Natio - Acne Clear Spot Natio Antibacterial Spot Treatment


Acne Clear Spot Natio Antibacterial Spot Treatment

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Natio Acne Clear Spot Natio Antibacterial Spot Treatment contains natural antibacterial plant extracts to target blemishes. The clear spot cream quickly clears breakouts and helps reduce signs of redness. Infused with antibacterial tamanu and benzoyl peroxide, the treatment will help dry pores and clear acne-causing bacterial and aloe and green tea will calm and soothe.


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One of the best spot treatments out there.

As far as 'spot treatment' products go this one is probably among the most effective out there. It dries out pores and significantly reduces the appearance of acne and scarring. The benzoyl peroxide dries the pores and reduces the appearance of acne, while the aloe & green tea sooth and relieve the skin and ensure that it doesn't dry out too much. You only really need a little, less then a pea sized, so one tube can last for 3 months if used conservatively. It's better then a lot of other acne treatments out there so I definitely highly recommend it to those who regularly face the peril of random and unwanted breakouts :)



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Best In Beauty- When it works, it really works.

This tube and its copious amounts of product are gentle enough for people with sensitive skin. The thick white cream is designed to reduce redness and blemishes by using antibacterial plant extracts. I have found the product to be a little hit and miss. Sometimes I find that an angry red spot is almost gone over night. Other times I can wake up and find no difference. I am not sure if this is an indication of the effectiveness of the product, rather my skin’s reaction..
There is no noticeable fragrance and the cream is easy to apply. It does not cause spot’s to dry out like other treatments I have tried. And when it works, it really works. The product takes a while to absorb with ideal application being before bed. While the results are not always perfect, for the price this is a product I am happy to re-purchase.



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I love Natio products but did not really solve my problem. I only get break outs on my chin but they are really large and painful and under the skin. I have not yet found a product that tames this. I thought I would give this one a go as I love all the other Natio products. It was very gentle on my skin, but even after 5 days of application I still did not feel it had made any difference.



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Gentle but not very effective

While I did find soothing relief when applied over sore irritated pimples they did not heal/dry up as fast as I hoped they would. The tapered tube made it easy to get just a little amount out at a time which I liked.
It was very genle and has a pleasant not too overpowering herbal scent. The cream itself is white in colour and creamy in texture. Cannot be used under makeup.
But was dissapointed with the effectiveness at clearing up my acne breakouts.



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Gentle to use!

I bought this spot treatment with other Natio skin care products, and it came at a good time as I had a few new blemishes around my chin area. Pros: blemishes were reduced in size and pain within 6-12 hours. No strong-scented fragrance and packagaing was nice.
Cons: redness took a few days to reduce.

I've been using the spot treatment on the same blemishes and they're still apparent, so I'm not sure if it's the treatment not working, or my blemishes are just too much for it! In saying that, my blemishes don't look too bad at all.
So I'll keep using it and see how it goes.

Marshmello b...


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Gentle & Effective

Ive only used this product once as I don't get too many ugly pimples popping up. I liked how gentle and soothing this product was on my skin and used it on a hidden pimple. The next morning a whitehead had emerged and was ready to pop so it did help bring the pimple to the surface and speed up the process. I normally use tea tree oil on raised angry red pimples but may start reaching for this product more.



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Reduces the pimple in one night

I have acne prone combination skin and i bought this product 2 weeks ago and it has relatively cleared up my skin. I have been using this product every night on my spots and i've found that i wake up with a smoother skin surface and a dramatic difference in my pimple size.
It is different from most spot treatments as they have a gel like consistency whereas this was rather creamy and didn't sting my face when i put it on.
The pricing was pretty good too for around 10 dollars.
Overall i loved this product and i'll definetely repurchase it again when i run out.



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Havent had much reason to use it, but yes it works :)

I have only had a few spots since i started using the natio acne range which in itself is amazing. So ive only used this product a handful of times. It appeared to reduce spot size and spot healing time but also didnt leave them at all dry like many spot treatments do.



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I decided to give this a try because I ran out of my other spot treatment. It's creamy, and not as drying as other spot treatments. it decreased the size, and the redness was reduced by morning. Best to use at night



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Gentle way of treating pimples

I bought most of the products from the natio acne clear range, and they are helping to make my breakouts less frequent and helping to clear my skin. I like this as an all of face treatment because it is not as harsh and as drying as other benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid treatments which really burn and dry out my skin. I see an improvement n my skin every time I use this and even though it does not irk as fast as other pimple treatments I would much prefer to use this one as it is more gentle and causes a lot less irritation

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