Simple - Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser


Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser

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Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser contains zinc and chamomile to absorb excess oil and soothe skin without irritation. It is suitable for skin prone to breakouts, shine, blockage, spots and blackheads and leaves skin with clearer results. Suitable for all skin types.


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Absorbs oil. Helps with acne. Moisturises. No shine. No reaction for sensitive skin. Reduces redness/irritation (over time, not an instant solution). Not smelly.

Ideal for

Acne prone skin. Oily skin. Combination skin.



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loooooove it

I have been using this moisturiser for nearly 5 months and it has not once let me down, I have combination skin leaving towards being oily. Because of this I use to not wear moisturiser at all because it would wash away my makeup and make my face super shiny. I purchased this moisturiser at my local chemist and was super impressed, It mattes down my face and keeps my makeup lasting for ages. It has also dramatically improved my skin's condition.


Apply minimally and rub it in thoroughly.

Ideal for

Young combination skin.



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Quite good

Scentless and natural as all Simple products are, it's great for my sensitive skin and I haven't had any reactions to it.

It's also affordable and easy to find in supermarkets.

The texture is a bit between a cream and a paste and feels pretty light on the skin which seems pretty good for oily skin. The only thing is that it doesn't seem moisturising enough for some dry areas of my face (like around my mouth), but that's reasonable considering it is meant to be for oil control or oily skin. It's also comfortable on my T-zone. As a combination skin type with sensitive skin, I think I will purchase this product again.

Affordable and great for oily skin, nice! :)



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Mattiying and moisturising

I love this moisturiser. I've been having issues lately with oily skin, and my previously very matte foundation was looking shiny and sliding off my skin, no matter what primer I tried. But I've found the answer! I was incredibly skeptical but sure enough, this moisturiser kept my skin mattified all day, even under a full face of makeup. If it only had spf if it would be perfect!



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Fast absorbing and gives me a really great matt finish which I love. I thought it was one of their best moisturisers and I just kept on applying it day and night. Would like to try out a matt moisturiser with a spf or something in it.



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Just a 'simple' basic moisturiser

This is a good moisturiser, it won't break you out and it doesn't feel greasy nor does it linger on your face after application. However, for oil control, it's not so great for very oily skin types such as myself but I think it would be suitable for normal to combination skin types. It's cheap as chips, so you really can't go wrong with the price.



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as its label says "simple'

I was sent a 50ml sample of simple hydrating light moisturiser
and found as it describes a light and hydrating mosituiser. When you apply it to the face its not stickey and a little goes a long way. It absorbs into the skin quickly. It has a slight odour. Its probably not a product I would purchase for myself, as it does not really do too much for the skin.


I feel this is a good moisturiser for summer.

Ideal for

Younger skin and those who have sensitive skin.



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nice basic

If your skins' not too oily, then this my be all you need to keep it in line. Has a lovely smooth matttifying finish, and some zinc and vitamins. Pity it has no vitamin A, but for the price it's great.


Combo skin that doesn't need too much grease.



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Softest, calmest skin EVER!

In all my acne fighting years I never thought I'd find this!
It does exactly what it says, less shine, less severe breakouts - coupled with a benzoyl peroxide treatment beforehand - its wonderful!
Little to no scent, my skin actually loves it and I don't feel complete without it, on my umpteenth tube!


Make sure you allow 5 minutes after washin your face before applying, it allows your skin to adjust back to preshower and better for absorption I've found.

Ideal for

Anyone of any age - I'm almost 30 and wish I'd known about it years ago!!!



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Soooo Good!

I really love this moisturizer I use it morning and night, it feels very fresh and clean and sits well under make-up. I've found that my pores aren't as enlarged since I started using it and I am only getting the very occasional pimple. It combats shine really well too! Awesome product and I am on my second tube which is good as I usually don't even finish a product!

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