Proactiv® - Original Proactiv® Clarifying Night Cream


Original Proactiv® Clarifying Night Cream

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Proactiv® Clarifying Night Cream is a dual-purpose formula that fights blemishes and the visible signs of ageing. It contains salicylic acid to help clear pores and prevent breakouts, and retinol (vitamin A), for its anti-ageing benefits. Apply nightly after your 3 Step Routine, or as needed, avoid eye area. If you find your skin is dry, try using Repair - Step 3 in the morning and substitute with Clarifying Night Cream at night.

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small difference

I think this is the only product in the Proactiv range that I really liked. It did slightly dry up my skin during the night. I would put a small amount of the cream just before going to bed and then when I wake up, I would see a slight difference in my skin. For some reason, I wake up looking whiter than before!!! It does clear up my skin and it gives a fresh look. Only problem is that I wish it wasn't so expensive for such a small product!
And don't be surprised if it smells a bit off!



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Decent moisturiser, weird smell

I used this in conjunction with the Proactiv 3-step system and was reasonably well-moisturised. I didn't have any peeling or redness like some do just using the 3-step system at least. Did nothing to clear skin or even out skin tone though. Also, this product has a strange smell.



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does a good job

I quite like this moisturiser. It does what it says, moisturises my skin while keeping blemishes away. Smells very nice and fresh and lis very light on the skin.



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Smooths Skin Tone

I use the Proactive 3 step system and the repair cream doesn't seem to keep my face moisturised so I decided to buy this product. It keeps my face smooth and moisturised, and I would definitely recommend it!



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Love it

I have only been using the clarifying night cream for a few months, but I can already see a difference apart from making your skin feel clean and smooth and look awesome!
Love it can't wait to keep using it and see more results!

Ideal for


Style by Kir...


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Didn't really agree with me but would recommend for mature skin!

Not very hydrating - make sure you use in conjunction with a good moisturiser in the morning to prevent any dryness.


Probably better for more mature skin

Ideal for

It's a shame to say this night cream didn't really agree with my young skin, in fact it actually made me break out in tiny little bumps with regular use. Two friends of mine experienced the exact same thing! I would still recommend for mature skins though and especially those still suffering breakouts in those later years - the Retinol and and Salicylic acid can provide anti-ageing benefits and reduce the appearance of fine lines too. I didn't think it was very hydrating so I would suggest using a well hydrating moisturiser for day use too.



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Best product in the proactiv line

The rest of the proactiv line didn't really agree with my skin. This product is great if you have drier skin. I think retinol just really agrees with my skin type. After I washed my face the morning after using this my skin was always bright and glowing. This gets 4 stars instead of 5 because of the smell, it's awful and kind of like chemically but there's a scent like they're trying to cover it up. Also, I hate that fake matte finish that feels all powdery. I prefer my skin to feel soft, but it's not a deal breaker in a night cream.



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This Proactiv product helped with my skin over time but then it stings if you place it on open pores or pimples. It really stings then but if you're looking for more faster and better results I recommend Proactiv's Refining Mask which clears up the blemish in a couple of days.

Adriana v n


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Smoothes and evens skin tone

Since using this product my skin has cleared up significantly. I have more of an even skin tone and my skin is more hydrated.



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Clears Breakouts!

Apply a small amount to direct to problem areas.

Ideal for

I've stopped using the proactiv range - as i found it was too harsh on my skin. However, i still use this miracle cream when i get blemishes. I find when i have breakouts that won't go away - i apply a very small amount of this on the affected area... and it clears it up in no time!

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