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Cleanance Spot Treatment

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Avéne Cleanance SpotTreatment is formulated to gently eliminate blemishes and prevent more from developing. The colourless anti-spot formula is designed for easy and convenient daily application, which can be re-applied discreetly two to three times during the day to further enhance treatment benefits. The clear formula penetrates the skin immediately and can be applied under make-up to reduce redness while effectively unclogging pores and brightening the complexion. Contains salicylic acid to dry and exfoliate affected blemishes, and encourage the elimination of blemishes. Kaolin, cucurbita pepo and vitamin B6 help to regulate sebum secretions, while cetremnium bromide helps to reduce inflammation.


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All is rosy


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Great results

I was in need of a decent spot treatment to address the breakouts on my chin. After conducting a little research on BH I decided to buy this due to the positive reviews, and I’m not disappointed.

I’ve nicknamed this the pimple assassin. It goes on invisible and sets to work on terminating that nasty blemish before it rears its ugly (white) head. Because it is so undetectable it doesn’t mess with your makeup, allowing you to reapply throughout the day to keep those breakouts in check without anyone noticing. In fact I sometimes apply it over the same spot quite a few times because I can’t tell whether any product actually made it on there or not! But the proof is in the pimple, or lack thereof. Something that looks hideous at night will often look almost completely healed in the morning. Talk about making a mole hill out of a mountain.

The twist crayon makes application a breeze, although I usually give the tip a wipe after use for hygiene reasons. I bought this mainly for use on my chin however it’s great to use anywhere, including the body. I usually get breakouts on my chest around that time of the month and this works a treat.

fake tan queen


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Fast, simple and effective.

This is an acne product that actually works. I mainly get large blind pimples which (especially if I squeeze them or try to) get red and inflamed. The small pen tip makes it easy to target these however and I do see improvement by the morning if I apply at night.

I do agree with an earlier review regarding the bacteria being left on the stick but I haven't had any issues and I typically just give the tip a quick wipe after I apply it to the affected area.


Clean the tip after/before use to minimise the risk of cross infection

Ideal for

Those people who get a pimple every so often and want quick effective treatment.



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Great, works, easy!

I used this on hairline blind pimples and found it helped with the redness quite quickly. Also applied before make up, I felt it gave a protective barrier to stop further irritation from my other products.


Be gentle, it's hard to tell how much you are actually putting on but you don't need to press hard.

Ideal for

getting pimples as they start or calming any larger break outs.

Miss Danger


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Targeted pimple treatment

Even though I eat healthy and follow a strict skincare regime, I am still prone to breakouts. I also have sensitive skin so I have to be very careful what I use to treat my breakouts as a lot of acne control products contain harsh ingredients. This pen has become my bad skin saviour.
Packaged in a super convenient and easy to use pen applicator, you simply wind the pen until the product stick protrudes from the end and just swipe over any blemish, apply two to three times a day for best effect.
Containing salycilic acid to exfoliate as well as other ingredients to regulate sebum flow and reduce inflammation, this product goes on clear and works quickly to reduce redness, I saw an improvement about two hours after the second application, the size of the blemish was also improved.
As this is a targeted spot treatment it means the surrounding skin is unaffected, reducing the chance of irritation. Great for sensitive skin like mine.
This product is a quick and easy to use solution for minor breakouts or the occasional hormonal pimple, I wouldn't recommend it for severe breakouts or congestion as it is a specific spot treatment only.


apply after cleansing directly to the belmish, reapply two to three times throughout the day for best results.

Ideal for

Skin types that experience minor breakouts or spot treating individual blemishes.



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A bit pricey, but a great product nonetheless

I switched to using this years ago after realising that a tea tree gel I was using just wasn't cutting it anymore. This does seem to zap my zits fairly quickly, but you do need to keep applying it regularly to see big results, which I sometimes forget to do. It doesn't always reduce the redness around a pimple either, but I know that with further application that will die down. Not once has it stung my highly sensitive skin, although it does hurt a little if you're rubbing it over a particularly big zit (the tip of the pen can feel quite pointy at first). It does the trick when you can feel a pimple coming on as well, plus I've also used it for pimples that have cropped up on my body & it has worked there too.

I despair when I run out of this product & I've got a zit or two hanging around that I can't zap! I do agree that it is a bit pricey, but it is well worth it.



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Good product but terrible packaging

I like this product and really do think it works but can't get past the ridiculous packaging - I feel like with spot treatments, it's important to have the packaging dispense a certain amount; sticks like this seem really unhygienic because there's no doubt a fair bit of bacteria is gathering on the tip of this pen (unless you remove the top layer each time you use it but this would be pretty wasteful) because you're rubbing it over blemishes and then using the same product next time you have a blemish.

I also don't think it's that practical for certain blemishes - it's okay for smaller spots but if they're bigger then it's not very practical to go rubbing this over it, it actually aggravates the spots more.

Having said that, the product itself is good and does work but I definitely won't be repurchasing unless they change the packaging it comes in - would be much better in a tube. It's also a little pricey given how much you get and the fact that it's just a spot treatment!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Works miracles

This thing got ride of all my pimples and still works after 6 months! Highly recommended. So easy to use too



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Magic wand

I decided to try this as the applicator really appealed and I only get the occasional spot.
Its easy to apply to exactlywhere it's needed and not waste it.
Stings on first application - but I quite like that, makes me feel like it must be working!


apply as soon as the spot appears - do not touch or squeeze it!! let this little magic wand work its miracle!!
Easy to carry in your make up purse for touch ups through the day.

Ideal for

As always - I love that this travels easily and can be used very quickly and without any fuss.
Definitely recommend you give it a try...I'm really pleased with the results I've had over the past months.



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I love this! It really does zap those zits!
I don't get a lot of zits, but when I do, this seems to make them disappear vey quickly. It doesn't sting or dry out my skin, and the pencil is great for your handbag for touchups throughout the day. I've also used this on hubby, and again it has cleared up his spots in no time. Great product.



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Zaps Zits in no time!!

I discovered this one day from my friend who works in a Pharmacy. This product is so great compared to other spot pens. I found some others I'd tried made my skin dry and flakey but this one is gentle and simply zaps pimples over 2 days!


Carry it in your hand bag for zip zapping-on-the-go!

Ideal for

Use under make-up as it goes on clear

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