing product!!! Fell in love with the first application but it's so expensive...
I only got to experience 3 sachets worth of this dream cream and am now pining away til some day when I can get my hands on more.
The cream is luxuriously thick and I like the scent. I love that it is full of powerful ingredients that do good for my skin. I have mature and super-dry skin, so my skin just lapped this up. I like that the product doesn't absorb completely into my skin, there's a slight layer left over, but this makes my makeup application extremely easy and it removes any dry patches I may have after makeup application.
I LOVE this stuff! As I didn't use it for an extended period of time I cannot attest to any improvements in my fine lines, wrinkles etc. But I can say that from first impressions, I believe that this cream would get results if I had the chance to use it for longer.

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Love this intense moisturiser!

Such a rich powerful moisturiser! Definitely worth the money! I use this every night and use the Thermal Microfoliant every second day and have noticed my pores are visibly smaller and my skin is looking beautiful! One pump is all you need per application and it is absorbed quickly leaving your skin feeling gorgeous!

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great for night time

I have dry skin which tends to flake around my nose and lips. I really like this product as a night cream, I get up with nicely moisturised skin with less flakiness. It is pretty greasy though, so I don't use it of a day. It comes in an easy to use pump pack, so it's hygenic too. A little goes a long way, so even though it's pretty exxy, it lasts ages.

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Waaay too greasy!

I have dry skin, and I only recommend using this before you go to bed on a towel (unless you're prepared to get the sheets greasy). I'd have to say it's good and nourishing for dry skin, but the consistency and texture is thick that it's hard to spread easily. I don't like the smell either - I know it has natural ingredients and no artificial fragrances, but it's too herbal-smelling for me.

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Great for applying to dry, damaged skin before putting on make up -gives a much nicer finish when your skin isn't looking its best.

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Truely gorgeous

this beautiful rich mixture of adorable ingredients left me moaning it was so creamy and hydrating it felt like a massage on my face, my skin was gorgeous. A little goes a long way with this product so that kinda makes up for the price.

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I usually have combination skin, and I dont have the chronically dry skin condition its recommended for so I dont use this product everyday. However I have found that during winter or when I need an extra boost at night, this product is just fab; I use it about 3 times a week and it never makes me break out. You can really feel the moisturiser sink deep into the skin, and it absorbs so quickly and doesnt leave a residure on the skin. The little fine lines that I have starting around my lips always disappear when I use this product and it seems to leave a barrier on the skin preventing from futher dehydration or evironmental effects on the skin. If you had really dry skin I would recommed and if you have combination skin that sometimes feels a little drier you can use this; I never break out at all when using this product, which can be a concern with combination. The container has a pump action that dispurses a tiny little bit out the top so you can never use too much or not enough; one pump is enough. So the product lasts forever. I always wake up with soft, smooth skin when using this product.

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