Don’t you wish you could tell your blemishes to just, well… bugger off? Those pesky pimples always seem to pop up at precisely the wrong time, like date night or when you know you’ll be getting your picture taken, a lot.

Fear no more, there is a solution to your spotty face woes, all you need is a trustworthy treatment that will ensure a clear complexion and a carefree attitude to boot…

best spot treatment for pimples



Avéne Cleanance Spot Treatment  

“I just received this product recently and it has been a lifesaver when a few uninvited hormonal spots started appearing on my cheeks. It comes in pen form and is very waxy – very different to any other spot treatment I’ve tried. I do find this good though as it only sits where it’s applied and doesn’t run or thin out over the affected area. I feel like it’s more concentrated than other products. I managed to see a big reduction in the size of my spots after using the product just a few times in one day – and will be keeping it handy for any further break outs!” Rating: 4/5 – bh’sOlivia

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