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Original Proactiv® Daily Oil Control

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Proactiv® Daily Oil Control absorbs excess oil and shine on your face. Make-up stays in place, resists streaking and lasts longer, therefore needing fewer touch ups. Can be used following step3, as a primer under makeup.

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Didn't Notice that much of a difference

I like the feel of this product, it absorbs into your skin really fast, but i didn't really think that it kept the shine away all day like it claims, i didn't notice much of a difference at all... I Found myself looking at my face and thinking there "could" be less oil.... so it's not really for me.... Maybe my face is just too oily and the product cannot compete with my glands ;-)I would not be buying again as it didn't really work

Ideal for

acne, oily skin



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didn't work for me

I got this when I ordered the 3 step system. I have extremely oily skin and this didn't work at all for me. My skin was shiny as soon as I used this moisturiser and kept becoming shinier throughout the day. It probably kept my face moisturised but didn't make me look good at all.



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Didnt do anything for me.

This product didn't do anything for me. I prefer the primer Proactiv makes. This left my skin just as oily throughout the day as any other day.



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Perfect to use under make up.

I like this product by Proactiv because over the course of the day I tend to get oily skin which can shine through my make up but this cream stops that from being an issue and my skin stays matte all day. :)



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Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control

While I found that the 3 step system overall did nothing to clear my acne, and actually aggravated my skin, I remember loving this product. I applied it before leaving in the morning, and its just really light and moisturising. It didnt mattify or do anything to control oil in my opinion, but it was the perfect consistency. I wish somebody else would develop a moisturiser with this consistency!



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My husband loves this product!!

My husband gets quite greasy skin by the end of each day. Using the Proactiv Daily Oil Control, it helps control the oil and reduces the amount of shine he has all day. He gets very worried when he nears the end of the tube and doesn't have a fresh new one waiting for him!



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kelly mcnamara

this product really does absorb the oil,and help clear up those clogged pores,my skins smoother and shine free.



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Not for oily skin

Though the product is called daily oil control and I used it sparingly, I still found my skin became very oily after using this product.



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not a moisturiser

This product is not actually a moisturiser it is to be used to help absorb excess oil in your skin. it is ment to be used after cleansing your face and before the repairing lotion and moisturiser. if used in the correct order it does make a noticeable difference in your skin



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I love proactive moisturisers!

This is lovely & light but still leaves my face feeling well moistured & not greasy.

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