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07 Nov 2011 05:00 AM | Posted by bh'sLeanne
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What shall I write about…sitting here all excited and ready to go – got my laptop at the ready, my brain is boiling with thoughts and my fingers are ready to go……but what should I say?? Gee this is a nightmare – I love to talk, love to try out new and exciting products. I have lots of words buzzing around inside my head….but what shall I talk about?...well the weather is odd, but no you don’t want to hear about that. You want beauty thoughts, think, think…….aha I know I’ll talk about my favourite beauty range, our very own MIRENESSE.

Why do I love Mirenesse so much? To begin with it’s Australian – and you can’t say that about many products – so that in itself is important. What else? Well it’s natural, well priced and the products work! WOW how important is that?

My favourite range would have to be the acne/blemished skin range – Power Clear D Blemish. I have very oily skin, which can be extremely uncomfortable (not to mention embarrassing) during the summer season. The heat brings about an excess oiliness which not only makes my skin oily and shiny but makes any make up slide off during the day.

I start my regime with the Thermal Pore Refining mask. I like to use this product once weekly in the shower – letting the mask warm up (and do its thing) on my face as I tend to other body parts. Once washed off my skin feels so much fresher (and tighter) and I am ready for the next step in my routine – the Hydration Serum. This serum applies quickly and effortlessly into my skin (without mess or oily residue). A small amount goes a long way – so use it sparingly! Now I am ready for my final step – the Treatment Gel.  I love this gel – it keeps the oil at bay while preventing drying out of stripping of the skin. With continued use I have found my acne spots and other skin marks (such a spots and rosacea) have diminished.

The fact that this range has soothing botanicals are a bonus – I prefer to use natural (and organic) products whenever I can – so the fact that its come from nature and works wonders are all big ticks in my books.



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